Orthodox Christians

Addis Ababa’s Heavenly Heritage

Seeing Some of the Spectacular Religious Sites in Addis Ababa By Samuel Seyoum At 2355 meters (7726 feet) above sea level, Addis Ababa is Africa’s highest altitude capital city and the fifth highest in the world. Crisp mornings and evenings are bookends to warm and bright sunny days for most…

Whalebone pier at Umhlanga Rocks in the KwaZulu Natal Province of South Africa

South Africa Escapes Inspired by European Hotspots

“The Monaco, Amalfi, and Venice of South Africa” By Jessica Bayley Cold limoncello cocktails, the warmth of the Mediterranean sun turning your hair golden, cool cobalt waters… Sounds like a Hollywood film set in Positano, doesn’t it? South African budgets are not the most favorable when it comes to international…

Our amazing view from our very inexpensive hotel room in Giza

Giza, Cairo, and Luxor: Extreme Contrasts

Despite Too Many Touts and Bait and Switches, The Author Would Still Return to Egypt’s Incredible Sites By Norm Bour As a full-time travel journalist with about 45 countries visited in total, 30 in the past four years, I didn’t really have a “Bucket List” of places to go, but…

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