Travelers Gadgets: Motorized Luggage, Pets, Protein, Gear and Drinks

modo bag 1
Modo Bags

Ride or Walk, The Carry-On That Carries You

Modobag is a motorized suitcase you convert to a mini scooter. It uses a nano-safe battery, is carry-on friendly and packed with features. I gave Modobag a test drive at World’s Fair Nano in San Francisco.

It is low to the ground but easy to operate. It turns on a dime without tipping. There’s a modesty panel for those wearing skirts. Whizz through the airport on the bag at 5-MPH/8-KPH. Outside 8-MPH/12.8-KPH is possible on level surfaces. Fully charged in one hour, the battery can last up to 6-miles.

Rx Bar

Features include dual 5-V USB ports, a crushproof laptop compartment, dual wheel braking system, GSM-GPRS real-time tracking app, ballistic nylon shell, telescoping handlebar and lightweight aluminum framework. Modobag is 22˝ long x 9˝ wide x 14˝ tall.

There are 1800 cubic inches of interior packing space. The bag weighs 20-lbs, with a maximum rider weight of 260-lbs/118-kg. A larger model is in development. Use code GONO, for $150 off through April 2018. Modobag $1,495

A Protein Bar Without the BS

RXBAR calls BS on protein bars. Tuck a couple of these wholesome snacks in your bag and forget bad airport takeaways and highly processed airplane food. Great for travel, gym or a hike, these delicious pocket-sized bars have no dairy, soy, added sugar, fillers or gluten. Only 5—6 ingredients, everything is on the front of the package in huge type. Each bar has 12 grams of protein, comes in ten flavors for adults and three for kids. RXBAR pack of eight $22.98

Call Your Pet for a Chatz


PetChatz is a pet communication device. This ingenious, wireless appliance mounts to the wall at your pet’s eye-level and works using WiFi. While away, call the device via computer or phone.

Your pet hears a call tone and goes to the screen where you and Rover will see and hear each other. During your two-way video chat, you can dispense a treat, play games, release aromatherapy or turn on DOGTV for your pet’s enjoyment. PetChatz $379.97

Hang, Clip, Secure

Hero ClipHero Clip is an innovative, re-designed carabiner. It includes a hook that swivels 360º, then neatly tucks inside the carabiner when not in use. I own this gadget and use it daily when traveling, hiking or biking. This highly functional gear-clip/hook holds 50-lbs, is 3˝ x 3 ¾˝ when closed, weighs 2-oz and is made of aluminum, composite and steel. Hero Clip comes in 17 colors   Hero Clip $19.95.

Keep it Hot

Stanley Beverage Bottle
Stanley Beverage Bottle

Stanley’s beverage bottle is a stainless-steel container that keeps liquids hot for 7-hours. Officially called, Stanley Mountain Vacuum Switchback Mug, it holds 16-oz of hot or cold liquid. A dispenser button opens the drinking hole. The flip-up grit/insect guard keeps your drink clean when using outside.

I own the mug and have used it daily in varied conditions, indoors and out. It makes it through airport security with no worries but should be empty, with the lid removed. No matter how I’ve dropped and knocked it around, still no dents or scratches. It’s made from 18/8 stainless steel and comes in black and silver.

It has a sturdy finger-loop for securing with gear-clips to belt or pack. It will keep coffee hot for 7-hours. I preheated the bottle with hot water first and got 12-hours of hot tea sipping from mine. Stanley Mountain Vacuum Switchback Mug $31.74

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