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baxter wood company raincoats new products
Baxter Wood Company raincoats from Maine.

Here are some interesting new products you may want to check out

Fall is here and we’re finding great new products that will enhance your traveling life and a lot more. See if these items hit the spot for you, too. We are always on the lookout for new clothing, gadgets, and travel gear to show our readers.

Duebest Wooden Cutlery: Handmade and No Plastic!

Duebest Cutlery

The Duebest reusable teak wood cutlery set is Fair Trade and made by artisans in Bali, Indonesia. Each piece is unique because it is hand-carved to reveal the beauty seen in the color and grain of the wood.

The teak wood is durable, lightweight, and sustainably sourced. Designed to fit in a convenient case to carry with you anywhere. It’s a purchase you can be proud of and your new alternative to single-use plastics!

Duebest Teak Cutlery set $35

High Camp FlasksHigh Camp Flasks: For When Beer Just Doesn’t Cut It

Flask holder

Sometimes you just want something a little stronger, a sip that you’ll remember longer and savor. In this case, it’s time for the High Camp flask and a deluxe Orox leather holder.

With 1-full sized tumbler and measuring in at 375ml, the Firelight 375 keeps your favorite cocktail at the perfect temperature all day long. Designed for your rough and tumble lifestyle, it fits easily into your purse or backpack. It’s vacuum insulated, leak-proof, with brushed stainless steel construction and the 6-shooter tumbler magnetically attaches to your flask. Save 15% on the holster when you buy them together.

High Camp Flasks $85

Orox Flask Holster $65

Baxter Wood raincoat

A Raincoat from Maine You Can Believe In from Baxter Wood

Drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian design tradition, Baxter Wood creates contemporary yet functional men’s rain jackets, carefully composed to withstand the wet elements.

Inspired by rigorous seafaring gear for the roughest of wet conditions. Classic Scandanavian sea wear using polyurethane and a polyester lining made from recycled bottles. Each raincoat is part of our Lifetime promise initiative, with each purchase contributing 5 days of school to children denied an education.

In blue, yellow, grey, olive navy, black.

Baxter Wood Co Raincoat $140

Bullbird caps with a built-in sleeping mask.

Bullbird Puts the Mask Right into the Cap

Here’s a unique and useful trucker hat, that comes with a built-in eye mask for your traveling snoozing pleasure. Built for the minimalist traveler who doesn’t want to look ridiculous, we designed our travel caps with an integrated sleep mask.

Our patent-pending design ensures that the sleep mask can be flipped up or down with ease. Simply flip up to wear the cap as usual, or simply flip down when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Travelcap with an integrated sleep mask $20.99

Yeti Coolers and Bottles in Hot Pink!

Yeti can’t be equaled for the highest quality and coldest coolers in the modern world. In test after test, these expensive coolers provide unmatched cool temperatures after hours. And their water bottles are pretty darn sweet too!31bbilaj0nL. SL250
The Roadie 24 is 10% lighter in weight and holds 20% more than a Roadie 20, it even performs 30% better thermally. And it’s HOT PINK!

It’s got a taller build than its predecessor, so it now accommodates a standard bottle of wine (or 2-liter bottle) upright and is a better fit behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat of a car.

Evolved to be thinner and lighter-weight for easier transport, while still incredibly tough, with a flexible, simple design, and built for quick, one-31jcaPW5LyL. SL250handed cooler access. The Roadie 24 holds 18 cans with a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio or 24 lbs of just ice. YETI Roadie 24 Cooler, Ice Pink $199

Yeti’s Serious Rambler Water Bottle: Sturdy and Solidir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B0842SD2F2

Get to drinking faster with the Chug Cap. It just takes a quick half-twist of the TripleHaul Handle to open and then you’re good to go, making it easy to steal a sip without slowing down

This Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated water bottle has the power to keep your water cold (or coffee hot) until the last sip

18/8 stainless steel construction stands up to even the toughest of conditions

YETI Rambler 36 oz Bottle, Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel with Chug Cap, Seafoam $49.98

Tracy’s Dog Reaches Where Other’s Can’t

Tracy's Dog CraybitCraybit is a rechargeable rabbit vibrator that can change your life. Here is what our UK reviewer had to say about this product. She had never experienced an orgasm before we had this sent to her.

“I tried this out with my new partner…and the results were even more spectacular. I stopped counting at orgasm 8!”

Craybit has 3 motors- 2 for the shaft and 1 for the clit attachment, which makes sure all the spots, including the clitoris, G-Spot, and A-Spot, are getting strong and steady stimulation

15 different vibration patterns and intensity levels. It will take you to an ultra-intense orgasm that you might have never experienced before with all your spots are getting deeply stimulated at the same time! waterproof. made of body-safe, soft and exquisite materials.


Bee and You Propolis sprayThe Wonders of Turkish Honey Products from the Bee and You

Pine Honey. Unpasteurized, unfiltered, and unprocessed to keep its enzymes and antioxidants active. Our pine honey is harvested from the pristine forests of Western Anatolia Turkey, an endemic biodiversity hotspot. Straight from our hives to your table!

100% Natural, Sustainably Harvested, Non-GMO  

Ultra Strength + Chewable Tablets

The best of propolis, royal jelly, and pollen; all combined into one tiny tablet! A superfood super easy to use and full of antioxidants and high CAPE content to strengthen your immune system.

