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italy plane readerGoNOMAD’s Italy Plane Reader provides you with a collection of 31 articles highlighting everything Italy has to offer… from Sicily to Torino, from the Adriatic to Tyrrhenian sea, through thousands of years of history, seeing some of the world’s most romantic places, and best of all, the chance to mingle with Italians, who manage to have more fun than any other people on earth.

Get inspired for your trip, read about so many delicious dinners and fabulous treats…from truffles in Spoleto, to gelato in Elba, taste, smell and enjoy it all while you fly over to your dream vacation spot…Italy!

Italy is a country that people dream of…from Cinque Terre’s series of cliffside villages, to the dramatic town of Positano set on a hillside overlooking the Amalfi coast, to Turin’s bohemian charm and fantastic dining, Sicily’s ancient traditions, Umbria’s rolling countryside–you’ll savor it all in these photo-filled articles about Italy from GoNOMAD. $2.99

GoNOMAD’s Central America Plane Reader

Stories about the people, places, and eats of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. GoNOMAD’s Central America Plane Reader provides travelers with 34 articles about every country in the region, and hundreds of photographs to make it all come alive.

central americaMore and more travelers are discovering what an excellent value travel to Central America can be, along with top notch surfing, unparalleled birding, hiking, fishing and a chance to learn about nature and indigenous peoples, who are still a big part of these cultures and daily life in Central America.
From staying in nature lodges in the Maya Mountains of Belize, learning to surf on PlayaSamara on Costa Rica’s west coast, building a house in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala, or climbing a volcano with views of two oceans in Panama, the adventures are endless. Other chapters include:

  • Swimming with dolphins in Honduras
  • Ecotouring in the Panama jungle and meeting the Embera people
  • Do it yourself diving in Utila, Honduras
  • The striking beauty of Lake Atitlan, 5000 feet above Guatemala
  • Biking from temple to temple in through Belize and Guatemala
  • Horseback riding along the beach in Costa Rica

GoNOMAD’s Central America Plane Reader will fill you with excitement and get you ready for your trip to this ever more popular part of the world, that’s so close to the US and Canada yet so very different. Explore Central America with a quick click! $2.99

Cuba Plane Reader

Many travelers have wanted to visit Cuba for years. The combination of seaside vistas, the world’s best cigars, the pulsing music and the friendly people all pull people from around the world into Havana. In recent years, US policy has loosened up, so it it more and more likely that you will be able to visit Cuba soon.

This collection of 32 articles from present a wide selection of stories about Cuban food, where to stay on the island, things to do in Havana and special places to visit in Cuba. It’s the perfect way for you to get excited about your trip to Cuba…or just enjoy a slice of the country, from its backroads to the busy thoroughfares of the Viadero.

American, Delta, Continental and other airlines have added dozens of flights from the US…the day is coming when individual American citizens will be able to join the groups and organizations that travel freely to Cuba. It’s time for this book!

Selections in the 300-page photo-illustrated book include:

  • Visiting an ancient village of the Tiano, Cuba’s original inhabitants
  • Sharing the Cuban women’s Espiritu ceremony
  • Where to eat in Havana and lodging in casa particulares
  • Bicycling in the Cuban countryside in the Oriente region and staying with local families
  • Visiting Hemingway’s haunts in Old Havana
  • Where to buy the best cigars in Barbacoa
  • The Valley of the Vinales, Cuba’s hidden Shangri-La

If Cuba is on your travel radar, get the Cuba Plane Reader and begin making your plans to visit Cuba this year! $2.99

England Plane Reader

Get Excited and ready for your trip to England!

england plane readerThe England Plane Reader from takes you to the European country most visited by Americans–England. With a common language and a population fascinated by our politics and our culture, visiting England is like visiting friendly, inquisitive relatives. You’ll love it!

If you’re thinking of a trip “across the pond” to lovely England, here’s a great way to get excited about your trip, and immerse yourself in all things English. We cover the food, the best sights, and experiences by fellow travelers that will give you ideas to help plan your trip to England.

