Summer Fun with Great New Sets and Gadgets

Wood Smoked BBQ Kit: Chips and Box to Smoke It Up

This Wood Smoked BBQ Kit is a great gift for any backyard warrior, BBQ guru, and grilling enthusiast.

Wood-Smoked Barbecue Kit

This easy-to-follow kit includes all the tools and detailed instructions to infuse his favorite food with hickory, cherry, and applewood smoke.

Nothing beats the taste of mouth-watering smoked ribs, burgers, and beyond. Once you master the fundamentals of smoking, the recipe possibilities are endless! – $49.99


Sasaki Japanese Knife: Super Sharp and Made to Stay that Way

Each Sasaki knife is produced utilizing cutting-edge breakthrough technology and is precision forged from world-famous 67 layered Japanese AUS-10 Steel. This incredibly durSasaki Japanese Knifeable stain and corrosion-resistant material deliver incomparable performance.

The addition of Molybdenum and Vanadium in AUS-10 steel dramatically increases wear resistance and edge retention.

The blade is hand mated to a full tang, triple-riveted non-porous fiberglass handle which is exceptionally durable and provides a perfect weight balance.

 The Sasaki Chef knife places all the power in your hands with an edge that’s sharpened at 10°-15° per side, ensuring a razor-sharp blade edge. The long, wide blade of the chef knife is specifically designed with a curved edge, so it rocks back and forth on a cutting surface (preferred by professional cooks). Whether you need to mince herbs, finely chop vegetables, slice fruit, or cut meat, the chef knife is the ultimate multipurpose tool.

A premium quality locking sheath is provided to protect the blade when it is not in use.

Sasaki Takumi Japanese AUS-10 Stainless Steel Chef Knife with Locking Sheath, 8-Inch, Black $73.59

The Shashibo CubeYou Can’t Put Down the Shashibo Cube, that Folds into Hundreds of Shapes

If you want something creative and engaging that provides hours of fun for traveling, Shashibo is the answer! One single Shashibo cube shapeshifts into over 70+ geometric shapes!

Collect and connect them to create even more structures! And if you’re traveling with children, this is the perfect answer to…”Are we there yet?”

Shashibo Shape-Shifting Box – Award-Winning, Patented Fidget Cube w/ 36 Rare Earth Magnets – Extraordinary 3D Magic Cube – $25

SearBQ: The Perfect Gift for Anyone Who Loves To Grill

SearBQ has created a BBQ griddle and press that is truly the first of its kind! Self-proclaimed grill master, or not, one thing that won’t be missed is struggling to get that perfect medium-rare, or however you like it, steak cooked to perfection every
single time.SearBQ Meat Presser

The SearBQ press and griddle will elevate your at-home grilling game by cutting down cooking time by *more than 50%*, which leaves more time for what matters most, spending time with your loved ones. Cooking for someone who doesn’t eat meat?

SearBQ works with seafood and any vegetable you can think of!

SearBQ Griddle & Press – $59.95

Bring a Good Puzzle On Your Next Vacation

 Skyline is an elegant 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle from Cloudberries. It’s both an incredible addition to your living room wall and an incredible puzzling experience because every fitting piece goes in with a satisfying click. On top of that, Cloudberries gives back by planting a tree for every puzzle you buy, so you’re having fun while helping the planet at the same time.

This Skyline puzzle is also professionally designed by the Morocco-based French artist Romain Trystram, making sure that the puzzle has just the right balance between difficulty and enjoyment. Puzzle away as you piece together this neon-lit city view of vivid hues that are the perfect combination of futuristic and retro.

Skyline Jigsaw Puzzle

Opolis Plant-Based Sunglasses Make You Feel Better

Opolis is a new socially-driven lifestyle brand designing precision-crafted vintage upcycled sunglasses made from sustainable materials. Introducing the BioCollection, sunglasses built the way mother nature intended.

Plant-based sunglasses

Not only are these frames great for your face but also for the environment! Each frame is made from 100% plant-based acetate, upcycled reinforced metal hinges and core, and natural materials consisting of cotton seeds, red pulp, and hemp making this product biodegradable. The high-quality lenses are scratch-resistant and ensure UVA/UVB polarized protection.

Bio-Collection Plant-Based Sunglasses by Opolis $188

Don Pablo Coffee: Stay Caffeinated All Summer Long

Don Pablo Coffee introduces its bourbon-infused roast, Bourbon-infused Coffeecrafted in small batches that creates an intense, full-bodied blend that definitely isn’t your average cup of joe.

