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Have you ever heard of CommuteAir? What about Boutique Air?
Have you ever heard of CommuteAir? What about Boutique Air?

Every Regional Airline You’ve Never Heard of

By Kaelie Piscitello

Have you ever flown with Boutique Air? Everyone in the United States has heard of the big three American flying companies, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. However, many people neglect the smaller airlines flying around the United States because they have never heard of them.

Many regional airlines exist that most Americans have never heard of.
Many regional airlines exist that most Americans have never heard of.

We’re putting a new spin on Pass Rider’s article about the fourteen airlines around the world you’ve never heard of by offering information about undiscovered airlines in the United States.

Some of the regional airlines provide more convenience for people located in cities.

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines flies all over North America and covers cities in Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada!

They offer flights from the East Coast to the West, including jets from Boston to Los Angeles.

Flight prices vary depending on dates but have comparable rates to other major airlines. Sun Country operates 52 airplanes, all Boeing 737s.

Eastern Airlines

Believe it or not, Eastern Airlines was founded in 1926 and is the first scheduled carrier certified since 2007.

Currently, Eastern Airlines flies between Miami and The Dominican Republic and offers some of the lowest fares for flights with a Dominican Republic destination. The company advertises a wide-body, twin-aisle aircraft suited to their passenger’s needs.


CommuteAir, a regional airline, partners with United Airlines and operates planes around the United States. Its aircraft fly around three centered hubs in Denver, Houston, and Washington D.C. While the flights venture to other places in the United States, they fly to cities near these three cities. CommuteAir uses the Brazilian-built Embraer ERJ-145 regional jets, and reaches a surprisingly high number of small cities.

New England Airlines

New England Airlines does not fly all over New England, despite what its name would lead you to believe. It only travels between Block Island and Westerly, Rhode Island. Rhode Island tourists can fly as an alternate avenue of traveling to Block Island compared to the ferry. Round trips for adults cost $144, and the company offers commuter cards for frequent fliers.

Regional airlines fly all over the country, some for cheap prices!
Regional airlines fly all over the country, some for cheap prices!

Avelo Airlines

Avelo Air flies between cities located on the United States eastern and western borders. They fly out of the easier-to-get to Hollywood/Burbank airport near Los Angeles, and Tweed airport in New Haven Connecticut.

Though the airline stops in places like Colorado Springs and Las Vegas, it operates by getting its passengers around the coasts. Avelo advertises cheap flights and deals when customers sign up on their website. They fly all Boeing 737 jets.

Kenmore Air

Kenmore is more than just appliances. The airline with the same name, Kenmore Air paints itself as an airline that takes the scenic route on all of its journeys. They partner with Alaska Airlines and fly around the North American west coast, including Vancouver in Canada. Despite Americans outside of the Wild West not knowing about it, this regional airline has flown for 75 years around the west coast. They use seaplanes so they can land on the water in harbors around the Northwest, and offer scenic flights to some of Alaska’s wilderness areas and the San Juan Islands.

Some airlines, like Kenmore Air, offer the scenic route!
Some airlines, like Kenmore Air, offer the scenic route!

Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways has refreshingly low prices! They operate in the eastern parts of the United States; however, people can also fly to cities in California and Utah, and Tulsa.

Passengers can fly from Providence, Rhode Island, to Los Angeles for prices starting at $250 roundtrip!

Endeavor Air

Delta Airlines owns and operates regional flights by Endeavor Air around North America between the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

In addition to transporting passengers, Endeavor Air offers internships and STEP and non-STEP flight programs for students interested in pursuing careers as pilots or other air-related jobs.

Silver Airways

No, this airline isn’t for just the elderly population. Silver Airways is perfect for travelers interested in going all over Florida, other major cities located in the southeast, and the Caribbean. They fly two ATR Turboprop jets and offer service to San Juan Puerto Rico and Tampa.

Some of Silver’s flight prices can seem high for such short distances traveled, depending on when you fly. Just remember: Tuesdays tend to have cheaper costs!

Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines offers flights all over North America out of their hub in Toronto, including extensive flights between Canadian cities, such as Vancouver and Quebec City. Porter Airlines has several fare options and a Porter Pass where passengers can purchase 10-100 prepaid flight credits, allowing people to travel more often between significant cities in the United States and Canada.

Porter is famous for its Q-400 turboprop airplanes, which are long and slender but offer a lot of room for passengers. they also have 17 Embraer jets since they now fly out of Toronto’s main airport instead of the Toronto Island Airport which limited them to turboprops.

GoJet AirlinesScreen Shot 2023 08 02 at 1.32.16 PM

Partnered with United Airlines, GoJet launched in 2005 and is the only operator of the Bombardier CRJ-550 aircraft. This is the smallest jet the company makes with only 50 seats.

GoJet, a regional airline, flies between 50 cities on the east coast and the Midwest of the United States.

The Dakotas serves as the state furthest West GoJet travels to. They plan to launch a Washington Dulles base in 2023.

Boutique Air

Boutique Air also partners with United Airlines. It flies between Boston, Baltimore, Massena, Albuquerque, Carlsbad, Dallas, Pendleton, and Portland. They fly the PC-12 aircraft and King Air 350, allowing passengers to travel in comfort and style with turboprop engines. Boutique Air’s slogan is ‘Fly Private for the Cost of Commercial,” hoping that their small planes will feel like a friend’s private plane.

The Pilatus PC-12 is narrow like a private jet, with one gigantic engine in the front. Beech’s famous twin-engine King Air 350 is a fast plane often popular with drug smugglers and feels more like a private aircraft.

Boutique Air is an excellent option for those okay with spending more money to relax during their plane ride.

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