It also has listings for every tourism board office in the world where you can find travel information and plan your trip.

This new ebook has 25 travel articles, covering the breadth of this ‘Green and pleasant land.” Some of the chapters:

  • Keswick, the Gem of the English Lakes District
  • York, the Original York
  • London Apartment Rentals
  • Manchester: Grooving to a New Energy
  • A Journey through Enid Blyton’s Dorset
  • Dartmoor England: Preserving an Ancient Man-made Wilderness
  • A Pub Crawl Aboard a Canal Boat
  • Alderley Edge: Witches, Wizards and Mystical Goings-On
  • Oxford England: Walking with a Vengence

Naked Travel Plane Reader

Naked Travel! Things to do without clothes

naked travelA GoNOMAD ebook for travelers who truly want to travel light. Have you ever wanted to check out a nude beach, or even spend a weekend at a clothing-optional inn or a nudist resort? GoNOMAD’s writers have done it all, and in this new ebook, we share many details and tips on getting out of your clothes and enjoying life around the world in your birthday suit. It’s not about sex, it’s about freedom, and today’s naturists are law-abiding citizens just out to have fun.

We begin with an essay profiling a nudist resort in the California desert called DeAnza Springs. We meet many men and women there who have chosen a nudist lifestyle and look forward to each weekend when they come out to the desert and strip off their clothes and their cares, and hang out with fellow nudists.

We go hiking in the nude in Washington ‘s Cascade Mountains and find a cute country inn nestled in Vermont’s Green Mountains where nobody has to wear a stitch of clothing. At night they dance naked in front of a roaring fire.

The chapters also include a visit to Sandy Hook, New Jersey’s famous nude beach near New York City, and Haulover Beach, which some consider the country’s finest nude beach, located near Miami Florida. The top ten nude beaches in the world are reviewed, along with updated detailed guides to the United State’s best nude beaches. Naked Travel: Things to Do Without Clothes

The book includes a directory of every clothing optional resort in the US and contact information for anyone who might be interested in the nudist lifestyle.

Spain Plane Reader

spain travel reader

Get ready for your trip to Spain, read it on the go!

The Spain Plane Reader is a glorious and unabashed celebration of Spain. It’s a country of pride, and of mystery and of great food and fabulous vacations. We take you to Spain’s great cities, Madrid, and Barcelona, and to the free-wheeling Las Fallas Festival with parade floats with fiery endings and a wild party in the streets.

We will take you for a glass in the cider bars of the Basques, and walk the long overland journey to Santiago de Compostela. There’s also a complete listing of all of Spain’s tourism offices around the world, to help you plan your trip to Spain.

We show you a place where you can stay for free if you promise to talk only in English and find out why so many Spaniards are crazy in love with FC Barcelona. We hop over to Mallorca, and visit Malaga’s Roman ruins.

The Spain Plane Readers features these additional articles about Spain:

  • Teaching English in Valencia
  • Where the World Goes to Party: Clubbing in Ibiza
  • World Expo Zaragoza
  • Cadiz and Puerto de Santa Maria: The Oldest Cities
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands guide

Plan your own getaway to Spain with the Spain Plane Reader…available in whatever format you need: Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone or Kobo.

Now Available on Amazon, Nook and Apple:

France Plane Reader

france travel readerFrance. It evokes images of crusty baguettes, country lanes, exciting cafes in Paris…and of course, that kid looking back on the bike holding his bread. France is so many things, all sensual, delightful, and to the traveler, from Strasbourg to Nice, Normandy to Marseille, it’s the ultimate destination. Maybe that’s why 75 million travelers visit France every year, more than any other country on earth.

In GoNOMAD’s new France Plane Reader, you’ll discover the parts of France that others may miss…taking a barge down the Canal du Midi, biking through the beautiful Loire Valley, staying in an apartment in Tours, and cooking for yourself after you’ve visited the local market. Seeing rugged Corsica and Paris’ charming Marais neighborhood, here are stories that will take you there, and show you hundreds of photos.

