Indie Campers: Live the European Dream

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Indie Campers is Europe’s hip new company with an interest in van travel

Enjoy the Road Less Traveled with Indie Campers with Preplanned RV itineraries Across Europe

By Marina Renzi

Cruising down the backroads of the European countryside in your own campervan is an absolute dream for many travelers. It sure beats sitting in rush hour traffic on the interstate every day.

Now with Indie Campers, that dream can become a reality, with their personalized campervans for hire. The company also lets RV owners rent out their wheels when they aren’t using them, providing a nice extra income for unused RVs that take up space in driveways.

Indie Campers, a UK and Europe-based company provides unique campervan and mobile home vehicles for hire in most major European cities. These vans are ideal for a road trip with friends – Indie Campers can even help you plan out your trip through their detailed itineraries. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy seamless van life and European travel unlike any other.

Campervans for Hire

Indie Campers has a relatively easy van rental process and their website is efficient, effective, and painless to navigate. 

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Indie Camper – Nomad

In order to start the campervan hiring process, you must consider the most important part: choosing the location. With over 2,000 campervans offered all across Europe, there are a lot of options.

The best feature that Indie Campers offers are the preplanned and very detailed road trip itineraries. 

The itineraries are organized by European countries, which makes for trouble-free and accurate planning. There are 13 different country options that Indie Campers provides: Belgium, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and finally, the Netherlands. 

Click on any one of these destinations and Indie Campers will show you several different route options for the country of your choice. 

The info You Need for a Road Trip

In order to curate the perfect road trip, it is very important to be knowledgeable and prepared for any challenge that may occur on your journey. Fortunately, with the pre-mapped itineraries, Indie Campers provides you with important information necessary to start your travels such as difficulty level, distance, an approximate time for the length of the trip, and general information about European cultures.

According to Pernille Hembre, a spokesperson for the brand, the top three locations for campervan hire are Lisbon, Barcelona, and Berlin.” She also gave us a glimpse into the Indie Campers’ future with a promise of expansion.

“For the next few years, we will be looking into intercontinental expansion as well as becoming more versatile across Europe, as we aim to be perceived as a strong, innovative campervan brand of the future”. 

When you plug in your desired city, you will be shown a list of different campervans of all different sizes, styles, features, and amenities. These vans can range from having sleeping amenities for four people to much larger parties, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. 

All Amenities Included

All Indie Campers vans come with unique and essential features to get you through your journey. The vans come with all of the amenities; airport transfer if desired, bedding, kitchen, and cleaning kits, 24/7 pick-up and drop-off fleets, one-way trips, insurance, and 100% free roadside assistance in case of emergencies.

There is also unlimited mileage available, so there are no limits to how far you may go. 

Embarking on Your Journey with Indie Campers

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A couple enjoying a camper van

Indie Campers recommends different tourist attractions to stop at. This includes suggestions for the best restaurants in the area (complete with the type of cuisine and estimated cost), directions on where to park the vans, and different options for hotels and hostels along the way. 

This feature is just one aspect that puts Indie Campers a step above the rest to ensure a smooth and effortless van and travel lifestyle. 

Have a Campervan? Hire it Out!

Not only does this company rent out vehicles for digital nomads and adventure seekers alike, but if you own a campervan yourself, you can also rent it out through Indie Campers. 

If you own a van that just sits in the driveway and collects dust, why not rent it out to fellow tourists and earn some money on the side? Using Indie Campers special calculator, you can get an estimate for how much money you could potentially earn in a year just by loaning it out. 

Depending on the location and vehicle type, you could potentially earn over $20,000 a year and you don’t even have to lift a finger!

The process is easy and really only takes three basic steps.

Start by creating your campervan listing on the website. This includes days and nights when it would be available, what the features and amenities are, and your personal preferences. Next, simply accept new booking requests in order to start making some money.

And lastly, confirm the rental and meet your clients. It is really that simple and incredibly helpful, especially for all first-timers. 

This demonstrates how fridges are being used inside van builds
Many mini-fridges are small enough to be placed inside van cabinet space.

Necessities to Van Life

No matter the destination, time zone, or itinerary, one thing stays consistent: people love extra features. 

Depending on the make and model of the van, there are different amenities that come with the camper. Some of the special features that are included in the vans are interior or exterior showers, water tanks, radios, refrigerators, gas stoves, built-in heating systems, interior dining tables, and so much more.

Plus, there is enough room and beds for large parties so everyone has space all to themselves. 

Campervan Living

A great feature about Indie Campers is that not only do they provide short-term vehicles, but they also have options for longer periods of time through van subscriptions. 

Campers enjoying the Indie Campers van life

All it takes is a short process of four steps in order to “own” the van. The vans can be rented for a year at a time and have the same great features and amenities, all at the same great prices. 

“We have around 2000+ of our own camper vans for rental in 40 locations across Europe, at the same time we are launching over 2500 rentals from other professionals and private camper van owners in our marketplace (the latter to go live in a couple of weeks),” Hembre said.

“Over the past two years, we have facilitated a total of around 1 million overnight stays in our motorhomes and camper vans”. One million overnight stays sounds like success to me!

Cleanliness is Key

The vans are sprayed and doused in disinfectant multiple times, with special treatment on the frequently touched parts of the vehicles, and once the vans are inspected, they receive the “good to go” stamp of approval and are ready for rental again. 

The Van Life

Indie Campers is an incredible way to see the world from the comfort of your own “home”. Whether you choose to drive to the beautiful waterfalls of Iceland, cram through the busy streets of Rome, or take in the greenery of Ireland, Indie Campers is the perfect choice for your next road trip.

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