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Brandenburg gate in Berlin Germany
Bradenburg Gate, Berlin. © visitBerlin Pierre Adenis photo

New Attractions to Visit and Ways to Get to Them in Berlin

By Megan Mentuck

Art and Exhibitions in Berlin

Berlin, Germany is offering visitors exciting attractions to explore in the city as well as new ways to get around.

Humboldt Forum. © visitBerlin, Photo: Chris Martin Scholl
Humboldt Forum. © visitBerlin, Photo: Chris Martin Scholl

With this being a difficult year to travel, Berlin is hoping to reboot their tourism industry as travel restrictions lift and people begin to start exploring again.

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Some of the things the city is introducing include the new  The Humboldt Forum, a venue for “discourse and culture”; the reopening of Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery); the opening of ANOHA, a children’s exhibit at the Jewish Museum Berlin; the Airport Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt (BER); and new subway lines.

The Humboldt Forum: More than a Museum

According to Visit Berlin, the Humboldt Forum is Berlin’s top site opened in 2021. The museum is a place for art, culture, and the discussion that surrounds it.

The Humboldt Forum is located adjacent to Museum Island which is in the city’s historic center.

The Museum Island is a museum complex in Berlin that features five museums—so after you visit the Humboldt Forum, you can continue embracing the art and culture in Berlin without having to go too far!

Humboldt Forum. © visitBerlin, Photo: Chris Martin Scholl Berlin
Humboldt Forum. © visitBerlin, Photo: Chris Martin Scholl

The Humboldt Forum takes the place of the Hohenzollern Palace which once stood there before it was damaged in World War II.

Following its damage, the Hohenzollern Palace was demolished for the East German Parliament.

The East German Parliament building was dismantled after Berlin’s reunification. The complex history of where the Humboldt Forum is located adds to the center’s purpose which, according to their official website is to be, “A place with a significant past. A place for the arts and sciences, for exchange, diversity, and a multiplicity of voices. A place where differences come together.”

One of the features of the Humboldt Forum that makes its purpose different from other museums is what it offers.

Beyond 323,000 square feet of space to exhibit art, the Humboldt Forum includes educational workshop spaces, the Lustgarten outdoor space, and five different restaurant options offering different types of gourmet food.

Neue Nationalgalerie or New National Gallery

Following a six-year update, Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie or New National Gallery opened in the summer of 2021. Some of the works include sculptures by Alexander Calder.

Calder was an American sculptor whose uniquely rendered work is sure to captivate audiences. The New National Gallery is dedicated to displaying modern art.

Beyond being a captivating place because of its immense art exhibitions, the New National Gallery is quite famous for its unique architectural design.

The building was designed by Mies van der Rohe whose steel and glass building is a landmark of modern architecture. The building was completed in 1968 and was Rohe’s last architectural feat seeing as he died shortly thereafter.

berlin cathedralThe New National Gallery stands not only as a place to see some of the most influential modern art of the twentieth century—but also as an architectural feat from renowned architect, Mies van der Rohe.

Jewish Museum Berlin’s New Children’s Exhibit

Another museum in the area, the Jewish Museum Berlin, expanded in spring 2021. The exhibit, ANOHA, tells the story of Noah from the Torah as a starting point for a journey to the future.

The exhibit has a feature in the center of it that kids really tend to enjoy. The gigantic ark invites children aboard to explore and experience the museum in a way that they usually can’t… by physically interacting with it!

With a gigantic ark, 150 different animals, and innovative storytelling techniques, the ANOHA exhibit at the Jewish Museum Berlin will surely inspire children and adults alike.

The Airport Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt

Berlin, Germany’s capital city finally has a large, efficient, and modern airport—the Airport Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt.

Traffic Light. © visitBerlin, Photo: Pierre Adenis
Traffic Light. © visitBerlin, Photo: Pierre Adenis

The airport is Germany’s third-largest, opened on October 31, 2020.

New Subway line U5 connects major cultural highlights

In addition to renovating air travel, the city of Berlin has made recent changes to its subway systems, allowing easier access to popular parts of the city via public transport.

The U5 subway line opened in 2021. The extended U5 subway line now connects visitors to some of the most popular destinations in the city.

According to Visit Berlin, some of the major highlights which are connected via the new subway lines include Brandenburg Gate, City Hall, Unter den Linden and Alexanderplatz, and Museum Island.

Beyond connecting tourists to some of the more popular attractions in the city, the subway line offers visitors access to places off the beaten path.

With a route covering 22 kilometers and 26 different stations along the way, there’s no doubt that taking the U5 will both open your eyes to lesser-known Berlin gems and provide access to those big-name places you’re eager to see!

Berlin’s  Welcome Card

The city also offers visitors access to the Welcome Card. The Berlin Welcome Card has eight different ticket options for anyone interested in the city pass.

For one low price, the pass offers between two and six days of free public transportation inside of the city’s limits.

Beyond discounted public transportation, the Welcome Card gives visitors access to a city guide booklet, and up to 50% discounts off of dozens of different popular tourist attractions, cultural events, and services.

Purchasing a Welcome Card for Berlin not only offers visitors a cheaper way to travel throughout the city but also discounts on different top tourist attractions that visitors can enjoy!

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