Travel Like A Local With KLM’s Smart Luggage Tag

KLM Care Tag attached to a woman's purse, serving as a helpful city guide.
KLM Care Tag attached to a woman’s purse, serving as a helpful city guide.

A Handy Gadget Gives You Your Own Virtual Tour Guide, so you can Master Your Travel Experience In Amsterdam.

By Olivia Gilmore

Unless you’re a local, visiting a foreign country can be quite intimidating, especially if you don’t know your way around. There’s something about being able to have the inside scoop or a local’s perspective, which makes traveling in a city that much more enjoyable… and easier!

Personal Tips & Verbal Assistance

Thousands of travelers visit Amsterdam each day, unaware of the fact that now, they can enrich their travel experience in the city with the new Smart Care Tag by KLM. The travel advice is from locals–KLM staff who grew up there and know the city best!

The interior and exterior design of the KLM Care Tag.
The interior and exterior design of the KLM Care Tag.

In September, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is offering its Amsterdam bound passengers the option to use the new device, the KLM Care Tag.

The small audio luggage tag is a new gadget that automatically provides the user with location information and verbal tips based on where they are in the city. The offline GPS module is designed to be location-aware and has a built-in speaker.

The KLM luggage tags can be ordered online for free by any passengers flying to Amsterdam in September. At first, Care Tags will only be available in English, but additional tags will be available in Chinese, Portuguese, German, and Russian. However, availability is limited, so order quickly!

From The Airport To The City

The Smart Care Tag was invented for cyclists, walkers, or anyone adventuring through the city of Amsterdam. KLM plotted the locations and the voices of their airline crew in different parts of the city, expanding their services out of the airport. The tag is easily attachable to bags, clothes, or any personal item. Can’t complain about free extra assistance!

KLM Care Tag easily attached to a backpack strap.
KLM Care Tag easily attached to a satchel strap.

The Smart Care Tag is filled with hundreds of useful tips about the city of Amsterdam. Tips range from when and where to lock up your bike to where pickpockets are common.

The device is perfect for travelers who are looking for a simple guide to the city, without the hassle of having to flag down a local or having to google information.

“With the KLM Care Tag you always have a KLM crew member with you to help you around,” says Royal Dutch Airlines.

The tag not only features practical tips, but also lighthearted suggestions that every Amsterdam-goer would want to know. Tips such as where to get the tastiest local food for free, where to see the finest street art, and where to rent a bike or boat, are all included on the device. It’s like having a local guide you…from the comfort of your own pocket!

With more than one million people visiting Amsterdam each month, it is no surprise that this well-traveled destination has become one of the most popular countries to visit…in the world! If you don’t like crowds, I would plan to visit the city as soon as possible, as it seems by 2025 the number of people expected to visit will rise by 30 percent! Popular city, huh?

Location based verbal tips by crew members who know the inside scoop.
Location-based verbal tips by crew members who know the inside scoop.

Customer Satisfaction is Essential

KLM takes satisfaction in being one of the most customer-centric European airlines, this is the primary reasons the Smart Care Tag was created, customer appreciation! KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is one of the oldest operating airlines under its original name, being founded in 1919.

In 2004 when Air France and KLM merged to form AIR FRANCE KLM, it created one of the strongest European airline groups. Air France, KLM, and their partners Delta and Alitalia have achieved the biggest trans-Atlantic joint-venture, with hundreds of daily flights!

As a member of the global SkyTeam airline alliance, KLM offers its customers a comprehensive worldwide network. The network connects every influential economic region in the world back to the Netherlands, which serves as a very powerful aspect of the company. The creation of the Care Tag is just another way KLM is helping their passengers travel smarter and safer.

For more information and images of the Smart Care Tag, visit and to watch the video, visit Get your own Smart Care Tag, while supplies last!

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