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The LintZapper Cleans Up  Lint or Pet Hair on the Road or at Home

A day spent traveling usually results in getting out of the car or off the plane a rumpled mess covered in snack crumbs, and if you own a pet you probably managed to get every piece of fur that was inside of the car stuck to you too. Brushing off with your hands can only do so much to revive an outfit.

Imagine effortlessly removing stubborn lint and pet hair from your clothes with just one simple step. LintZapper is a product designed to streamline your get-ready routine and keep your clothes always looking fresh and clean. Whether you’re jet-setting to exotic destinations or just a quick weekend getaway, LintZapper is the perfect travel companion. It’s compact enough to make it easy to pack or throw in your bag to enjoy clean clothes wherever your summer adventures take you.


FlipbeltFlipbelt: Carry Only What You Need

Finally, a secure way to keep your items with you while you’re out and about exercising or simply on the go in everyday life. Whether you bike, hike, run, or power walk, get exercising outside without worrying about where to stash your house key, phone, and even water bottle with FlipBelt!

Their sleek running belts are designed to keep your phone, keys, personal items, and more secure, comfortable, and bounce-free while exercising.

Flipbelt $37

Reolink solar panel for security cameras

Reolink Powers Your Outdoor Camera with a Solar Panel

This solar panel will keep your security cameras working without having to plug in or recharge batteries because it’s a solar-powered device. The 3W solar panel is designed for rechargeable battery security cameras with micro USB or USB-C ports. Only compatible with Reolink battery camera, Argus 2E, Argus 3 Pro, Argus Eco, Reolink Go Plus, Argus PT, GO PT Plus, etc.

Reolink Solar Panel $29

A Belt for Dad That’s Serious for Work

Everything you need, nothing that you don’t. Built for superior strength and durability, without sacrificing movement.  The hardware belt is the essential tool in your gear kit. Stiff Performance Stretch – Robust webbing with optimal stretch to allow bending and movement, while locking out to support the weight of heavier apparel and tools.

Ultra Durable Buckle – High density and high tensile strength plastic withstands more pressure than most zinc alloysEasy On & Off – Tapered buckle design feeds easily through belt loops Custom Fit – More precise than holes, micro-adjustable buckle dials in your exact fit

Enhanced Grip – Ridges molded on the buckle assist in a tight grip, Anti-Slip – Buckle mechanism prevents webbing from loosening while in use. Resistant – Tightly woven fabric stands up to scuffs, pills, and tears with long-term use

Travel Friendly – Metal-free buckle makes airport security a breeze. Belt Keeper – Elastic loop keeps excess belt tucked in place.

Riccardo of Beverly Hills Avalon roller bag

Riccardo of Beverly Hills’ Avalon Roller Bag made of Recycled Plastic

Elevate your travel experience guilt-free with our environmentally conscious construction. Crafted from 100% PET recycled plastic, each inch of Riccardo’s newest luggage models reflects an unwavering commitment to sustainability. By utilizing recycled materials, they’re not just reducing waste; they’re making a statement about responsible travel that resonates with eco-conscious travelers worldwide.

Say goodbye to cumbersome luggage that slows you down. This roller bag is equipped with quiet 360º any-direction dual wheels, ensuring effortless navigation through bustling airports, uneven terrain, and crowded streets. 

Riccardo of Beverly Hills Avalon Roller Bag $99

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