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For the Weed Enthusiast on your Christmas List: Gift Ideas for Stoners in the 19 Weed-Legal U.S. States

States with Legal Weed

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

It’s a whole new world for smokers in the 15 U.S. states that have legalized weed as of the middle of 2022. Here are the states where you can smoke, buy and grow weed without any worries. WA, VA, VT, RI, OR, NY, NM, NJ, NV, MT, MI, MA, ME, IL, DC, CT, CO, AZ, AK.

Lodo Wellness Center, downtown Denver. Visitors can only shop in recreational, not medical pot shops.
Lodo Wellness Center, downtown Denver. Visitors can only shop in recreational, not medical pot shops.

Welcome, New Jersey, Arizona, and Montana to the club! Marijuana tourism is already a thing in well-established legal states like Colorado and it’s taking off in Las Vegas, too.

Take a road trip in 2022, and visit these states where you can enjoy these products.

Saxophone PipeDeluxe Saxophone Pipe, Nice Metal Feel

For the musician or soulful friend, the Deluxe Saxophone Pipe is a memorable and fun gift. Included are a rubber mouthpiece and realistic molded keys.

It may be classified as a “novelty” item, but don’t be mistaken — it’s a fully functional pipe. The pipe is even made out of zinc which keeps it cooler than other materials like aluminum and steel.

Ships with a pack of 5 free metal screens, so you get all the smoke and none of the ash.

This is music to the lungs. MSRP $20.00

Mini Bamboo Pollen Sifter Box: The Kief-Keeper

green goddess box
Bamboo screen box

Handsome and efficient, this Bamboo Pollen Sifter Box is made from high-quality bamboo and features a 100-micron mesh screen in the middle, to help filter the pollen from your herb. The Kief is the most potent part of the plant, so you’ll want to be able to filter that.

The filtered pollen is collected in the bottom catch tray the box, which is lined with a piece of tempered glass to make for easy collection.

The box features removable top and bottom pieces, which are secured with high strength magnets to ensure that your herb and pollen is secure at all times.

Dimension are 5 1/8″ x 3 1/4″ x 1 1/2″. MSRP $35.

One hitter bat One hitter bat

One-Hitter Bat hits a Home Run

Made of gorgeous, dark ash wood this One-Hitter bat is an updated spin on an old classic. The handle is spring-loaded with an ash ejector. Just give it a push and it knocks out the ash from the end of the one-hitter.

Outside dimensions are close to a “normal” aluminum bat – 3″ long by 3/8″ in diameter. These typically fit the Green Goddess Supply 4″ dugouts as a replacement for the standard bat. MSRP is $10.00.

The big gift under the tree. “The Armoire” is the ultimate in-home weed growing

The ArmoireThe Armoire is such a substantial and beautifully designed piece of furniture that even your most disapproving aunt won’t suspect you own a robust home grow system that could save you thousands per year in comparison to a dispensary.

With its furniture-inspired look, childproof lock, ergonomic design, and “Simplified, Results-Driven Nurturing Protocol,” The Armoire is specifically designed to deliver impressive results every cycle, easily and with minimal maintenance.

The Armoire requires only two minutes of care daily to garner an impressive yield of 3-5 oz of dried, hand-crafted flower in as little as 60 days.

The Armoire, a turnkey solution to home growing, removes the mystery and challenge. If you can water a house plant once a day, then you can now grow clean, healthy, top-shelf bud quickly and easily, with no experience necessary.

The Armoire is available in three finishes – Moderne Black, Cherry and Barn Board (aka “Shabby Chic”).

The Armoire’s Cherry and Barn Board models are priced at $1,395 and the Moderne Black signature model is currently priced at $1,595 MSRP.

Green Goddess Supply in Massachusetts

Zig Zag rolling papersZig Zag Orange: Stop Paying $4 for a Pack of Papers!

41uOGdeFbzL. SL250

Nearly everyone I know who buys rolling papers goes to the local Cumberland Farms and plunks down nearly $4 per pack. There are only 32 papers in each of these Zig Zag slow-burning 1 1/4 rolling papers, so you’ll have to go back to that store again and again. Instead, I suggest you do what I do and buy 5 at a time for $8.82.

The pack includes 5 booklets with 32 papers each. That means that you get a total of 160 paper rolls that will last for many months. The rolling paper booklets are compact, lightweight, and very easy to fit in your pocket.

ZIG ZAG Rolling Papers – 1 ¼ French Orange Rolling Papers –5 Booklets with 32 Papers per Booklet $8.82

Flower Stampede Locking, Smell Proof Stash BagFlower stash bag

Traveling with weed can present problems with the law. For this reason, this special smell-proof bag was created.

We recommend traveling with the Flower Stampede Locking Smell Proof Stash Bag. The perfect gift for anyone venturing anywhere outside their home with Cannabis and/or CBD products, the bag is available worldwide in the Flower Stampede Etsy store.

This cute stash bag features an easy TSA-style combination lock to keep your products secure, and in compliance where use is restricted to adults. For those who prefer smoking dried Cannabis flowers, the bag has advanced
smell proof technology to suppress strong weed smells – extremely beneficial when traveling.

Flower Stampede Stash Bag $22.50

Joy Organics

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