Queen Anne: A Model of Sustainable Ocean Travel

Cunard has announced their 249th ship and she is going to be one of a kind. From size to sustainability, Queen Anne has it all.
Cunard has announced their 249th ship and she is going to be one of a kind. From size to sustainability, Queen Anne has it all.

Queen Anne Starts Her Trips in 2024 to Various Locations Across the World

By Christy Bogan

Queen Anne is the fourth ship in the Cunard Queen Regnant line of cruise ships, and it’s said to be one of the best. Being able to hold more than three thousand passengers and a crew of twelve hundred, Queen Anne is built for comfort.

The ship is currently under construction in  Italy, at Fincantieri’s shipyard in Marghera/Venice, and will debut in 2024.

With thirteen decks to explore, almost fourteen hundred available rooms, spas, restaurants, bars, and private residences, there is plenty to explore on board.

Cunard’s Storied History

Queen Anne is a celebration of Cunard’s history and love of the ocean, and this is clearly shown in the effort and decoration they put into her. Residential suites include the Britannia Cabins, Princess Grill suites, Queen Grill suites, and the Grand and Master suites, with luxury amenities extending from fantastic to ‘WOW!’

Queen Anne's Pavillion View, Image from Cunard
Queen Anne’s Pavilion View, Image from Cunard

Within each suite, there is plenty of attention to detail and comfortable living spaces while at sea. Since the ship will start taking passengers in 2024, the line is beginning to offer a preview of what is in store from the oldest cruise line plying the Atlantic.

Queen Anne will be able to dock at 126 ports in 51 countries with different voyages from a few days, to a few months. The ship is based out of Southampton, England this is Cunard’s home port.

Queen Anne & Style

Cunard brought forward some of the best designers they could find in order to create something entirely new and beautiful for Queen Anne to shine bright. With award-winning designers Simon Rawlings, Terry McGillicuddy, and Sybille de Margerie under the Creative Director Adam D Tihany, Cunard was secured an innovative and beautiful design for their new liner.

Simon Palethrope, the former Cunard President, said about the designers, “The caliber of talent we have brought together for this project will bring together our vision of creating a truly world-class ship”.

The four have a common goal of redefining what it is to travel on the ocean. By taking previous designs from the other ships and incorporating a new style to Queen Anne, the designers accomplish creating a new feel for passengers, unlike any other ship. The future of Cunard liners will be taking inspiration from the brilliant design of Queen Anne.

The Love for Cunard Never Stops

This cruise line started their expedition in 1840, and those 182 years of experience in the cruise industry has given them plenty to expand upon and perfect. The targeted audience for these cruises then is retired individuals, but families also become lively passengers in the summers.

Cunard is beloved due to their sophisticated and elegant way of travel as well as how the passengers feel while onboard. The company’s day-time activities are what catches everyone’s eye, and the fancy afternoon tea sessions with proper white-gloved waiters really top it off.

The company’s desire to satisfy their passengers has remained strong over the years with every ship they release. The spirit of the glory days of sailing can be found within each ship traveled on.

Libraries, Kennels and Classes on Board

Cunard’s ships tend to hold luxurious libraries, planetariums, nightly nurseries, dog kennels, lectures, classes, movies in real theatres, and so much more. There is no way anyone can be bored while on these ships!

Even if there is a chance you could get bored, the locations Cunard travel allows passengers to see new countries and experience different cultures with breathtaking views.

With locations such as Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and Western Europe Cunard allows plenty to explore. There is even a worldwide option on Cunard liners, so you can travel around the world in comfort and style.

Queen Anne’s Sustainability

With global warming and environmental issues becoming top of mind for cruisers, the question of sustainability cannot be ignored. Many ships tend to use bunker fuel, a type of fuel that is cheaper, but incredibly bad for the environment.

On the Cunard website, they have a section dedicated to this issue. In order to improve air quality, they are installing “Advanced Air Quality Systems across their fleet.” Although a statement on fuel is not clear, they are trying to decrease the amount of carbon that is emitted into the air.

Queen Anne's Princess Grill Suite, Image from Cunard
Queen Anne’s Princess Grill Suite, Image from Cunard

They also pride themselves on using single-use plastic whenever possible to have less ocean trash. The technological advancements that Cunard is taking to limit environmental issues are refreshing to see in comparison to other companies.

But think about it, it would make sense that they want to help the environment because if it gets worse, they would be out of business, as would thousands and thousands of people be out of a job.


Queen Anne's Main Lobby, Image from Cunard
Queen Anne’s Main Lobby, Image from Cunard

Entertainment Onboard Queen Anne

Since the ship will be able to hold three-thousand passengers, Cunard must be able to put out plenty of restaurants to satisfy their customers.

Cunard stated that they have fifteen restaurants ready for their passengers. They have named two of them: Britannica Restaurant and Golden Lion Pub. Britannia Restaurant is located on the other Cunard ships as well, so it is necessary to be on Queen Anne.

As of now, the other restaurants have not been named, but they have confirmed that the others will be from all different locations worldwide. The other thirteen will surely be ones to keep an eye on when they are announced.

Along with the various dining options that Cunard is giving their passengers, there is also a two-deck, 825- seat Royal Court Theatre. Pulling from inspirations all over the world, designers accomplished a whole new feel, as well as a Cunard-first for having a theatre on board.

New to Cunard as well, Queen Anne will be home to a new Wellness and Beauty section of the ship. This top-deck studio will be open to all passengers and they will be able to go to a spa, work out, and beautify themselves.

This welcoming space is new to the cruise line, and they put everything they had in order to make the passengers know that Wellness and Beauty is just as important as relaxing and sightseeing.

Reviews on Queen Anne

In article on the popular cruise ship review site, Cruise Critic wrote, “Queen Anne will debut a refined updated livery, with a design of the iconic crest and the introduction of an elegant new font inspired by the grand ocean liners of the past”.

Then Global Journeys stated, “On board Queen Anne, newly designed much-loved signature spaces from across the fleet return, and she also introduces new experiences…”. On their site, they have a description of where Queen Anne will be going, prices, deck plans, and pictures of the ship’s interior.

In his article about Queen Anne, Jason Kerr from Luxury Cruise Review, “The design of Queen Anne will be something of an evolution, rather than a revolution”. The praise for Queen Anne goes on and on, people cannot stop talking about the expectations and beauty that Cunard will release.

Be sure to check out Cunard’s website for more information or to book your trip on your next cruise.

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