Figurines in the gift shop of the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow

Poland: Freedom and Prosperity in the 21st Century

Waking Up in Warsaw, Poland: Polish Airlines’ Dreamliner Experience By Stephen Hartshorne GoNOMAD Associate Editor I thought I was dreaming. There I was in Newark Airport and the fire engines were spraying water on a jetliner. Then I was on board the plane, but I wasn’t jammed into a narrow…

poland castles

Poland: Castles & a Gold Rush in Lower Selisia

By Inka Piegsa Quischotte Poland: Castles and the Gold Train From the moment we stepped onto the bus, our tour guide in Poland was pelted by questions from my excited fellow travel journalists: “Where is the gold train? Can we see it? Have they confirmed yet what it contains? Have…


Wroclaw, City of 100 Bridges

Exploring Poland’s fourth largest city By Inka Piegsa-Quischotte The city of 100 bridges–that’s just one of several monikers Poland’s fourth largest city, located on the river Odra in Lower Silesia, can boast. Wroclaw is also referred to as the Venice of Poland, the Holy Blossom of Europe and the Pearl…

royal castle square

Poland: An Unexpected Volunteering Destination

By Beth Simmons When people think of volunteering abroad, they generally think of less developed countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. But volunteers can make a big difference in Europe, too. Poland is a highly developed nation with a stable government and economy. So what can American volunteers do…

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