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Storylines Cruise Ship Exterior Vessel Rendering. Storylines Photos.

Storylines Cruise Ship: A Luxury Residential Experience for the Nomadic Life

By Megan Mentuck

Alister Punton Storylines Founder. Storylines Photos.
Alister Punton Storylines Founder. Storylines Photos.

With 20 different restaurants, 45 resident lounges, three pools, and 5400 square feet of a garden farm, Storylines cruise ship offers a one-of-a-kind nomadic lifestyle.

The ship, itself, is 741 feet long and 98 feet wide. It weighs 62,000 tons and has seventeen different decks available for guests to explore.

GoNOMAD spoke with Alister Punton, the CEO of Storylines, who spoke to one of Storylines’ defining principles: We aren’t a vacation. We are a lifestyle.

Punton explained that, unlike a tourist cruise ship, Storylines is designed for permanent residential living. They are all about encouraging a comfortable lifestyle and engaging community for their residents.

Punton stated, “We’re offering a completely safe environment for people to travel, live and work as we travel around the world.”

A Built-In Community 

For residents aboard the Storylines cruise ship beyond the amenities that are offered, there is also the chance to connect with an engaging community of like-minded individuals.

With 6,027 people aboard the ship, it may seem like it would be difficult to bridge connections between fellow residents. However, Storylines has many different opportunities to help facilitate these connections.

Sampling Local Wines

For example, Punton described an example of community-based living where at a port in southern France, people may be interested in sampling wine local to the area.

It wouldn’t be possible for a single individual to visit fifty or so different vineyards in the area to try the wine—however, it would be possible for fifty different individuals to each go to a different winery and come back with extra bottles for people to try.

Resident Lounge. Storylines Cruise Ship Photos.
Resident Lounge. Storylines Cruise Ship Photos.

This would then create an opportunity for people to try different wines and create conversations amongst themselves which in turn fosters a sense of community on the ship.

Residence Lounges

There are also residence lounges on the ship. These are spaces outside of your individual residential area where you can connect with people in your “neighborhood” of the ship.

The residence lounges can also be booked for private dinner parties among guests.

Amenities Included

Reserving a spot on a Storylines cruise ship is much like buying a home. You are paying to live on the ship full-time with all of the amenities that you would normally be accustomed to off the ship.

Punton noted that “Living the Storylines lifestyle, you shouldn’t have to give up anything.” This means that there is a long list of things included in your payment to help facilitate your life aboard the ship.

These amenities include normal things like grocery options, banking services, postal services, a tech bar, medical services, bikes for residents, and a hair salon to more luxurious inclusions like a golf simulator, helipad, Micro Brewery, cigar lounge, theatre, garden space, and marina area.

Deck Four Marina Area. Storylines Photos.
Deck Four Marina Area. Storylines Photos.

The marina area located on deck four offers residents direct ocean access to enjoy activities ranging from swimming and kayaking to jet skiing and sailing.

The oceanfront marina also provides access to a marina lounge where there is a waterside cafe, cocktail bar, and restaurant precinct located.

On deck 15, there is also a huge garden area where guests can partake in nurturing their green thumb if they so choose. The food grown aboard can also be used as ingredients in the ship’s restaurants.

Working from Home? Why Not Make Storylines Cruise Ship Your Home?

With so many jobs making the transition to remote working, Storylines offers a unique place to work, live, and travel.

The way the ship travels is fairly close to shore most of the time, stopping at ports along the way for an average of three to five days.

This allows for the ship to connect to the internet that’s available on land. Most times, guests are able to use their regular cellular network and internet at speeds similar to those that they have on land.

The ship has satellite data as well that guests can rely on.

Resident Lounge Library. Storylines Photos.
Resident Lounge Library. Storylines Photos.

With regard to finding a good place to work or study, the personal residential spaces can be easily modified to accommodate a guest’s need for workspace.

There are also resident lounges outside of your own personal residency that can be used for remote working. Residents can also enjoy a peaceful environment conducive to productivity in the ship’s comprehensive library.

Complete with shelves of literature, leather sofas, and an oceanfront view, there is no better spot to “work from home.”

Commitment to Sustainability

Storylines is also committed to sustainable travel. Punton even noted that Storylines has worked closely with a sustainability ambassador to ensure that they are able to travel eco-consciously.

Marina Pool. Storylines Photos.
Marina Pool. Storylines Photos.

This means that the cruise ship is committed to green energy, fuel-efficient travel, and “travel with the intention to leave a positive footprint” according to the company’s official website.

Leaving a Positive Footprint Behind

Leaving a positive footprint reaches beyond an environmental footprint. Puntin told me specifically about an instance where they took a group of residents to the Philippines.

While in the Philippines, the residents visited a local orphanage where they provided the children with school supplies and Amazon kindles.

Storylines aims to engage in philanthropy as they travel, as well. Residents interested in the philanthropic side of things are encouraged to get involved if they wish to.

RU5 Upper Level View. Storylines Photos.
RU5 Residence Upper-Level View. Storylines Photos.

Different Residency Options

Currently, the ship itself is under construction but plans to take off in 2024.

This gives potential residents plenty of time to look over the different residency options and plan for their nomadic lifestyle.

There is a range of different residency options available aboard the Storylines cruise ship.

These range from the most luxurious “Global” RU5 Residence to the most basic “Breeze,” “Oceanfront,” or “Discovery” RU1 Residences.

The “Global” RU5 Residence includes two levels of living space, an oceanfront view, and the option of one to four bedrooms available to guests.

The RU1 Residences are available in three different variations: “Breeze,” Oceanfront,” or “Discovery.” The difference between these variations of the RU1 Residences are the windows that are included in the residence.

RU1 Residence Day view. Storylines Photos.
RU1 Residence Day view. Storylines Photos.

Entry-level pricing is around $300,000 for a 12-year-lease which includes all other amenities including food, forementioned.

How You Can Live the Storylines Lifestyle

No matter which residence you choose to stay in, it’s important to remember that you are getting all of the other amenities included in your cost!

Storylines is all about offering their residents a way to travel, live, and work from anywhere.

With countless amenities, different residency options, and the opportunity to travel the world, Storylines is the perfect place for all the nomads out there looking to commit to a travel lifestyle!

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