These articles are by travelers like you—people who wanted to experience the best that France has to offer, and avoid the tourist traps. Feed your inner adventurer while skiing the French Alps, biking through the Burgundy countryside, or rolling through the streets of Paris on a Segway. Bringing the kids? Read up on family-friendly fun in Strasbourg and Dijon that your kids will love.

Each article is full of color photographs sure to inspire you. We’ve also included a list of every French tourist board around the world, to help you plan your journey to France.

Germany Plane Reader

germany plane readerThe Germany Plane Reader from GoNOMAD brings this vast European country into clear focus with a collection of travel stories from all over Germany. From the legacy of East Germany’s Cold War sites to the pretty farm fields of Southern Bavaria, you’ll get a sweeping view of the many attractions this giant European country offers to travelers.

How about staying the night in castles like Schwerin and Sanssouci, in the north, or visiting with a farm family on an agri-tourismo in the country?

GoNOMAD’s writers visit Dusseldorf and Berlin, exploring the arts, the beer and the people who make it all come alive. We’ll sample some of Berlin’s wild night life and the Christmas markets in Bavaria. Follow the footsteps of Germany’s national hero, Martin Luther at the castle church door in Wittenberg, and watch Renaissance dancing.

Explore beautiful Lake Constance with its ever-changing theater scene, and listen to rock music at Berlin’s clubs. There is so much of Germany to explore in this photo-filled Germany Plane Reader ebook.

Ireland Plane Reader

ireland plane readerGet Excited About Your Upcoming Trip to Ireland: Stories about the People, Places, and Eats of Ireland is a photo-filled eBook that takes the reader deep into the heart of the green island nation called the Republic of Ireland that tugs so many heartstrings of American visitors.

With so many millions of Irish immigrants coming to the US in the early part of last century, many Americans today feel a kinship and interest in their Irish roots. From Dublin to Valentia Island, we cover the country with memorable travel writing and descriptions of the people, the activities and where to stay. It’s all about Ireland’s people, places and eats.

People tracing their genealogy in Ireland are joined by the many who love the music of the country–no pub is complete without some musicians making music over a few pints of Guinness. The Ireland Plane Reader explores the pubs both famous and out of the way. Also included are articles about Northern Ireland, Belfast and Derry.

Sample chapters include:

  • West of Ireland: Stories in Stone
  • The Fiddler’s Retreat: Irish Music, Irish Food, Irish Culture
  • Whiskey and Water: Self-Cruising the Emerald Isle
  • The Boston Boy Visits Dublin: Wicked Brilliant!
  • My Beloved Ireland: A Magical Place
  • Inis Mor: As Irish As It Gets
  • Valentia Island: The Far End of Ireland
  • Doolin, Ireland
  • Top-Notch Food and Lodging at Secret Places Near Dublin

Massachusetts Plane Reader

massachusetts plane readerFrom the lush green infield and the monster wall of Fenway Park to the historic footsteps of Paul Revere and the Patriots who got our country started, Massachusett’s best feature is that it’s steeped in history. We go back as far as the first 1600s era Pilgrim settlers in Plymouth.

Wherever you go in Massachusetts, there will something to remind you of our forefathers. But of course, there are so many towns, so many cities to consider–each with a unique personality. The Massachusetts Plane Reader brings you Boston. And Stockbridge. And Amherst, Northampton and Lowell. And many, many more.

What’s it like to follow the trail of Henry Thoreau as he traipses through Cape Cod? We visit the hip town of Northampton, known to locals as ‘Hamp, and by transplants as Noho. It’s famous for its 90+ restaurants and fabulous arts and music scene.

We venture out on the islands, prim and trim Nantucket and stately, lovely Martha’s Vineyard. We camp out, cruise the coast, paddleboard and bike through the best the Bay State can show us. You’ll love this collection if you’re looking for ideas—the state is so small, you can do many of them in a few days.

