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Traffic April 2022

Traffic from April 2022 on GoNOMAD Travel.

GoNOMAD Travel: The Alternative Travel Network Since 2000

Check here regularly on our Media Kit for the latest information about GoNOMAD.com, the alternative travel portal where you can read fresh travel articles and accurate destination guides, browse hundreds of tour company listings, and buy air, rail, hotels, cars, and anything else you’ll need to take your own journey.

One thing about GoNOMAD’s Editor, Max Hartshorne. He covers the destinations more extensively than most of his fellow travel journalists. Coverage includes podcast episodes on the GoNOMAD Travel Podcast, radio show appearances mentioning the hosts, feature articles, and a large amount of social media coverage on platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

TBEX MarbellaJune 2022

Our editor meets with a large group of travel content creators again in 2022, first at the TBEX in Marbella, Spain and then at Traverse 22, in Brno Czech Republic, a similar association of travel bloggers and videographers, who gathered to share ideas and conversation. Max Hartshorne spoke at each of these events.

These gatherings give us a chance to meet many new writers and compare notes about our enterprise, and our new Travel Podcast, and meet with advertisers and sponsors in the travel industry.




GoNOMAD Travel Podcast

The GoNOMAD Travel Podcast made its long-awaited debut in June 2023 and we are about to hit 140 episodes. The format is short-form, emphasizing the interesting aspects and details of our latest travel stories.

Episodes include All About Railpasses, What We Can Learn from Berbers,  The Mosque in Tabuk Saudi Arabia and many more. We keep them to 4-7 minutes to provide a short jolt of travel inspiration to our listeners.

Traverse 21

November 2021

Newsbreak app
Newsbreak, an app on all iPhones, shares all of GoNOMAD Travel’s articles on their website and phone app.

Editor Max Hartshorne once again takes the stage at Traverse Events, this one in Palma de Mallorca, speaking to a gathering of travel content creators, writers, and videographers, speaking about the finer points of travel writing and the fundamentals of running a successful travel website.

August 2021

Traffic to the site climbs higher than ever levels as the world collectively recovers from the pandemic and travel resumes slowly. Plans are made to again sponsor World Travel Market in London in November and travel plans for London, to the IPW conference in Las Vegas, and to Traverse 21 in Mallorca Spain are on the books. These meetings are an important way we continue to keep our name out there with travelers.

Screen Shot 2022 12 13 at 4.31.56 PM

GoNOMAD readership as of June 2022Things are looking up!

September 2020

covid tales1GoNOMAD survives the 2020’s global pandemic. While the travel industry reels under the pressure of so many problems resulting from the COVID pandemic, we continued to publish travel stories every day.

Our content marketing campaign for France Tourism and for our client in Florence, Ciao Florence, continued in the midst of the crisis, and we are now working with San Miguel de Allende Mexico to promote their destination in 2020.

We have increased our RV Travel section with lots of new stories about RV adventures, and we also created a new section of timely and relevant travel articles called COVID TALES. Traffic dipped in April 2020, but it’s rebounded and now we are seeing longer visit durations and a steady 145,000 unique monthly visitors.

Screen Shot 2019 07 10 at 7.30.15 AM

February 2020

great escape logo


A profile of editor Max Hartshorne appeared on Great Escape Publishing’s website. Max joined several other editors in discussing the pitfalls of freelance submissions, and tips on how to get your story published on GoNOMAD Travel and in major travel publications.

wtm london gb 1.jpg 8597 1 1

November 2019

GoNOMAD is a media sponsor for World Travel Market, the biggest travel trade show in the world, held each year in London. GoNOMAD will help promote WTM on all of its channels and participate in seminars for the travel industry. This partnership is similar to what we have done for many years with the NY Times Travel Show.

June 2019

Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 7.01.54 AM

Max Hartshorne joins hundreds of travel bloggers in Trentino, Italy, for Traverse19, where he was a featured speaker about travel writing and the importance of good writing for all social media influencers, travel writers, and publishers.

