hidden japan

Hidden Japan: A Guidebook to Tokyo and Beyond

Hidden Japan: A Guidebook to Tokyo and Beyond by Chiara Terzuolo is the ultimate guide to exploring the roads less trahttps://amzn.to/4acIQGtveled, in Tokyo and beyond. Chiara Terzuolo takes us on a journey through Tokyo and its surrounding cities, uncovering the hidden treasures lying beneath the well-trodden hustle and bustle of one of…


Fathers Fancy These Fine Things

The LintZapper Cleans Up  Lint or Pet Hair on the Road or at Home A day spent traveling usually results in getting out of the car or off the plane a rumpled mess covered in snack crumbs, and if you own a pet you probably managed to get every piece…

Transnistrian money, that you can only spend there.

Banking and Payments for Nomads: What Are Your Options?

Money Transfer and Banking For Nomads By Oscar Davis As of 2024, there are approximately 35 million digital nomads worldwide who enjoy flexibility, the freedom to live anywhere, and significant cost savings, with most earning between $38,000 and $123,578 annually.  However, this lifestyle of freedom and flexibility brings its own…

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