Immune Support: Royal jelly and propolis are two unique and incredibly potent antioxidants to support your immune system and improve health. Anti-aging: Supports cognitive functions, reduces inflammation and promotes collagen production in the skin

Vitality: Improves fertility and optimizes reproductive functions naturally

Propolis Throat Spray 

BEE  &YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray is the remedy from nature to help ease throat irritations, sore throat, throat dryness, cough, colds, flu, persistent bad breath, and throat infections with its antibacterial and antiviral effect. At the same time with its rich antioxidant content and strengthens your immune system. Bee and You

Pakt Travel BackpackPakt Travel Backpack. Like the other Pakt Bags, this is Well-Made

Meet the Pakt Travel Backpack, a collaboration with gear-guru Chase Reeves, inspired by feedback from our community of travelers. The results? The best damn travel bag you’ll ever carry. I can attest to the quality here, I use a Pakt travel bag every day to bring my lunch and other stuff to my office.

Zip-around, dual-compartment design for the ultimate in organization

Easy access to everything you need while en route. Premium, durable materials and hardware, Carry-on approved, made in Black or Olive

Pakt Travel Backpack $249

Sprayzee Gets Rid of the Stink

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Unlike most deodorizers, Sprayzee contains zero chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Instead, it uses stink-destroying enzymes and high-grade essential oils that target odors on a molecular level. Stomp out stink wherever it raises its ugly head with:

Shoe Deodorizer – From workout sneakers to work loafers, this breath of fresh air keeps funky foot odor from taking over your gym bag and closet. $13.95

Travel Shoe Deodorizer – Pocket-sized yet powerful, this quick and easy to use spray can help put
the spring back in your step. $10.95

Bathroom Deodorizer – Spray the bowl pre-potty session to trap odors before they can rise up or spray the room for a whole space, lemony-refresh. $11.95
All of Sprayzee’s innovative products come with a stink-free guarantee. Don’t like it? Send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.

Mini LumiA Little Lighted Mirror to Keep You Beautiful on the Road

Mini Lumi travel mirror is the essential beauty accessory for busy women on-the-go who always want to look and feel their best. Available in a 7X or 10X magnification, Mini Lumi offers crystal clear clarity and precision for all your beauty needs on-the-go.

It is designed with LED lights for a color-corrected reflection of your skin and has enough light power to get you through 833 days if we ever had a zombie apocalypse and lost power, you could basically use it as a

Mini Lumi Mirror $27.00

Use This Portable UV Light to Sanitize Everything Around You

This Sharper Image portable UV light lamp kills 99.9% of germs on contact. The compact design allows it to be carried around conveniently. You can take it to work and sanitize your keyboard, mouse, and other frequently used objects in minutes.

The Sharper Image UV Light Lamp does not leave any residue or irritation that can be harmful to people and pets. While it is not recommended to use on skin, it can be used to disinfect kid’s toys, silverware, dog beds, and anything else that could be housing germs.

UVPortable Lamp Sanitizer Your phone has more germs than a toilet seat

SHARPER IMAGE TrueUV Light Sanitizer, Portable and Foldable Ultraviolet Sanitizing Light $39.99

Microscopic contaminants are all around us. They are on the surfaces we touch and the objects we use every day. Some of these can be seriously harmful to our health and cause various medical issues. Washing your hands can help, but this is not as common as it should be. Why not have a little extra protection just in case?

The UV light wand kills 99.9% of germs on contact. The foldable design allows it to be carried around discreetly and easily. You can quickly sanitize any surfaces you need to touch such as public restroom surfaces, shopping carts, and ATMs.

Sharper Image UV Portable Lamp Sanitizer, $49.99

fogblockFoggy Glasses with your COVID Mask? Here is a Solution

Many of us are trying to take precautions by wearing masks and gloves when we go out in public, but that still leaves our eyes exposed. Even if we’re wearing gloves, it’s still not best to use hands and dirty eyeglass cloths to clean our fogged up glasses (and avoid mask blindness).

The FogBlock prevents fogged up glasses in the first place, meaning you don’t have to worry about wiping them with your hands or gloves. The FogBlock is just one of many products KeySmart has created in the last several months to help protect us from the virus.

FogBlock $14.99

Eggtronic laptop chargerEggtronic 63W Laptop Power Bank: the Ultimate On-The-Go Power Source

Three USB ports, fast charging, and 20,000mAh all in one power bank.

Italian electronic company Eggtronic has created a portable power solution that is crammed with a whole lot of power, hi-tech features, and the ability to recharge three devices at once.

The Laptop Power Bank is a 20,000mAh, universally compatible back up battery equipped with both Power Delivery and Fast Charging capabilities. It has three built-in USB ports and boasts 63W of power all in a slim 6.75 x 4 x 0.63-inch casing.

The power bank has a 5W USB-A output, 18W USB-A output with Quick Charge 3.0 as well as a 45W USB-C input/output with Power Delivery that can be used to recharge a MacBook or other USB-C laptops. The generous 20,000mAh battery capacity can do 4-8 phone charges, 3-5 tablet charges or 1.5 charges for a laptop. 

The Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank $89.90

Tobiq’s Travel Duffel: Four Bags in OneTobiq travel duffel

This bag will be your best friend. Its 60 Liter capacity is divided equally into four completely separate storage compartments. Each compartment contains one long interior zipper pocket and two interior mesh bungee pouches to offer you ultimate organizational utility. The 18 total organizational components provide a place for everything you want to pack.

Heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric provides strength and structure. Stowaway backpack straps hidden in a zippered pouch along the bottom of the bag are ready to help you carry your load hands-free in a matter of seconds. This beauty was designed to meet most standard airlines’ carry-on requirements. This new patented duffel is actually four bags in one!60 Liter capacity bag, divided equally into four 15 Liter compartments. This stylish faux leather bag has four zippers and a whole lotta room.

Tobiq Travel Duffel $187

Ten Favorite Things We Use Every Day

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