cambodia bridge

Cambodia: Just Over That Bridge

A Bridge and the Rest of Cambodia By Manesha Pereira Even in the daylight, there was nothing spectacular about that bridge. Metal serpents curved and caressed each other to form regular neat triangles on opposing ends. At its foot stood six cylindrical cans filled to the brim with cement and…

stilted house in jungle1

Cambodia: The Gift in the Jungle

When Time Stood Still in the Cambodian Jungle By James Michael Dorsey While photographing temples and monasteries in the jungles of Cambodia, I hired a local tuk-tuk driver named Thom and asked him to take me where tourists did not go. We went a little further off the beaten path…

buddhist monks

Cambodia’s Bonn Om Touk Festival

A River Runs Through It: Cambodia’s Splashy Bonn Om Touk Festival By Dagmar Busshoff Fluttering flags embroider the waterfront. Laughing workmen carry hundreds of strings of whitCambe mini-lights to drape every imaginable surface along the quay. The atmosphere is as electrifying as the lights, though, for I can feel the…

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