March 2019

GoNOMAD is recognized for another year as being one of the top ten travel websites out of more than 1600 others. This is a very important combination of statistics without any bias, that gives the edge to older sites with more recognition from both travel writers and the travel industry.

August 2018

GoNOMAD is ranked number 4 among the all-time top travel websites, according to a combination of key ranking factors including MOZ’s Domain Authority, TrustFlow, and Klout. We are in a high-class company here! Details

March 2017

MassLive, Western MassachusettsGoNOMAD is in the news, in a variety of local and national websites and publications. A profile of editor Max Hartshorne was published in the Republican and MassLive websites. Traffic increased to just under 100,000 unique visitors per month. New content campaigns for Texas Tourism, Bonwi.com, Allianz and other partners continue to help us prosper.

GoNOMAD’s editor and top photographer returned to the New York Times Travel Show in Manhattan for another standing-room-only presentation about travel writing.

July 2016

GoNOMAD’s business model is explained in an article in the Recorder Newspaper. Max Hartshorne attended World Travel Market in London in Nov 2016, meeting top travel people from around the world.

GoNOMAD goes to WordPress!  With a completely new design that is responsive and flexible, we set out to a new adventure in publishing. We have added new features like Google maps, in article slide shows, pop in videos, audio clips, and a lot more. “Travel Influencer” Max Hartshorne is interviewed by WeSaidGo Travel in this story.

May 2016

Tim Leffel, editor of Perceptive Travel, Bailey Freeman of Lonely Planet, Max Hartshorne of GoNOMAD and Tracy Minkin of Coastal Living Magazine at the TBEX Editor's presentation in May 2017. media kit
Tim Leffel, editor of Perceptive Travel, Bailey Freeman of Lonely Planet, Max Hartshorne of GoNOMAD and Tracy Minkin of Coastal Living Magazine at the TBEX Editor’s presentation in May 2017.

We are continuing our partnerships with major travel brands. Max Hartshorne presented at the TBEX Travel Bloggers Exchange and the PRSA Public Relations Society of America Travel Conference. He also attended the USTA’s IPW Show in New Orleans in June 2016 and met many of his travel colleagues and friends. 

March 2015

GoNOMAD continues our business partnership, the 360 Travel Network, an association of three sites and seven travel blogs, running content marketing campaigns for major brands like Trivago.com, Allianz Travel Insurance, and Enterprise Rent-a-car, providing a full range of branding using display advertising, as well as content marketing, and a large-scale social media promotional effort.

Clients are very pleased with the results and both renew. Website traffic has been building steadily, now at 118,000 unique monthly visitors and 300,000 monthly pageviews.

A completely new mobile site was launched in March 2015, so every visitor no matter what device they are using can easily read our stories, all built for the smaller screen. Editor Max Hartshorne speaks at TBEX in Cancun, Mexico to travel bloggers about how GoNOMAD uses virtual assistants, student interns, and outside sales staff.

Paul Shoul and Max Hartshorne spoke again at the NY Times Travel Show about travel writing and photography, the hall was fully packed for the presentation.

March 2014

Editor Max Hartshorne is invited to speak at the Public Relations Society of America‘s travel conference in Tampa about best practices working with online media, joined by editors from AARP Magazine and AOL Travel.

He also makes a presentation at the New  York Times Travel Show with photographer Paul Shoul about shooting travel photos, to a standing-room-only crowd at the Javits Center.

We publish our 24th Plane Reader Ebook, about Australia, and site traffic begins to rebound with the new content management system in place.

May 2013

GoNOMAD launches a completely new redesign and automates all of its publishing to the Joomla platform. This means faster publishing of stories and much easier navigation, as well as new features like video and better social media integration.

Stories can now be posted from the road or anywhere and the editor is no longer chained to the office. It has been a labor of extreme proportions–the project started with a meeting with webmaster Rich Roth of Greenfield’s TNR Global in 2012.

