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Sailing in Poland.Sailing in Poland.Have You Ever Dreamed of Planning Your Own Cruise?

By Alyssa Pirrello
If you have, then Le Boat is for you. With fleets of boats all across Europe, Le Boat gives travelers the opportunity to lead their own vacation on a boat. Whether you want to explore the waters of Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, or Poland, Le Boat is the way to do it, for the ability to stop whenever you want and the activities along the way are truly priceless.
The Newest Location
Beginning in 2014, Le Boat will be opening a new base in the Masurian Lakes of Poland. These lakes are perfect for couples, families, or any groups looking to have a relaxing vacation. This is also a great location for anyone who loves nature, wildlife, or water sports, for the cruising area is beautiful and full of activities.
The Masurian Lakes
This base opens up travelers to 45 lakes connected by 12 canals, 8 rivers, and 3 locks. Throughout the region there are eleven nature reserves, one of which, the Luknajo Lake Reserve, is listed by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) because it contains around a thousand mute swans. The Luknajo Lake Reserve is one of the largest breeding areas for this species, making it one of the primary spots for Le Boat drivers to see.
PolandDo you need a license to drive a boat in Poland?
Luckily, no! Through Le Boat anyone can be their own captain, even if they have never driven a boat in their life. Upon arriving to the base, Le Boat employees will provide information about the boats and perform a demonstration to show you anything that you might need to know.
First, employees will explain the charts, going over your route with you to ensure that you will not get lost. Then they’ll explain the lock system and where you can moor. Although there are some restricted areas where the public cannot moor, finding free mooring typically is not hard. However, some guests prefer to moor in certain marinas that have other amenities like electric hook-ups, showers, and food. After going through all of this information, you will be all set to begin your vacation.
Brett Jenkins, the Le Boat Marketing Manager for North America, explains, “if you can drive a car, you can drive one of our boats.” This is in large part due to the fact that all of the waterways are free of commercial traffic, making navigation much easier.
What are the boats like?
Boats can sleep anywhere from two to ten people depending on the size, but all boats are fully equipped with all of the luxuries you would expect on a vacation: a full kitchen, running water, a living room, a bathroom with a shower, heat, and more. Some of the newer boats even contain air conditioning and televisions.
In addition to the being fully equipped for a vacation lifestyle, the boats also have everything necessary for a safe vacation. From navigational charts and boat hooks to life jackets and a basic first aid kit, whatever you could need will be on the boat. Fishing in Poland.Fishing in Poland. The boats are also self-sufficient. While cruising, the engine will charge the batteries, heat your water, and keep your refrigerator cold. This provides Le Boat captains with the ultimate freedom to control their own vacation.
What to bring?
Since you’ll be living on a boat throughout your cruise, it’s crucial to know what to bring. The boat will come fully stocked with pillows, sheets, kitchen utensils, and bath towels, which will greatly cut down on how much you need to pack.
Aside from the typical things you’d bring on vacation, such as clothes, sunscreen, and toiletries, there are a few other things you need while vacationing on your own boat. Kitchen and dish cleaning products and toilet paper are necessities, along with a flashlight in case you want to get off of the boat and walk around at night.
Additionally, it’s advised to get leather or gardening gloves because they help people hold the ropes in the boats locks. Of course, it is also necessary for people to bring any food, snacks, or drinks that they would like, but food will also be available at various stops throughout the lakes.

How far do people typically go on these trips?
Island residence in Poland.Island residence in Poland.The length of the trip is completely up to the traveler. From a short break trip of only three or four days to a longer vacation of fourteen days to a long break for one to two months, anything is possible.
Le Boat has numerous itineraries to choose from for each location. For the Masurian Lakes of Poland, Le Boat has options ranging from a twenty-nine kilometer trip that takes around four days to a 262 kilometer trip that takes fourteen trips.
On the bases, there will be many things you can rent to bring on the boat in order to add something extra to your trip. Many people choose to rent bicycles to take with them for when they dock the boat. If, on the other hand, you prefer being on the water, Le Boat offers fishing and paddleboard packages. Lastly, for the people who are just looking to relax, there are barbecues, deck cushions, and Wi-Fi mini routers available for rent.
The Details
The cost of the trip varies based on location, boat size, boat type, and length of trip. To find out specific prices, it is best to contact Le Boat or look at their website and determine what would best suit your needs. If you book your vacation early, you can receive special offers and save up to 15%. Learn more about Le Boat or call them at 1-800-734-5491.
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Alyssa Pirrello
is a former Editorial Assistant for Travel. She graduated from UMass Amherst.

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