California Plane Reader

california plane readerFor the adventurer, California offers a treasure trove of exciting destinations and activities. Whether you’re headed for the lush vineyards of Napa Valley or high into the Sierra Nevada, California presents the traveler with a unique travel experience that will leave them begging to return.

California Plane Reader

– Get Excited About Your Upcoming Trip to California: Stories about the People, Places, and Eats of California shares personal travel accounts from nearly every California destination from the north to the south, and will help to educate and point you in the right direction for your own California vacation. Read it on Huntington Beach between surf sessions, on the plane to LAX, or before you go to sleep at night; the California Plane Reader will offer insight and inspiration for your next trip to California.

Morocco Plane Reader

morocco plane readerIs there cell phone service in the desert? What are the origins of organic Argan oil? Did you know that the Berbers make 95% of their income off it? Read the Morocco Plane Reader and you will find out these questions and more about the beautiful country of Morocco.

You will learn about the health and safety of such a mysterious place, transport salt on the back of camels, and discover Morocco’s different languages. Why not travel to this exotic country and climb the dunes of Erg Chebbi, take a ferry ride to Spain, visit ancient tribal lands, learn proper etiquette, eat interesting foods, visit the markets, see a Tinman, the Dye pots in Féz and explore the great architecture of Marrakech.

Thailand Plane Reader

thailand plane readerCan you think of a country that’s on more people’s bucket lists than Thailand? It’s a country of bustling cities like Bangkok, lush jungles, sparkling beaches and hot spicy foods.

In the Thailand Plane Reader you’ll read about the Songkran and Bun Bang Fai rocket festivals, get your hands dirty studying permaculture in Panya, and enjoy an American Fourth of July in Bangkok.

With hundreds of color photos, see the Phi Phi Islands, Khao Sok National Park, and the Friendship bridge from Thailand to Laos. Read about how you can learn to train elephants, and volunteer help save turtles.

Meet the hill tribes near Isan, Northern Thailand, spend a day in Bangkok’s Lumpini Park. There are more than 30 travel stories, each about a different part of fascinating Thailand. Enjoy the Thailand Plane reader and begin planning your own trip to Thailand.

 Mexico Plane Reader

mexico plane readerThe Mexico plane reader captures all that is exotic, passionate, familiar and welcoming about our nearest neighbor, the giant country of Mexico. You’ll discover Queretaro, with living, breathing history, or Ensenada, where you’ll sip the local wines. Get wet in Mexico’s Matacanes, (underwater rivers) or cenotes, where you’ll dive in for a cool dip.

From Taxco’s lively silver markets to the vast Copper Canyon, or the mysterious city of Palenque infused with Aztek mystery this book has travel stories about every aspect of Mexico. You’ll eat like a local in vibrant Mexico City and look up to see the birds above Urique, Chihuahua. This book is packed with 39 different stories with hundreds of photos about Oaxaca, and Alamos, and Boca del Tomaltan. If you love Mexico, the Mexico Plane Reader is your perfect trip planning download!

Other chapters include:
Budget Beaches of Sayulita
San Cristobal de las Casas
Tequisquiaan: Market Eating in the Real Mexico
And many, many more

australia plane readerThe Australia Plane Reader will take you far, far down under. This new ebook from GoNOMAD showcases dozens of places you’ll want to see on your own grand tour of the world’s most unique continent..

Venture down to the very bottom of this vast island continent and experience the Great Ocean Walk, a one-way journey through fantastic wildlife and dramatic coastal beauty. Go to broiling hot Alice Springs or Darwin on the Ghan Railway.

Take in Tasmania, the windy, emerald island south of Australia. Learn about how important footie is to anyone who called Melbourne home, and go rafting on the Nymboida River or explore a mine in Cooper Pedy.

Explore Nimbin, in New South Wales, a hippy community where every May a parade and festival supporting marijuana is held. Or visit Newtown, Sydney’s trendy heart where great shopping and nightlife awaits

This collection of 22 stories is full of fantastic photos, and great information for anyone who is planning a trip to Australia. We also include a list of tourism offices where you can get more information from Australia Tourism.

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