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Litter Robot
The Litter Robot is an automatic litter box that’s Wi-Fi connected. Paul Shoul photo.

This fall, with the pandemic mostly in check, you can venture back out, or hit the internet and find these great new products that might just make your life a little more comfortable and fun.

The Incredi-belt Makes Back Pain Vanish

IncredibeltWhether in front of the computer or TV, on killer commutes or attending a sporting event, the average person spends more than 12 hours a day sitting and that can take a serious toll on your lower back.

Cabeau – the innovative brand behind your favorite therapeutic travel pillow – has introduced breakthrough lumbar support to target the demands of today’s mobile lifestyle!

Incredi-belt is a dynamic, inflatable lumbar support that adjusts to fit you and moves with you throughout the day. Its lightweight design wraps around your waist to fill the gap between your back and the chair, preserving the spine’s natural “S” curve for sigh-inducing pain relief. It’s so comfortable, many people forget they’re wearing it!

· Inflatable design delivers customized, adjustable support

· Provides firm, positive resistance that moves with you

· Fills the gap between your lower back and the chair to preserve the lumbar curve

· Helps prevent and relieve lower back pain when sitting or sleeping

· Burga Wireless ChargerCompact and easy to carry with you – the size of a soda can!

· Use it at home or at work, on the couch or in the car, when traveling or any place you desire to sit more comfortably and without pain.

Incredibelt from Cabeau $29.99

Burga Offers a Sleek, Compact Wireless Charger

This Burga phone charger is about the size of a coaster, and it looks swell with its LED circular lighting. No more wire charging with this, just pop the phone on even with its cover, for a full and complete charge. Comes in rose gold or black with a matching cord.

It boasts a sophisticated temp-control module that prevents overheating, as well as short-circuit and surge triggers that’ll calm even the most paranoid of minds. The charger’s Qi power easily penetrates plastic, rubber, and TPU, so no need to take off the case if you’re rocking one. The only quibble we have with this unit is that you have to place the phone down several times before it clicks on to charge.

Speaking of power… The BURGA Wireless Charger can fill up any Qi-enabled device, so after your iPhone’s done charging you can drop your AirPods for a pump, too.

Burga Wireless Charger $39.99

Make up box for travelRolling Makeup Box: Best Solution for Makeup Artists to Travel with Cosmetics and Tools

If you ask a professional makeup artist that apart from excellent makeup skills, what else should an ambitious makeup master have? A well-ordered cosmetics organizer, you will be told. Well, no matter you’re a professional makeup artist or a freelancer, a well-organized carrier for all those cosmetics and tools can facilitate your work from all aspects.

Yaheetech started in 2003 as a next-generation cross-border trading company with research & development, online retailing, overseas warehousing and big data marketing all under one roof. Since then, we have built eight international subsidiaries across the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Yaheetech Professional Makeup Box for Travelers $99

whirly board

If You Work Standing Up, Try the Whirly Board

The Whirly Board is an innovative new balance board. It is designed as a fun way to get some exercise, build fundamental skills, and improve your abilities in the comfort of your home, gym or office.

Each board is constructed from a skateboard deck with triple half-sphere technology.

Whirly BoardWhen I first got on this thing, I was scared to death.

But after time, you get the hang of it, and soon you’ll never want to just stand there at your desk again!

The original Whirly Board consists of a wooden balance board made from a standard 8.25″ wide Canadian Maple 8 ply skateboard deck. Each deck is unique containing a wood grain pattern that is contoured to help your feet grip the board. Skateboarders will feel right at home, and everyone will appreciate the tried and true shape.

Two small balance balls are attached to the deck, one on the nose and one on the tail. We make each small ball from durable urethane rubber with a hardness of around 110A. The material is similar to a very hard skateboard wheel.

Whirly Board $149.99

31ytIce QhL. SL250

Solar Light: Charge Your Flashlight with the Sun

Stop worrying about AAA and AA batteries, and harness the power of the sun instead. The Solar Light features multiple modes (lantern mode, emergency, spotlight, etc) and a built-in rechargeable battery compatible with a USB cord, or the sun. Its USB adapter actually allows you to charge other electronics using the Solar Light itself.

SolarLight Solar Assisted Flashlight $29.00

KAZ upside down umbrellaKAZ is a New Kind of Umbrella

KAZbrella – The Patented, drip-free umbrella, which has literally turned the umbrella world inside out. It opens up in reverse, keeping you dry.

Imagine, no more drips, a dry side to handle, ease of getting in and out of the car without getting wet, and no more dangerous spokes in the eyes. Imagine no longer. Patented reverse folding mechanism. Aeroelastic technology – movable tips for optimal wind performance.

Unique reinforced seams for high-level waterproofing. Square, high-quality anodized aluminum shaft. Fiberglass and carbon fiber spokes. Woven high-quality, heat-treated polyester fabric. High-performance waterproof and water repellent coating.Jazz KAZ umbrella

Double canopy for extra protection.KAZbrella is available in both straight and curved handles. Available colors: Black, Deep Blue, Orange, and a range of Limited Edition Printed canopies. www.kazbrella.com  $60

Litter-Robot 3 Connect: The Future is Here, and it Smells Wonderful

Like many travelers, I was thrown off the road by the COVID Pandemic. Stuck at home, I started a new journey with two new rescue kittens. They grew up fast, and so did the disproportionate amount of waste they created. How could so much poop come out of two tiny cats? It defied the laws of physics.

Although I love them, scooping out their stinky litter box became a daily ritual I came to hate. There had to be a better way.