Editor Max Hartshorne spoke at a panel in Dijon France about social media and our writers fanned out to places around the world writing stories. We will be continuing our streak of Plane Readers with new titles coming out monthly, including Canada, Thailand and New Zealand. Our website traffic is rebounding at 90,000 unique visitors per month, and with the new code, we expect it to grow significantly. The site is also very attractive when viewed on an iPad or other tablets.

October 2012

We have closed our cafe but we are roaring into e-publishing, with eighteen titles already on Amazon, BN and iTunes, and more to come! We are rolling out a newly designed GoNOMAD Travel that will be easier to navigate and contain even more amazing travel content. New features will be added monthly, a very exciting development. See all of our Plane Readers here.

June 2012

Editor Max Hartshorne spoke to travel bloggers in July 2012 at TBEX, the travel bloggers convention in Colorado. He continues his speaking with a New York Times Travel show appearance in January 2013, and to artists at the Creative Economy Summit in Turners Falls, MA.

Our new partnerships with Wanderlust and Lipstick.com and PerceptiveTravel.com have created very successful marketing plans for hotels, airlines, and other travel clients. We are excited about this growth and look forward to new ideas in mobile technology, our new site will be very mobile friendly.

RIP Joe and Kent

Sadly we lose two of our original cast members–Our first webmaster Joe Obeng and Senior Travel Editor Kent E. St. John pass away at the end of the year.

April 2011.

GoNOMAD is moving into the 21st century by launching new initiatives. We are now offering podcasts of our travel interviews that are available on iTunes. We are also launching a new line of ebooks called GoNOMAD Plane Readers, which give people the chance to read all of our content on their choice of devices: Kindles, iPhones, Android phones or iPads. Stay tuned for the big launch in late April as we enter the new world of travel writing taken anywhere.

March 2010

Read hotel reviews!
Many new features are added to GoNOMAD in 2009, and more await us in 2010. Another partnership which will grow this year is with Orbitz, providing up to the minute airfare, hotel and car rental quotes through their trip.com brand. A partnership with TripAdvisor has created a huge hotel review site that’s well integrated on all of GoNOMAD’s story pages.

December 2009

As we come to the close of another year, we prepare to exhibit at a second major Travel Show, this will be the Boston Globe Travel Show in February 2010. We will join our friends at Bootsnall.com to offer a seminar to travel professionals about using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to help market travel destinations. Later in February, we will return for our third year, for the New York Times Travel Show and there we will present a seminar on Travel writing for newbies and staff our own booth for three days.

Our traffic is at a record–199,000 monthly unique visitors–and we have never had so many excellent articles to publish. The word is spreading fast about the quality of our editorial and more and more people are finding us a useful place to begin travel planning.

The cafe is going great guns, full of neighbors and travelers enjoying panini, homemade soups, coffee and conversation. In the works are a radio program to be aired three times a week on WHMP-AM, and a cable Television program to be aired on the local cable channel.

As usual, we have two interns joining us as we have done since 2005!

August 2009

GoNOMAD Travel editor Max Hartshorne is quoted along with Pauline Frommer, Peter Greenberg, and other travel experts for a round up of summer travel ideas in READERS DIGEST magazine. This fall he may be getting a chance to write a blog for a local newspaper. Max and Kent St. John regularly go on travel radio shows to talk about their stories. Audio podcasts can be heard for many of these.

May 2009

Three interns join the ranks at GoNOMAD, contributing articles, doing travel research, writing blogs and helping us promote the website. They also traveled, going on story assignments to interesting places around the world. Many of our newest articles are set closer to home, in New England and other US destinations.

January 2009

Going into our third year at the GoNOMAD Cafe and bringing on many new features and a new catalog of exciting trips and tours, we have been seeing great traffic in the cafe and on the website! In our ninth year on the web, we’re working on a redesign of the whole site. We continue to get the word out with our second year at the NY Times Travel Show exhibiting and developing a new TV show about our brand of travel.

