Clothing Gifts for Your Favorite Travelers

Clothing and shoes for travelers.
Clothing, shoes, and accessories for travelers.


New and Different Clothing Ideas for the Holidays

Clothing is about the most personal gift you can buy, and here are some interesting and new clothing styles that might inspire you this season. We think these items will rock someone’s under the Christmas tree.

Lethato Men’s Italian Leather Loafers in Wine red: All Class!

Lethato Loafers
Lethato men’s Italian leather loafers.

Lethato Loafers/Moccasins are characterized by their convenient slip-on comfort. Exuding the same ease coupled with a unique fashionable tassel on the center of the upper, these Wine Red/Oxblood loafers are just what you need for the next formal gathering.

Featuring a 100% leather insole and a 1-inch heel, the comfort, and grip of these shoes with confidence while walking is bound to be unlike any other. Contrary to popular belief, the size requirement for these shoes is the same as that of other dress shoes that you wear.

They are a little bit tight if you have wide feet. The tassels make these even cooler.

Lethato Italian Loafers $140

LollipetalsLollipetals for Your Bra-Free Mode

Conceal what you want. Reveal the rest. These super thin silicone pasties create a discreet and seamless look so no matter

Lollipetalswhat you wear underneath you’ll look completely bare. No bubbling effect. No creases. Just smooth and seamless. Lollipedals come in a variety of colors and can be reused up to 20 times.

Available in a range of skin tones and vibrant designs, Lollipetals are more than just cute pasties. They actually work. The organic shapes subtly form the natural curve of your breasts. Plus, the special taper design and nonuniform edges ensure that nobody will even know they’re under there.

Lollypetals $36

Buddha Savannah harem pants

 Buddha Pants Savannah Jumper and Savannah Pants

These unusual pants might have you singing the old MC Hammer Song, “Hammer Time,” and they’re super comfy. It takes a bit to get used to having such a low crotch, our testers reported. But boy, talk about comfy!

Made of 100% Cotton, these unisex harem pants have a pocket and the pants can be folded in their pockets! Elastic on ankle and waistband + drawstring.

Buddha pants fit into their own pockets

Over 20 patterns and five sizes + matching kids available. Great for yoga, dance, outdoor activities, PJ’s, and more.

Buddha Pants Harem Cotton Women’s Dropcrotch $79

And a Buddha Pants Jumpsuit, Too
Buddha Jumpsuit

These Savannah jumpers are available in 21+ patterns + 7 solids! All jumpers pack up into their left pocket Lightweight + 100% cotton! Available in 5 adult sizes, multifunctional with two pockets. Drawstring + Elastic Adjustable tie around the neck.

This Buddha Jumper is your travel ready companion, wearable with anything from sandals to heels or even barefoot. Great wrinkly or pressed, you can leave them hanging around your ankles or hike them up under your knees for a different look.

Buddha Pants Jumpsuit $89.95

SA Fishing GaitersSA Fishing Gaiters to Keep You Safe

These days everyone has to wear a mask, so why not do it with a little more style and the disposable blue and white ones?

SA Fishing makes a wide variety of nice-looking tubular bandana gaiters to you and those around you safe during the pandemic.

I found these one-size-fits-all gaiters to be a little tight, but if you have a thin neck you will be fine.

SA Fishing Bandana Gaiters $19.99

FJ Edinburgh Jacket

Edinburgh Men’s Brown Leather Bomber Jacket With Hood

Get the fab look while staying comfortable in this men’s brown leather bomber jacket with a hood made from 100% real leather. As you see, it comes with a large hood with a zipper, rib-knit cuffs, and two adjustable drawstrings.

For storage, there are two waist pockets and two chest pockets. Flexible and stylish enough to wear all day.

Also, this awesome all real leather jacket with hood comes in black.

FJackets Hooded Bomber $189

Keep Your Keys on your Wrist with Bangle and Babe

4EiBPPx UUlWwg qU5OjObL0oONyVPDFIfaA4Z Ok9GqEYKY6QDamgBinDQRJb24xy Mi3zA9wvARhNmBlmZt9630oKG 9V611EBVnhdRkTXYZ3vB8FDPNkL3iv8HibBYF92fr t

Bangle & Babe makes the Bracelet Key Ring you won’t mind wearing.

The large bangle is designed to easily slip onto your wrist, while still being flexible enough to fit in your pocket or bag. It’s designed to hold its shape when in use and also be easily manipulated to fit in small spaces.

Made of food-grade silicone, this durable nonporous material is easily wiped clean or sanitized. Each Bracelet Key Ring comes with a durable metal key clasp that can easily be taken on and off the bangle.

Choose Your Bangle Style, Color, and Clasp Finish: 3 Styles: Original, Twisted, and Bamboo.

Select from a vibrant color palette of options. Clasp finishes include gold, silver, rose gold, and black.

Bangle and Babe $13.50

Branwyn innerwear of Merino wool.Merino Wool Innerwear: Softer than You Can Imagine!

Branwyn makes performance bras and underwear designed by on-the-go women for on-the-go women. Their line of performance bralettes and underwear is naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant—perfect for a long day in the airport or on the road.

And the best part? Each pair is made using natural Merino wool—for a product that’s as good for the planet as it feels against the wearer’s skin. Because Merino fibers are up to 10x finer than a strand of human hair, Branwyn’s undies are softer than a worn-in t-shirt.

Branwyn Merino Innerwear $32 for panties, $38 for Bralette

This Hat comes with a built-in Mask!hat with mask

This good looking low profile hat doesn’t come with an embroidered logo–thank God!–but it does have something that most hats don’t have, a built-in mask that keeps you safe during the pandemic!

The mask looks a little funny, like a duck’s bill, but it feels good to wear and what the heck, everyone looks like a bank robber now anyway! So if you want to kill two birds with one stone, this green hat is the one for you.
hat with a mask

Coolibar Fiero shirt

Coolibar Offers Sun Protection in Style

You’ll be ready for anything when you travel in our one-of-a-kind Fiera Smart Shirt engineered to withstand the rigors of travel. Made with our sophisticated Solayo™ fabric, it’s packed with high-tech features like an RFID blocking pocket to protect your sensitive information, a handy chest pocket sunglasses holder, and a microfiber patch for lens cleaning.

Unique hidden snaps and cuff closures offer versatile UPF 50+ coverage to protect you on your travel adventures from shade to sun. This sun shirt makes traveling so easy you’ll never want to go home!

Coolibar Fiera LS Shirt $99

Coolibar Women's Cannes Tunic Dress

A Dress for Dinner on your Next Trip

This garden party tunic dress is delightfully charming with dainty flounce detail at the end of each sleeve and a delicate curved hem finish.

Beautifully sculpted from our most luxurious and ultra-lightweight Aire fabric, you will be amazed by how cool the fabric feels against your skin, even during the most intense hours of the sun.

Do not let the airy feel of this tunic dress fool you, it provides UPF 50+ sun coverage all day long.

Coolibar Garden Party Tunic Dress $115

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