I reached out to folks at Litter-Robot, who kindly sent me one of their machines. After owning it for six months of constant use, here is what I found. The Litter-Robot is ingenious. It is surprisingly easy to set up and comes with detailed instructions and suggestions on how to acclimate your cats to it. It is essentially a plug-and-play device.litterbox Litter Robot

I filled it with clumping litter, with a little of the old litter that had their smell. I left the old box next to it and let it get so filled up that it became less attractive to my little monsters. After a few days, I removed the old box, and the transition was seamless. They started using the Litter-Robot without a glitch.

The Litter-Robot has a rotating inner compartment that turns and sifts all waste into a bagged and odor filtered box below. The clean litter is then sifted back, ready for subsequent use. The lower charcoal filtered waste compartment slides out from the bottom, revealing a plastic bag held in place by attached clips. It even alerts you when the compartment is full.

As soon as your cat enters and exits the Litter-Robot, it senses it, and a timer starts. After 5 minutes, the cleaning cycle begins. It takes only a minute. If your cat enters during the process or jumps on top, it stops automatically. This thing is smart.

Occasionally, you will have to give it a thorough cleaning. The outer “bonnet” is easily removed. The inner chamber comes out for a complete hose down outside or in a bathtub. Litter-Robot knows all.

Although it is not 100% odor-free (especially if you let it fill up to the brim), the filtered compartment reduces the smell by a solid 80%. Not too shabby. The other day a neighbor who also has a cat came over for coffee and commented, “I can always tell when someone else has a cat, but I can’t smell a thing!

The only drawback is the price. At almost $550, It is a hefty investment. But if I add up how much less litter we use, the lack of arguments with my partner about who scoops the poop, and how much better our house smells, the Litter-Robot is well worth the price of admission.

Usually, at the end of a review, I reveal my likes and dislikes about a product, but I honestly love this thing and can’t imagine our home without it.

Litter Robot $550

The Ballber: 41YQi+4JbJL. SL250For Shaving the Important Bits

You might have never shaved down there before but this device might change your tune.

The Ballber has two cutting edges, making it easy to shave in either direction. The slim shape is optimal for trimming hard-to-reach areas. Nut-Safe Blade – The 30-degree pivoting blade is engineered for nut-keeping. Say goodbye to cuts, nicks, pulling, tugging, and snags.


Talk about stamina, the Lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 hours from a single charge. Safe to use in the shower or rinse in the sink for easy cleaning. High power yet low vibration tames coarse hair with ease

The Ballber™ Groin Hair Trimmer by Happy Nuts  $69

Nathan’s Adventure Polarized Sunglasses: Perfect for RunnersNathan sunglasses

These Nathan sunglasses with Premium TR90 frames are extremely comfortable to wear. Great for running or any activity. Polycarbonate polarized lenses provide optical quality clarity, and 100% UV Protection. These are comfortable due to their light weight, and offer great sun protection.

Nathan Sunglasses $50

Mavrik wireless charging padCharge Your Phone Wirelessly with this Sleek Mavrik Pad

Crafted in premium black leather and no thicker than a phone, the Mavrik pad will meld seamlessly with any surface it rests on. It uses a state-of-the-art C to C cable to power it up enough to easily charge your iPhone or Samsung by simply setting it on the pad. Are you still plugging in your phone to charge? That’s so 2010! Join the cordless revolution!

This device will rest on your desk, bed stand, or countertop; thus it needs to have the best design. In black leather. Mavrik pad has built-in guide lights to assist you in reaching that sweet spot.

Mavrik Pad and C t0 C Cable $84

Q54 Backyard Fun: This Makes Corn Hole Look Boring!

QB54 Game set

QB54 is a football toss game built into two camping chairs. The perfect tailgating and outdoor pastime, it brings people together for a good time with football year-round. You can literally play anywhere!

The box includes two folding game chairs, yellow plastic uprights for each chair, and a QB54 mini football. Mike and Frank Silva created the football toss game as kids in the ‘80s.

In 2020, QB54 sold more than $1 million game sets, growing 10 times in the process. The game is fun, and there are two ways to score: Throw the football into the net in the seat, or through the uprights. One variation, however, is that it’s easier to move the chairs closer than the recommended 40 yards…few people can throw that accurately who aren’t named Brady.

vitafusion melatonin

QB54 Football Toss Game with two chairs $159

Switch the Ambien to Melatonin: A Yummy Gummy

Wake up ready to take on the day with vitafusion Max Strength Melatonin Sleep Support Gummy Supplement. It’s a yummy gummy made with a natural strawberry flavor that helps you get your beauty sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Each two-gummy serving supports sleep and helps with jet lag.

It’s specially formulated to provide 10 mg of melatonin per serving. What you won’t get: no gluten, no dairy, no synthetic (FD&C) dyes, no artificial flavors and has no high fructose corn syrup.

Vitafusion Melatonin 120 gummies $7.25

MyCharge Hub charger

MyCharge Provides That Extra Charge for All Your Devices

Traveling is already stressful enough, but the threat of a low phone battery not only means losing your source of entertainment for your trip but also directions, your camera, contacts and more. Power banks are a great solution, however, anyone traveling in a group understands how quickly the cost of separate power banks adds up.

But cords and cables that are constantly tangling are frustrating and hard to keep track of, not to mention they aren’t a direct source of power.

MyCharge’s Hub Turbo portable charger is a one-of-a-kind solution to charging while you travel. The device features not only a built-in lighting cable, but also a USB-C cable to charge multiple devices at once, on the go. And with a 75% faster charge rate, you won’t have to be plugged in for long before your battery is completely full.

My Charge Hub Turbo

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