December 2008

It’s been a great year for GoNOMAD, beginning with sending writers around the globe in search of stories. We were invited to go to Iran by the government tourism officials and joined 120 other professionals for a tour of Iran’s great cities.

We began the year with the New York Times Travel Show, where we had a booth and met many of our readers and fans during the large travel trade show.

During the show Kent St. John, Max Hartshorne and guest Matthew Link offered a three person look at how to become a travel writer. We gave tips for dealing with editors and how to write for publications to a large audience at the NY show.

GoNOMAD has also will be speaking for the second year on Search Engine Optimizing for Travel sites at the Boston Globe Travel Show in February 2009.

May 2007

The GoNOMAD Cafe celebrates one year in business and adds sandwiches, new coffee drinks, and salads to the menu. A larger new cappuccino maker joins an industrial-sized oven to allow many more exciting foods to be served.

The cafe has become the hub of the town, a gathering place for many folks young and old. GoNOMAD.com counts 340,000 unique monthly visitors exploring the website and our CPC, CPA, and CPM ad programs bear generous fruit. Internet Advertising Has Arrived.

Content arrangements with Tribune Publishing and other newspaper companies provide added publicity plus a new revenue stream. Yahoo Travel links 400 of GoNOMAD’s articles as expert guides on their site.

February 2006

GoNOMAD.com owner Max Hartshorne opens the new GoNOMAD Café in bustling downtown South Deerfield, where customers can get coffee and pastries, check their email, and surf the web. The new café features five pcs as well as wireless access. Though it was a fun idea at the time and provided a wonderful gathering place in town, this was perhaps one of the worst financial decisions ever made by a web publisher. Never again.

December 2005

A crew from WGBY Springfield visits GoNOMAD’s offices to shoot a segment for their series “Making it Here ” that was aired in May 2006.

August 2005

GoNOMAD.com is written up by The Associated Press. This story appears in newspapers all over the US and Canada, including The Sacramento Bee, The Boston Herald, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Brandon (Ontario) Sun, The San Mateo County Times, and the Windsor (Ontario) Star.

Traffic has never been higher on the site, and publicity continues to come in about our kind of travel.

More than 7500 readers visit GoNOMAD.com every day.

February 2005

GoNOMAD.com emerges from the cellar! The website officially moves out of editor Max Hartshorne’s basement to a spacious office at 14A Sugarloaf Street in picturesque South Deerfield, Massachusetts, next to Charsky Insurance and Fisher’s Garage.

In February of 2005 GoNOMAD.com hangs its shingle outside the new office at 14A Sugarloaf Street in South Deefield, Massachusetts.
In February of 2005 GoNOMAD.com hangs its shingle outside the new office at 14A Sugarloaf Street in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.

March 2004

GoNOMAD.com is written up in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.”If you approach something with real passion and dedication and think about it all the time, and work on it until 1 am,” Hartshorne told Staff Writer Nick Grabbe, “eventually you’re going to succeed. I’m already succeeding by traveling, editing, and teaching people how to work with the Web. And I’m having a ball.”

January 2004

GoNOMAD.com Editor Max Hartshorne, Senior Travel Editor Kent St. John, Travel Writers Cindy Bigras and Lisa St. John, and Sales Director Joe O’Rourke staff an exhibit at the Adventure Expo at the Javits Center in New York City. 22,000 people attend.

February 2002

Max Hartshorne leaves Transitions Abroad magazine and purchases the two-year-old GoNOMAD Travel, which had been created in Vermont by Lauryn Axelrod and already had a base of 65,000 unique monthly visitors. It was ready to grow, and for the first two years it was a part-time labor of love.

To be placed on our media mailing list or to receive press information, please send your name and e-mail address to editorial AT gonomad.com, or contact us at 413-624-6640. 

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