The flavorful, aromatic roast has quickly become a sought-after blend among those with a love for specialty coffee that’s nonalcoholic. With intense tasting notes and superior beans, the brand has taken the art of roasting to new levels.

By soaking the coffee beans in real Kentucky Bourbon, they then are roasted to perfection for a delicious infusion of flavor without the alcohol.

 Don Pablo Bourbon Coffee $19.99

GrillmasterCollectionGiftSetTurn Your BBQ Up a Notch with Wildwood Wood Chips

Get dad, your husband, or grandpa the latest grilling essentials from Wildwood Grilling. Wildwood’s products (in a variety of wood like cedar, hickory, cherry, alder, etc.) pair wonderfully with anything you put on top (meat, vegetables, fish, etc.).

Their new rubs like chicken spice, rib rub, hippie gold spice, and American jerk taste great on a variety of protein and veggies.

What sets Wildwood Grilling apart is its commitment to the environment. Their grilling planks are cut from pieces of lumber that are too short to be used in the construction industry. Made in the USA, and all products are 100% pure and clean with no pesticides, herbicides, or foreign matter. – $9.89 – $21

Look at the Camera This Time with Eyelinez

Eyelinez are vinyl, repositionable stickers that surround a camera with welcoming, fun designs to remind users where to look to make eye contact and master their virtual presence. “Research shows that you can create the same positive response we all enjoy in person, virtually, with further research showing that effective virtual eye contact makes you more confident, memorable, and attractive”  Eyelinez are designed for integrated cameras such as those found in laptops, tablets and phones, as well as for external web cameras in an array of clever designs.

Each sheet of Eyelinez for integrated cameras includes five sizes to ensure compatibility and coverage for all of your devices, including the vast majority of video conference hubs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart displays. Eyelinez works with both forward-facing cameras for video calls and rear-facing cameras so kids finally look at the camera!

There are two different sizes of Eyelinez for webcams, with the standard size compatible with the majority of webcams, and the large size for all other webcams with larger than average camera openings. Each pack of Eyelinez includes multiple colors of the chosen design to ensure you get an Eyelinez that’s compatible with your device and your style.


Great Merino Wool socks from Grip 6

These merino wool socks are sourced from Rocky Mountain wool. They are comfortable, breathable, and keep your feet dry.

Grip6 Wool Socks

They come in short and crew-cut lengths and a variety of colors. If you haven’t ever worn merino wool, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how it feels.

These American-made socks are darn tough – fit for any type of outdoor excursion you may find yourself on this summer.

Get them in individual pairs, or in packs of 2 or 8.

Grip6 Merino Socks – $16 – $98

Black Crows Corpus Primaloft Bomber

Great for on the slopes, après, around town or to put out a vibe on the town. Bomber jacket in green

This comfortable tech-bomber is a no-brainer for any occasion where layering is a necessity.

This jacket is minimalistic, practical, and features insulation that renders it a perfect piece for ski wear, or for other wintertime activities.

Founded in Chamonix, France – the site of the first Winter Olympics – Black Crows also offers other high-end clothing and outerwear that is perfect for winter.

Johnsonville Sausage Grill Plus Black Crows Bomber $269.95

Sizzling Sausage Grill PLUS from Johnsonville

Here’s a convenient, countertop solution for whipping up perfectly cooked brats, sausage links, and patties in minutes – regardless of the weather. Whether it’s for breakfast sliders, pasta dishes, or just a game-day brat, IntelliSense technology alerts users when the sausage is done so that Dad doesn’t even have to think about it.


No more staring at his watch/phone (or if your my husband, asking for the time every couple of minutes) to prevent overcooking.

– This next-generation 3-in-1 electric grill brings ‘guess-less grilling’ to Dads everywhere, plus a compact design for use in homes, hunting lodges, RVs, and apartments.

The Sizzling Sausage Grill PLUS delivers three inter-changeable grill plates that hug and hold brats/sausages to maximize flavor, juiciness, and taste without drying out the links.

The special grilling plates feature a non-stick coating and are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill – $89

Solar Flashlight from GoSun

gosun solarlight solar assisted flashlight lifestyle GoSun’s Solar Flashlight is rechargeable and packs 280 lumens of light. It has an integrated solar cell that can recharge using solar energy alone, as well as the included USB cord.

It features a lantern mode, spotlight ability, and a red strobe emergency setting. Its magnetic back allows for hands-free use – dad will have a field day with this one.

Helpful and practical, this product will help guide you through your summer nights.

Solar Flashlight from GoSun – $29.95

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