Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas

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Tucci Polo men's Italian loafers. Stylish!
Tucci Polo men’s Italian loafers. Stylish!

These are some great clothing items ready for you to make someone’s Christmas!

Groovy Retro Desert Boots by Hari Mari

Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 1Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 2Men of a certain age may remember wearing Clark’s Desert Boots back in the day. Here is a modern twist on this classic shoe, these desert boots by Hari Mari are much more cool, in this calf leather with a thin rubber sole. These run a bit tight, my Men’s size 11 was not able to accommodate my foot. My friend Bob fit into them perfectly and was ready to dance around the living room when he put these on! Very classy retro look!

Hari Mari Nokona Adobe Desert Boot $199

Nimble makes dress shirts for slim menNimble’s Truly Hand-Sewn Dress Shirts for Slim Men

Nimble takes great pride in these pricey, hand-sewn dress shirts. Their founder, an immigrant from Taiwan, wanted dress shirts that fit his narrow frame.

They offer six unique Sizes N0 to N5 – Crafted for the actually slim. Traditional measurements are misleading. The size of your neck and arm length shouldn’t determine the rest of your body shape. Our sizes use height & weight for a better slim fit. I just wish I was slim enough to wear such an elegant shirt, but alas, no.

Men’s Blue Dress Shirt – Slim Fit | The Waterbend $80

Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 3Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 4Bathe like Bezos in Vilebrequin Trunks

Jeff Bezos wears a bathing suit made by Vilebrequin, just like the one pictured. But that’s not the only reason to wear this high-class pair of swim trunks. They just look great and the thick waistband is regal. Good enough for a billionaire, great for you too!  If I can swing a trip to Monaco, well, I’d take these fancy swim trunks with me for sure!

Vilebrequin Men’s Moorea Octopus Swim Trunk NavyEleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 4 $239

Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 6Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 7Waypoint Travel Scarf has a little Pocket!

No clunky purses or awkward backpacks to get between you and your travel experience. Our Travel Scarf frees up your hands to be able to peruse fruit in the market, take that once in a lifetime photo and explore a famous museum. Focus on art, culture and what’s next instead of worrying about pickpockets. Enjoy the freedom of knowing your belongings are safe and feel your best, expressing your unique style while looking like a local instead of a tourist.

Inspired by crisp Scandinavian design aesthetics and the Oslo Opera House, this scarf shares the same fractured planes and white grey hues of a glacier in a fjord.  This is a perfect neutral scarf that adds depth and dimension to your monochromatic basics of black and white.  

Waypoint Goods is a female-owned small boutique design studio believing in creating quality products for a modern traveler with a contemporary lifestyle. 

TRAVEL SCARF by WAYPOINT GOODS // Luxury Infinity Scarf with Secret Hidden Zipper Pocket (Oslo)Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 7 $39.99

Brooks Running Shoes Look Great as Casual Shoes

Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 9All running shoes are not created equal. Ever bought a pair of shoes or sneakers at Wal-Mart? Yes, that store, where most items fall apart in just a few months.  That’s the reason I shelled out so much more money for this pair of Brooks Ghost running shoes. I’m not much of a runner, more of a walker, but I like these because they look great when I’m at a party and they are wide enough for my ever-expanding feet. Win/win!

Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 10Brooks Men’s Ghost 12  $128

Keap athletics nylon shortsKeap Your Phone from Falling Out of Your Pocket!

The Original Keap Shorts – The heart and soul of the Keap athletic shorts are its custom-designed, horizontally cut pockets. Measuring 11″ deep, our pockets do a remarkably better job of keeping your belongs safe. No other athletic shorts do a better job of combining security with functionality.

The Keap athletic short is the ultimate modern short for the modern athlete. These shorts are a phenomenally lightweight 100% polyester fabric that is both comfortable and durable. These shorts have a 10.5″ inseam cut that is perfectly tailored for a modern look and feel.

Keap Athletic Shorts $29.99

Tucci Polo Men’s Italian Loafers: Stylish and Well-Made

Tucci Polo men's Italian loafers. Stylish!
Tucci Polo men’s Italian loafers. Stylish!

Tucci Polo specializes in those long, elegant shoes you see when you visit Bologna, the ones that really cool looking guy is wearing.  Tucci Polo Men’s Classic hand-polished calfskin Italian leather handmade slip-on tan carnel loafers. With the structure and classic features, the loafer in calfskin has a tan caramel effect. Finished with leather insole, lining, and outsole.

Tucci Polo Italian Loafers $312

Wallaroo Hats, To Keep the Sun Away in Style!

Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 11The Australians are the world’s masters at building hats that keep the southern sun at bay. I remember a trip down to the Great Ocean Walk and everyone at the party was wearing their own distinctive headwear. Here are two great examples of Aussie hat building, from Wallaroo.

The Palmer fedora is Christmas-gift and travel-friendly with a 3 ½“ brim. Crown size is 23 1/4” for Medium or 24” for Large. Internal drawstring.

The Palmer fedora compliments your style, trimmed with a black ribbon band. It has sharp, sophisticated lines and is great for around town.Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 12to adjust fit. Soft taco fold. Spot Clean.

Wallaroo sun hats are perfect for outdoor adventures where a proportion of time will be spent in the sun. This lightweight classic fedora helps reduce your exposure to the suns damaging UV rays. Wallaroo Hat Company wants you to get out and enjoy life’s outdoor adventures – to play, hike, swim, explore or simply enjoy a casual afternoon – with complete confidence.Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 13

Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 14Wallaroo Hat Company Men’s Palmer Fedora – Adjustable, Packable, Designed in Australia,  $50
Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Amelia Sun Hat – UPF 50+, Lightweight, Packable,  $54

Exosuit Sportswear Truly Remarkable Workout Gear

ExosuitThe EXO1 combines active compression and patented flexible structures that mimic kinesiology tape to create the ultimate in functional sportswear.  Exosuit garments interact with your body to actively support, stabilize, and power your body during exercise.

Whether you’re protecting an injury, require support during rehab, or just want to perform better for longer, the EXO1 is the perfect companion for your sport.

Patented PowerFlex Technology supports key upper body joints & muscles. Flexible structures enhance dynamic posture & shoulder stability. Silicone pads interact with your skin to heighten awareness of muscular activation.  Graduated compression promotes increased blood flow & waste removal.

Premium Italian fabrics with ActiveDry Technology help you stay dry for longer.  Exosuit Men’s top $60

A Hat for Dad…Only for Dad

Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 15Eleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 16I like this hat, especially because it doesn’t say anything. I hate wearing advertising on my hats, so this one works for me, just a little surfer bear with a simple design I can live with on a navy cotton hat, low profile, well made. I’m a proud dad and granddad, so I’ll wear this one with pride!

Everyday California 100% Cotton Dad Hat NavyEleven Christmas Clothing and Gift Ideas 16 $30


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