Exciting New Ways to Keep Fit, Sane in 2020

Palm x Tokyo
The Palm is a new kind of tiny phone, meant to keep you from using your big phone all of the time.

It’s a new decade, and all of us are looking for new ways to get in shape. Here are some new products that we can endorse for fitness and for fun in 2020. If you have any products you think we should review, please email us.

419v4HAvCoL. SL250Sena Smart Cycling Helmet

Cycling is a group sport, that’s the fun. But why not allow yourself to chat with your riding buddies, helmet to helmet!? This connected bicycle helmet gives you a group intercom, and radio presets!

Built-in speakers and mic enable you to listen to your music and your surroundings, group Intercom allows you to communicate with up to three other riders

Bluetooth connectivity pairs to your smartphone so you can access features on-the-go, comfortable and secure design, with removable and washable padding, smooth eco-leather chinstrap, and spinlock.

You can also customize the settings such as friend groups, radio presets, and more using the dedicated smartphone app. In ice blue, electric orange and black. ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07KTHKC9F

Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet $129


Cross Rope

Crossrope Brings Your Workout With You

A weighted jumping rope combines aerobics with strength training. This set comes with both a normal and weighted ropes, mix and match for best results. There is nothing like being able to get a workout in a hotel room or a waiting room, this will fit the bill.ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07C9BTQSC

Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope Set – Medium – $99

Palm: A Tiny Phone to Keep you from Using Your Phone

The tiny Palm phone, on top of a regular sized wallet.
The tiny Palm phone, on top of a regular-sized wallet.

This is the cutest little phone ever, it’s a baby Android from a San Francisco start-up who bought the rights to the Palm name. And for 2020, don’t we all want to try and curb our obsession with holding our phones all the time?

Basketball superstar Steph Curry has lent his name to this new concept, here is how the Verge described it.

“The Palm phone is a device that you can add on to your Verizon plan, which shares your phone number. It’s a phone designed for you to use on the weekends, when you’re going out for the evening, or just generally when you want to be a little less distracted by your big phone with all its apps. That said, it runs a full version of Android 8.1 and all the apps from the Google Play Store.”

The little phone, which is about the size of a credit card, but thicker, has a setting called “Life Mode,” where you can not only turn off notifications, but you turn off the device’s radios. This ensures an absolutely unbreakable guarantee that you won’t be disturbed by anything.

This phone is sold as an add-on to an existing Verizon Mobile phone package. It can also be purchased as a primary phone. The tiny Palm phone can also be purchased “unlocked” on the Palm website:  www.palm.com, making it compatible with most U.S. carriers.

Palm Tiny Phone for Verizon $199-$349

These Thompson Tees Offer Compression and Anti-Sweat

313GXNvu8eL. SL250ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00OL11MHYIn every patented Men’s anti-sweat t-shirt, these pads are guaranteed to stop 100% of armpit sweat. The built-in absorbing sweat pads provide a sleek, consistent look and feel! Machine washer and dryer safe, the patented sweat guards are not chemically treated and will not lose effectiveness over time.

Thompson Tees are completely manufactured in America. These Slim Fit shirts are made from 95% ultra-soft, rayon from bamboo and 5% spandex exclusive of the Hydro-Shield underarm pads inner layer. These tees have a tagless, lay-flat collar for a seamless fit. The added length of the shirt helps it to stay tucked in.41SKwbuPVXL. SL250

Sweatproof Undershirt for Men with Underarm Sweat Pads (Slim Fit, V-Neck) Whiteir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00OL11MHY $29

Kronis: Up Your Underwear Game with Italian Trunks

While many boxer brief wearers like me may scoff at the idea of mere briefs, these Italian trunks are quite stylish and somehow manage to combine the leg coverage of BBs with the sleek look of briefs. Made From A Premium 180GSM soft and breathable brushed cotton Blend that will provide you with all-day comfort and support

Kr0nis Trunk Men’s Underwear is shorter through the leg (than Boxer Briefs) with a square cut look, and a double-ply pouch sewn on both sides for a comfortable snug look. ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B015ZMJTSG
Italian Designed Trunks 2 Pack KRONIS Mens Underwear  2 pack $19.97 ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B015ZMJTSG

Eclipse Offers Sun Protection with this Cute Women’s Hoodie Shirt

Eclipse women's sun protection hoodie.

Here’s a new must-have for the beach, boating or walking your favorite mountain trails yet stylish enough to wear around town. The difference is in the fabric.

The activated particles in Cocona™/37.5™ fabric increase the surface area by up to 800%. The greater surface area results in outstanding evaporative cooling and UV protection. The climate control fabric retains warmth if you start cooling down or releases warmth if your core body temperature starts to rise. The protection never washes out. In Aqua, Plum or Sienna.

Eclipse women’s hoodie shirt $70

Use Sonic Soak for a Really Effective Clean on the Go

Sonic Soak clothes washing device.The Sonic Soak is a stain removing device that avoids scrubbing and pilling, you just soap up your garment, put it in a pail of water, turn on the Super Soak and walk away. We were very impressed with how well this powerful device was able to clean a variety of different garments. Don’t be confused by knock-0ffs you might find on certain shopping sites, ahem!

There are multiple settings on the plugin device to tell you how many seconds it will run for. My only question is that to travel with this slightly heavy device might make my bag too heavy. This small yet hefty machine is worth the investment.

Sonic Soak $149.00

41SI99O9DeL. SL250

Hero Grill Brings the BBQ on the Road

ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07WSFGQ5KThe Hero Grill is quite small and useful for outdoor gatherings. You can take this packable grill in the car with you and bring it to the local park for a cookout. It functions like a normal grill, but briefcase size.

This allows versatility; however, my only hang-up is the price of the replacement charcoal bins which must be bought from HERO themselves in order to have a proper fit. Although the charcoal is plant-based and clean in a sustainable mentality, two replacement pans of charcoal, for a s41RJS+kO UL. SL250ingle-use each is $20. That is $10 per use, it is a decision to make between convenience and cost.

HERO Grill $135.95

ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07WNJYKPMHERO Grill Charcoal Replacements $19.95

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