Giant Luxury Vehicles Are Changing Road Trips

G77 Sky Master
The G-77 Sky Master Luxury Vehicle

Luxury Vehicles that are Changing the Road Trip Playing Field

Italian leather seats, jumbo screen televisions, and gold plated toilets are a few of the many elements that luxury vehicles are now offering

By Aysia Reed

The Living Vehicle and the G-77 Sky Master are two of the most popular luxury vehicles changing the modern road trip game. Both of these vehicles offer an evolved version of the stereotypical outdated RV.  These bad boys are making travel by the interstate highway as glamorous as a flight in a Gulf Stream 33,000 feet up.

A Lavish Road Trip

Lexani Motorcars has introduced a 33-foot luxury vehicle that goes above and beyond for ultra-luxe road trips—the G-77 Sky Master. It is the first of its kind and is priced at $1 million.

G-77 Sky Master Cabin

The G-77: Sky Master
The G-77 Sky Master Cabin

The G-77 Sky Master luxury vehicle offers an optimal environment for luxurious trips, whether it’s a work trip or a relaxing getaway.

The luxury transporter includes a cabin that is equipped with high-end Italian leather seats, finished off with hardwood trim.

The seats each have their own custom and retractable tables for the passengers. The deluxe seats also have footrests, heating pads, ventilation, and a massage option.

To relax or rest, the deluxe seats can be reclined back to comfortably enjoy a movie on the ultra HD television located in the cabin. The screen is 65 inches long and is the biggest television that a vehicle has ever had included.

The cabin also includes two couches that can be turned into beds. There are overhead lamps and dimmable lights to change the brightness in the cabin. There are several windows in the Sky Master that are tinted and have electronic blinds to ensure privacy.

The G-77 Kitchen

A kitchen is also included in the G-77: Sky Master. This consists of a mini-fridge, a microwave oven, a counter and prep space, and a coffee maker. Refreshment cabinets are installed in the kitchen area and can be customized to the passenger’s liking.

Luxurious Restroom

The G-77: Sky Master Restroom
The G-77: Sky Master Restroom

The luxurious features do not stop at the cabin- the restroom is just as plush as the rest of the unit.

Passengers can relish in the ornate marble floor, a vanity mirror that has a built-in television, a ceramic toilet, a deluxe wash bin, and a water tank.

Electronics and Safety Features

The G-77: Sky Master Television
The G-77 Sky Master Television

The G-77 Sky Master doesn’t stop at a 65-inch curved television and another TV in the bathroom; more electronics are included.

Mac mini computers, Apple Ipads, and a monitoring system are all accessible to passengers to enjoy or use for work-related content.

The G-77 Sky Master luxury vehicle has a built-in security monitoring system to ensure safety.

There is also an intercom system to easily communicate with those on board. The GPS full-time monitoring screen can be used to easily and safely navigate destinations during road trips.

Lexani Motorcars Purpose

Lexani Motorcars invented the G-77 Sky Master to cater to clients’ luxurious needs. There are different customizable options for clients to fulfill their desires while road tripping.

Their luxury vehicles are always equipped with high-end materials and unmatched detailing. Lexani Motorcars’ goal is to perfect each extravagant vehicle.

The G-77 Sky Master is one of the many featured luxury vehicles. Lexani Motorcars also has a luxurious extreme terrain vehicles option for clients.

The Living Vehicle

Road Trip
The Living Vehicle

The Living Vehicle is a deluxe RV that caters to people who want to have an ‘off the grid’ feel to their trip. The Living Vehicle goes above and beyond your typical trailer and has plush features. The Living Vehicle is a luxurious living room and home that starts at $229,995.

Off-Grid Living

The Living Vehicle Off-Grid
The Living Vehicle Off-Grid

The Living Vehicle is equipped to provide power for an extended amount of time off-grid. 9 kWh of energy is provided in nickel manganese cobalt battery packs for capacity and supply.

This amount of energy is eight times more than the regular trailer.

The off-grid features that the Living Vehicle has focus on resource management. The LV has solar panels that produce their own energy from the sun. 1,320 Watts is the standard for raw solar power for the luxury trailer.

Traveling in intense climates is not an issue for the Living Vehicle. The deluxe trailer is equipped for harsh winters, and for the summer heat.

The A/C unit is battery-powered. The energy reserve is powerful enough to start and run the A/C for up to six hours without any solar power. There are upgraded versions of the A/C available to have the unit last longer.

At Home Feel

Living Vehicle
Living Vehicle Bedroom

The residential-style kitchen in the LV comes with an electric solar refrigerator, removable island, and residential fixtures. The kitchen can be upgraded to have a stovetop and dishwasher installed.

Many call the Living Vehicle home, so a master bedroom is essential. The master bedroom includes a queen-size memory foam mattress and a skylight Starview.

The restroom is spacious and has a shower with a skylight that allows sun in.

The Living Vehicle has a sliding glass door, oversized windows, and skylight so passengers can enjoy the outdoors while they are road tripping.

A deck is also installed into the trailer so outdoor activities can be enjoyed while parked.

Where do I Park the Living Vehicle?

The Living Vehicle has an abundance of freedom and adaptability when it comes to parking. Living Vehicles are granted access to state, campground, and national parks.

For free and extended stays, the trailer can be parked at deserts, forests, and at Bureau of Land Management.

Living vehicles can also be used as an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

The Living Vehicle Mantra

The Living Vehicle Founders, Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, created the trailer because of their passion to travel.

The founders spent years traveling in regular trailers and felt that they needed to create a luxurious, and modern version of a mobile unit. Sustainable living is their main focus and is something that they will always incorporate into their trailers.

Due to the pandemic, many people are working virtually from home and this gives more opportunities for travel.

Joanna Hofmann said that “As we are seeing more and more people transitioning away from the congestion of city life that was once so glamorous and at the epicenter for the opportunity, we are returning home to nature as our jobs are remote and we’re favoring being surrounded by mountains and wildflowers instead of skyscrapers and Uber drivers.”

The Luxury Vehicle allows people to safely travel during Covid-19, and to get a glimpse of the outdoors as we are all stuck to the screens of our laptops most of the day.

The Luxury Vehicle founders want to create a better 2021 together and to remind us that we can still connect to the outdoors. Many people during the time of the Pandemic in 2020 felt the need to change their lives and many took to the open road. Vehicles like these will serve as homes and getaways for many years to come.

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