B.C.’s Stunning Golden Skybridge and Icefield Skywalk

Golden Skybridge by PursuitPhoto.
GoldenSkybridge by Pursuit Photo.

Golden Skybridge & Icefield Skywalk: Opening Spring 2021

By Aysia Reed

Golden Skybridge is a new attraction in Canada, and not too far away is the Columbia Icefield skywalk, both opening in the spring 2021. Unforgettable views and adventures await travelers at both destinations!

Golden Skybridge

Golden Skybridge
Golden Skybridge by Pursuit photo.

Golden Skybridge is the highest suspension bridge park in all of Canada and offers panoramic views of the mountain tops.

The Golden Skybridge is located in Golden and will open for the very first time this Spring thanks to Pursuit, the company in charge of creating the masterpiece.

“At Pursuit we are focused on connecting guests to iconic places through unforgettable and inspiring experiences,” said David Barry, the president of Pursuit.

Pursuit is a hospitality and attractions company that is devoted to creating unforgettable and thrilling experiences for travelers.

Suspended 426 feet above a canyon and rushing waterfall, the Golden Skybridge graces visitors with astonishing views of the Rocky and Purcell mountain ranges, and the Columbia Valley.

Stunning Mountain Experience

“The Columbia Valley is one of those remarkable places that is uniquely positioned to provide a stunning, yet accessible mountain experience. Whether you’re staying in Golden or making it a stop along your journey between Alberta and British Columbia, the Golden Skybridge will soon become an iconic experience for Canadian and international visitors alike,” said Barry.

The Golden Skybridge will be a part of the three kilometers long forest trails, that extend beyond the canyon ridge. Viewing platforms will be built into the bridge for picture opportunities and sightseeing.

The Skybridge consists of two bridges, one being 426 feet high, and the other 262 feet high. They will be connected through a woodland footpath.

For adventure seekers, a thrilling 1,500-foot zip line will be added to the Skybridge that will whiz you across the canyon for an electrifying ride.

A canyon bungee swing will also be a feature of the bridge and sends you free-falling straight into the canyon.

Golden Skybridge by Pursuit photo.
Golden Skybridge by Pursuit photo.

The Treetop Play Park for children will be located in the Canyon Courtyard and will include a small rope course and slides.

“Located in southeast British Columbia 90 minutes from Banff, the mountain town of Golden is surrounded by six Canadian national mountain parks. The mountain community, historically known as an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, is a perfect basecamp to explore pristine mountain landscapes. The town is also a popular stop for visitors travelling between Calgary, Banff, the Okanagan and Vancouver,” said Pursuit.

The area is perfect for exploration both on the Skybridge, and the surrounding areas.

Within the mountain range area, there is also the Columbia Icefield Skywalk, Banff Gondola, and lodges.

Columbia Icefield Skywalk

The Icefield Skywalk provides an outstanding glacier experience for travelers, and reopens in May!

The Skywalk is in Jasper, Canada, not far from the Canadian Rockies.

If you’re scared of heights, this may not be for you—the ground below your feet is just a thin glass walkway.

A glass-bottomed skywalk navigates adventurers 918 feet in the air around gigantic glaciers. Below the walkway, the

Golden Skybridge. Skywalk. Ron Cogswell photo.
Skywalk. Ron Cogswell photo.

picturesque Sunwapta Valley can be spotted, and views of waterfalls, fossils, and icecaps can also be seen.

Still not convinced?

The glass bridge is entirely safe, and extreme measures have been taken to ensure safety. The glass is ultra-strong and even bulletproof.

The Icefield Skywalk is able to capture views of the ever-changing geography of the environment, yet the slow-moving glaciers tell an incredible story of the past and future.

If you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of mountain goats climbing the cliffs above the valley!

Anjan Manda, a traveler from Hyderabad, India, recently took a trip to the Icefield Skywalk.

“Walking on the cliff-edged glass-floored observation platform, 280 feet above a glacier, is an experience that will thrill you. It is a jaw-dropping walk high above a mountain valley! Indoor interpretive nature displays, descriptive boards offering a slice of history, and natural life are placed lining the pathway to the skywalk. It was the highlight of our day tour,” said Manda.

A team of skilled interpreters helps visitors explore, and provide intriguing knowledge about the Columbia Icefield Skywalk.

The destination also welcomes visitors at dusk, for dark sky watching, astronomy, and star-gazing.

Unique Dining Experience 

Altitude Restaurant, located at the Columbia Icefield, overlooks the Athabasca Glacier for a unique dining experience. Gravel surfaces, turquoise colors, and icy textiles make up the decor of the restaurant to reflect the glorious ice caps that can be spotted right from your dining table.

The menu uses regionally sourced ingredients; a lamb rack from the local Sungold Farms is featured on the menu.

Golden Skybridge. Athabasca Glacier. Stefan Jürgensen photo.
Athabasca Glacier. Stefan Jürgensen photo.

Hike the Glacier!

After your Skywalk experience, take a jab at hiking up the Athabasca Glacier!

It’s only a 2o minute walk up the glacier, and it is a completely free experience. The up-close views entirely capture the magnificent nature that Canada has to offer.

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