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A last-minute gift is just as good as anything else for your loved ones. In case you are still shopping here are some more ideas to make a bright holiday for a friend or relative. Here are a dozen crazy ways to say I love you to a traveler or just a loved one! Enjoy this list and if you have a product to list, get in touch with us.

Sommelier leather Wine Carrier by Moral Code.

Arrive in Style at Your Next Dinner Party with this Leather Wine Carrier

The Sommelier by Moral Code is a new level in wine-bottle carrying, this sleek two-bottle holder will carry your Romanee Conte or other vino in spectacular style!

From picnics to dinner parties in Paris, take the party everywhere you go with the Sommelier wine carrier. It holds up to two bottles and has a microfiber lining to keep your precious cargo safe and secure. Available in premium black or tan leather with nickel zipper, inside padded divider, microfiber lining, 8.4” L x 4.8” W x 14.8” H

Moral Code Sommelier wine carrier $128

The Bean Box Has You Covered with Coffee

A Bean Box coffee subscription is a tour of the world’s best artisan coffee growing regions, and their coffee is delivered fresh. Get started by choosing your subscription type, roast preference, and payment plan. Always FREE shipping. This deluxe coffee pack is like an around-the-world trip to the top coffee regions!

You can subscribe in a variety of ways, from bean samplers like the massive one shown at right, or four 1.8 oz bags per month, brewing between 16-24 cups. You can even choose to get ground or whole bean coffee, delivered every month. The Bean Box Coffee Subscriptions

Seriously. You’re Still Tying Shoe Laces?

Caterpy No-Tie Laces

31PefLmCr1L. SL250The world has evolved into a sea of slip-ons. We used to lace all kinds of shoes, from desert boots to LL Bean duck boots, but today, people like me, we just don’t want to tie our shoes. So we have found these great devices and or just switched to all slip-ons. Here are two solutions to this problem of shoe tying.
href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Caterpy – The Ultimate No Tie Shoelaces  $9.99

Xpand No-Tie Laces

41X3nR+S54L. SL250These no-tie laces are great for runners or walkers  Simply install your Xpand Lacing System with the desired tension and slip-on with no hassles day after day. It’s like combining memory foam and shoelaces.

Other no tie systems on the market utilize round shoelaces that simply don’t supply the comfort that our zero memory flat elastic no tie shoelaces provide. Other systems also require bulky objects that require constant attention to lock laces in place.

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System with Elastic Laces $9.99

Baseus Helps Solve the Macbook Problem with Plenty of Plugs

Love your Macbook Pro but hate having only two little USB C outlets? Here’s your answer. This 8-in-1 USB C Hub instantly turns your laptop USB-C port to 1 HDMI 4K port, 1 RJ45 Ethernet port, 1 SD card reader, 1 TF card reader, 1 type-c charging port, and 3 USB 3.0 ports. Plug & Play, with no additional drivers or installation necessary.

31E9e mNtwL. SL250 3 USB3.0 ports design, data transfer rates up to 5Gbps.

USB C Docking Station, Baseus 5-in-1 USB C Hub Adapter  $79

For the Fanboys in Your Life, Apple Original AirPods

31Ri FAMBUL. SL250Maybe you know someone who only uses the very best. He won’t accept any substitutes, no knock-offs, only the real deal. So you won’t see him wearing shoes without a swoosh or a bag from a no-name maker. Same with his earbuds, they have to be genuine. For him, here you go. For me, I’d prefer to save a little loot so I lean to the new Pamu model below.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model)ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07PXGQC1Q $139

For the Rest of Us, There is Pamu

Fully charged earbuds mean 10 hours of playtime or 12 hours of talk time. 2000 mah capacity of charging case provides another five charges, totaling 60h playtime.

Pamu slides feature Dual Mic Noise Reduction. While listening to music, deep bass & clear mids/highs make you focus on your own world without distractions. Pamu slide earbuds also work as a wireless phone charger charge your phone in a very fast way.

Pamu Slide Plus Earbuds Padmate 2000mAh 60h True Wireless Earbuds Sport Headsets (Green) $109

Cushion Lab’s Travel Pillow: Voted Number One!

41i 56gmwZL. SL250

Picked by seasoned frequent travelers at SmarterTravel as the Best Travel Pillow of 2019. The Cushion Lab’s travel pillow provides abundant neck & chin support for prolonged & relaxed resting on a plane, car, train or bus, even camping. Sleep better and arrive charged and refreshed.

The patented ergonomic design features specially designed contours to provide support and comfort to any sleeping position, simply rotate the pillow to find your ideal support and say goodbye to neck strains.  

The extra-dense memory foam is dynamically rebounding and extra supportive. It comfortably supports your head & chin to relieve pressure at neck & shoulder.

ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07RLYCLHWCushion Lab Extra Dense Travel Pillow,  $24.95

Invroheat: Put Up a Poster and Heat Up Your Whole Room

This new product, designed in Holland, is a thin plastic poster that heats up and provides radiant heat to a wide area. I used this is in a cold bedroom against a north-facing wall, and it provided some heat, but not nearly enough to really notice. Sorry.

Invroheat’s innovative wall-hanging heater raises the room temperature by 10-15 degrees while adding a decorative touch. Invroheat uses patented infrared nano-technology to heat up space. I think maybe in a smaller room it would work better.

Infrared heat is healthy as it retains moisture in the air. The Invroheat infrared heater never gets as hot as a conventional heater – safer for children and pets. The Invroheat has a safety auto shut-off to prevent overheating.

Invroheat is energy efficient,  it will save up to 50% on the cost of heating compared to a conventional space heater. Invroheat wall hangings are silent and portable. Simply hang one on the wall and plug it in. Size: 40″ x 22″; Weight: 2.5 lb; Capacity: Heats up to a 12 x 12 room; Wattage: 430W

Invroheat – Decorative Wall Hanging Infrared Space Heater/Portable Heater  $129

Shampoo and Conditioner that Comes Solid in a Bar

I like this idea, instead of liquids for my favorite shampoo, I can bring this bar of soap that does what shampoo does. The TSA won’t bother me about this.

The ultra-moisturizing Lavender & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar imparts softness and shine and is ideal for curly and full-bodied hair types. The natural botanicals, gourmet butter, oils, and essential oils leave hair shiny and healthy. Super rich with fluffy lather, the natural ingredients gently cleanse and moisturize without stripping away natural oils.

Lavender & Tea Tree Essential Oils nourish and moisturize while increasing scalp circulation and encouraging new growth and sebum balance.

Each of these shampoo bars is made in small batches by hand using all-natural artisan plant oils, butter, and essential oils.

Three Sisters Apothecary Daily Shampoo Bar Lavender Tea Tree $7.00

31y6Xw aSLL. SL250The Last Straw? Well, Maybe

My granddaughter Sofie was very enthusiastic about this, she wanted to start using this right away before using and throwing away any more plastic straws. Hey do what you can, every little bit helps.

Each FinalStraw comes with a telescoping cleaning brush that stores in the case for cleaning on the go! The straw is also dishwasher safe. Traditional metal straws are rigid and bulky to carry. This one folds up to fit in a case that can attach to your keychain. It’s TSA friendly too. So whether you’re traveling abroad or to your local cafe, you can say, “no thanks” to single-use plastics or soggy paper straws! 

Final Straw | Silver Collapsible, Stainless Steel and Reusable Drinking Straw  $24ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07HXNJMRN

Blenders Nocturnal Q sunglasses. A great last-minute Christmas gift.Blenders Eyewear: Nice Specs, Cheap too.

Blenders Eyewear offers inexpensive polarized sunglasses and other eyewear for men and women. These Nocturnal Q sunglasses are just $50 Blenders eyewear  They definitely feel like they cost more…but since so many people lose their sunglasses quickly after they get them, the price makes it not too painful to buy them again.

41ONTRZ6RqL. SL250Surin Yoga Wheel: Up Your Downward Dog!

Unlike other yoga wheels out there, The Surin is made using durable TPU materials that are ideal for long term use. It is able to hold up to 500 pounds of body weight without breaking apart. 

With their power grip technology, you can safely stretch your entire front side body – hip flexors, abdomen, chest, and shoulders. It’s a serious eye-opener! Hit those spots that you can never reach with regular yoga on a mat.

Surin’s yoga circle wheel uses extra thick padding, at around 6MM, ensures that you have an enjoyable time during your yoga sessions.  This yoga wheel comes with a waterproof carrying bag. It also provides a large space to fit your gym clothes and other small items Black Yoga Wheel Large 13″ $44.99

chaheatiA great last-minute Christmas gift.Heat Your Seat with Chaheati

The Chaheati heated seat cover makes any seat a heated one, cordlessly. Stay warm anywhere—just charge the battery from home or in the car (with optional car charger) for hours of use. Weather-resistant and durable, this heated cover can be used camping, tailgating, at a game, or just in your office chair.

Chaheati Travel Heated Seat Cover. $81.95

Chair not included.


The World’s Most Hygenic Cutting Board? Wait, What?

Fab Slabs, cutting boards from Australia. A great last-minute Christmas gift.

Handmade by a family in Australia, Fab Slabs can claim this remarkable statement after scientific tests revealed that no bacteria can survive living on the cutting board, the wood naturally kills bacteria so you can be assured it’s safe to use.

 Fab Slabs, pack 1, with 3 boards $135

Do you have a product our readers might want to know about? Get in touch and send us a sample to be reviewed.


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