Noteworthy Gadgets for the New Year 2020

Next Base dual dash cam can protect your vehicle from theft. Electronics and gadgets for travelers.
Next Base dual dash cam can protect your vehicle from theft. Electronics and gadgets for travelers.

Electronics that are sure to please

412 5w 6RHL. SL250By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

NextBase Dash Cam Keeps the Other Guys Honest

Next Base dual dash cam can protect your vehicle from theft. Electronics and gadgets for travelers.Dual Super HD Recording: Capture the road all around you in crisp full high definition (1920 x 1080P) simultaneously front and back. Record in Quad-HD 1440P 30FPS with rear camera disconnected. Superior low light compensation for both rear and front recording.

With parking monitoring enabled, the device continues to monitor the vehicle even when the engine is switched off using its built-in battery. If any vibration is detected by the G-Sensor, it will automatically turn on the dashcam and begin recording. Approximately 30 seconds after the vibration has finished, the device will automatically turn off and return to monitoring mode.

Dual Dash Cam, Z-Edge Z3D 2.7″ Screen Dual $229

41lhigwk+sL. SL250Keep your Drinks Cool in this Copper Cup!

41lhigwk+sL. SL250With sleek copper inside and a neoprene bottom, this cup can be stored in the freezer, and taken out when you want to keep your drink cold. Ingenius design cools and won’t dilute your drink as ice does. Convenient!

41W8Q05LKwL. SL250Cork Pops Freezer Gel Beverage Cup, Copper Black $19.95

Tape Light is a Strip of Bright Lights for Camping41W8Q05LKwL. SL250

The NoBox company makes a variety of useful and innovative products like these tape lights, that unfurl like a tape measure a full 18 inches to provide light where you need it.

Our test model didn’t pull out the full 18 inches, but the lights are quite bright, a total of 30 LEDs in the cord. It comes with a rope you can use to string these lights up inside a tent or inside a dark cabin. Runs for up to 36 hours! NoBox – Tape Light – 18” LED Light Strip –  $18.00

This Chef Knife Is One Sharp Knife!

31G1LfDE nL. SL250
Whether you are a 31G1LfDE nL. SL250home or professional chef, NoBox 8-inch stainless steel chef knife is the perfect tool for every cooking task including indoor/outdoor cooking, camping, and more.

Each chef knife comes with a clippable leather sheath for easy storage and protection. It’s so darn sharp, you better keep in its leather sheath! This finely balanced knife has a rosewood handle, and the forged stainless steel stays very sharp for a long duration.

We have been using this extensively (and carefully) in the GoNOMAD test kitchens and we give it a thumbs up!

Fenix Rechargeable Headlamp Lights the Way

This headlamp has a 500-lumen bright light, with 4 lighting modes. Powered by one rechargeable 16340 Li-ion battery (via micro USB charging) or one CR123A Lithium battery. This is a useful, compact headlamp you can bring on your travels.

Made of quality aluminum and premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

Fenix HM50R Rechargeable Headlamp $59.95

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