Summer Clothing You’ll be Happy to Wear on your Trip

Tenth Street offers 62 great looking fedoras like this one.
Tenth Street offers 62 great looking fedoras like this one.

Summer clothing must-haves: here are some of the great looks for you

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Tenth Street Hats…So Many Cool Fedoras!

From functional and utilitarian origins, hats have wound their way through history to become the fashion statements they are today. Whether aiming for a vintage look or a casual day at the ballpark, a well-worn hat can help make an outfit anything but ordinary.

Tenth Street makes bold statements with their headwear for men and women. Their line of cowboy, fedora and sun hats is just what you need up top. And if you want a variety of styles, colors, and looks, how about 62 different fedoras to choose from?

Men’s Fedora Hats

Trau Athletic Underwear

Trau Athletic Underwear

This is the softest and most expensive pair of boxer briefs I’ve ever worn…I must give them credit for being so comfortable and well made. But why is there no fly opening? Just a sewn-shut seam! Don’t they know that men need to remove things to use the bathroom? Despite this minor annoyance which I got used to…I must give these Traus the top marks, theyclo are remarkably comfortable. $32.00


Magna Ready camp shirtMagna ready shirts. Easy to put on and take off

These good looking Magna-ready shirts come with a surprise–they have magnets inside that close where the fake buttons are. So if you have trouble putting clothes on, you’ll love this camp shirt and their other polos and buttondown short and long sleeve shirts.

The only problem we’ve had is that when you wash these, the magnets get stuck against the dryer wall, and come out all twisted up. Hand wash is recommended, we think.  HMAG2529-450  Camp shirt blue  Size Guide  $59.95

Gobi Heat Nomad Heated Parka

If it’s going to be really, REALLY cold where you’re going, a little battery-powered heat will make a big difference. We advised a group of BBC producers who were planning a trip to the Arctic that they should bring along some of these Gobi jackets.

Gobi makes this parka with a battery pack about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It has five separate heating zones and it works great. It’s made in Utah, in the good old USA.
Nomad Mens Heated Puffer Coat $239

Flexible Yoga Leggings

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Get ready to stretch in style with an outfit that reflects your inner joy on the outside with Flexi Lexi Fitness. The Bangkok-based yoga and activewear brand focus on comfort, fun designs, flexibility and functionality. Get inspired this spring with fun new Flexi crops and Flexi Pants to bring out your spiritual gangster. Flexi Lexi Peek-a-boo Flexi Yoga Pants-  $77

Wallaroo Hats, To Keep the Sun Away in Style!

51mLZ1CCjPL. SL250The Australians are the world’s masters at building hats that keep the southern sun at bay. I remember a trip down to the Great Ocean Walk and everyone at the party was wearing their own distinctive headwear. Here are two great examples of Aussie hat building, from Wallaroo.

The Palmer fedora is Christmas-gift and travel-friendly with a 3 ½“ brim. Crown size is 23 1/4” for Medium or 24” for Large. Internal drawstring.

The Palmer fedora compliments your style, trimmed with a black ribbon band. It has sharp, sophisticated lines and is great for around town.51QSAK2AoTL. SL250to adjust fit. Soft taco fold. Spot Clean.

Wallaroo sun hats are perfect for outdoor adventures where a proportion of time will be spent in the sun. This lightweight classic fedora helps reduce your exposure to the suns damaging UV rays. Wallaroo Hat Company wants you to get out and enjoy life’s outdoor adventures – to play, hike, swim, explore or simply enjoy a casual afternoon – with complete 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B078Z3J3VB

ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01A65NRG2Wallaroo Hat Company Men’s Palmer Fedora – Adjustable, Packable, Designed in Australia,  $50
Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Amelia Sun Hat – UPF 50+, Lightweight, Packable,  $54

Exosuit Sportswear Truly Remarkable Workout Gear

ExosuitThe EXO1 combines active compression and patented flexible structures that mimic kinesiology tape to create the ultimate in functional sportswear. Exosuit garments interact with your body to actively support, stabilize, and power your body during exercise.

Whether you’re protecting an injury, require support during rehab, or just want to perform better for longer, the EXO1 is the perfect companion for your sport.

Patented PowerFlex Technology supports key upper body joints & muscles. Flexible structures enhance dynamic posture & shoulder stability. Silicone pads interact with your skin to heighten awareness of muscular activation. Graduated compression promotes increased blood flow & waste removal.

Premium Italian fabrics with ActiveDry Technology help you stay dry for longer.  Exosuit Men’s top $60


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