Beauty Products for Summer Glamour

boomstastic lashAdd Beauty with Doucce Boombastic Lash Volumizer Mascara

The perfect water-resistant mascara for summer! Add both volume and length to your lashes with every stroke. Transform your lashes to look longer, fuller, and dramatically defined. The innovative shape of the brush and its evenly shaped bristles allow you to evenly coat the lashes and separate them resulting in both, perfect separation and extreme volume. $26

The Run mid cut 4.0 ocean 3Mid Cut Compression Socks Help Foot Pain

The Run Mid Cut Socks 4.0 deliver maximum comfort to keep your feet feeling great during and after your workout. Targeted compression in the arch and ankle increases blood circulation and provides premium support to prevent injury and reduce swelling.

CEP Compression Socks

STIFF Mother Trucker pain salve
STIFF Mother Trucker pain salve

This Salve Will Help Your Muscle Pain: Stiff Mother Trucker

STIFF Mother Trucker is a powerful topical pain reliever that blends the best natural ingredients helping to relieve muscle and joint pain and enhance healing quickly.

When applied as directed, STIFF Mother Trucker helps to stimulate the body’s natural functions to reduce pain, discomfort, inflammation, increase blood flow and enhance healing. The deep-penetrating effect offers both immediate long-lasting cool-to-warm soothing relief. Our unique formula is non-greasy and because our cool blue cream is colored naturally it does not stain the skin or create irritation. Get moving again with a pain relief cream that actually works!

Malibu Bay Tote

Malibu Bay Tote by Riccardo of Beverly Hills

Spacious, extra lightweight and organized, this stylish travel tote is also great for everyday carry with dedicated space for your laptop and tablet, and a number of pockets for travel documents, chargers, and other accessories. Featuring a hands-free handle strap for transporting on top of your suitcase, this go-anywhere carry-on tote is a convenient addition to any luggage/handbag collection. In Stellar Gray or Astral Blue.

Riccardo of Beverly Hills Malibu Tote $99

puffer hug
The Puffer Hug

The Puffer Hug is a Fleece-Lined Wrap with Pockets

Whether it’s a morning stroll, cheering on your team in the bleachers, or kids waiting at the bus stop, prepare to stay cozy as temperatures drop with the Puffer Hug! The Puffer Hug is a fleece-lined wrap with a durable puffer outside that is meant to feel like a hug from your favorite person! The deep pockets will keep your hands warm or hold essentials such as your phone, keys, wallet, & more.Puffer Hug $49

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