James Michael Dorsey


James Michael Dorsey is an explorer, award winning author, and lecturer who has traveled extensively in 45 countries. He has spent the past two decades researching remote cultures around the world.He is a contributing editor at Transitions Abroad and a frequent contributor to United Airlines’ inflight magazine.

A beautiful image of the Zen Garden that captures its peaceful atmosphere.

Los Angeles: Zen and the City at Suiho En

Experiencing the Beauty and Grandeur of the Suiho En in LA By James Michael Dorsey In a valley surrounded by the vast city of Los Angeles, there is a tranquil escape from the modern world that takes you back to ancient Japan. This little jewel, just a half-hour north of…

Sony Pictures entrance Culver City

California: Culver City, Home of the Movies

Culver City, “Heart of Screenland” By James Michael Dorsey Lights!… Camera!… Action!… These words, so well-known to most movie buffs, have brought countless visitors to the City of Angels, but how many of them know that for every film made in Hollywood, many more were filmed in Culver  City? “Heart…

poppy trail

Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve: Fields of Color

Like Stepping into a Monet Painting in Southern California: Poppy Happy! By James Michael Dorsey Ah, Spring! The time of rejuvenation, color, and especially flowers! For those of us fortunate enough to live in Southern California, we have an abundance of all three in our own back yard. Officially known…

stilted house in jungle1

Cambodia: The Gift in the Jungle

When Time Stood Still in the Cambodian Jungle By James Michael Dorsey While photographing temples and monasteries in the jungles of Cambodia, I hired a local tuk-tuk driver named Thom and asked him to take me where tourists did not go. We went a little further off the beaten path…

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