Cruise Around NYC on a Ferry

Sightseeing Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry
Sightseeing Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry

The Ferries Of New York City

By Esther Akinsola

There are so many things to do in New York City and taking a ferry is one of them! Ferry services are near everywhere you want to be, including Staten Island, Manhattan, across the Little Wobby, and Dangar Island.

Two ferry companies exist in NYC: the NYC Ferry and  New York Waterway. The NYC ferry transports passengers around the city while the New York Waterway transports people from other states to Manhattan.

The New York City Ferry is managed by Hornblower, formerly referred to as the “East River ferry” NYC ferry is operated with the goal to create a new and affordable way for residents and travelers to commute between waterfront communities throughout NYC.

Taking the NYC Ferry

staten island ferry coming from manhattan and passing by the statue of liberty. the statue of liberty and the skyscrapers of lower manhattan can be seen in the background.
Staten Island ferry coming from Manhattan and passing by the Statue of Liberty. the Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers of lower Manhattan can be seen in the background.

The ferry connects the New York boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, State Island, and the Bronx.

Individuals interested can purchase their tickets by clicking applications or using the ticket machines onboard. Just be sure to bring your card as cash is not acceptable.

Tickets cost around $4 for one-way trips, $27.50 for 10 trip passes, and $1.35 for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Passengers can book a ferry trip by checking the schedule and then purchasing a ticket with a ticket machine.

While NYC accommodates bikes and pets, several conditions help the Ferry avoid overloading or pets displacing passengers onboard. Once on the ferry, passengers can purchase food and beverages from the snack bar.

Rob Mike-Brode on Tripadvisor noted how he spent 10 days in New York and used the ferry once a day, he described the experience as a great way to travel and see the skyline, “comfortable, on time, no delays unlike the subway, friendly and helpful staff.”

NYC Ferry Capacity

mother and daughter at ferry at hudson river, in front of far manhattan's skyline
Mother and daughter at a ferry on the Hudson River, in front of far Manhattan’s skyline

The spacious NYC ferries are 86 feet long and allow children under 44 inches in for free when they are accompanied by adults.

NYC ferry has 129 seats on the lower deck and 28 on the upper deck. The passenger vessel has 500 seats. The NYC ferries are built out of over 77 million cans of aluminium and they reduce emissions.

There is a concession stand inside the NYC ferry where you can pick snacks and beverages, if you are looking for a better way to get a view of the city rather than subways then do this.

If you want a fantastic view of the NYC skyline and other places arrive early and sit in the upper deck.

Ferry Schedules

The NYC ferry plies these routes and their corresponding stops, Queens (Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, Wall Street, Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Midtown East). East River Route (Dumbo, Wall Street, Midtown East, and Brooklyn Navy Yard) Rockaway Route (Wall Street, Sunset Park, and Rockaway) Soundview Route (Wall Street, Upper Manhattan, and Soundview) St George Route (Midtown West, Battery Park City, and St George Staten Island) Shuttle Bus Service (East 34th Street and Rockaway) South Brooklyn Route (Atlantic Avenue, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Wall Street and Dumbo).

New York Waterway

statue of liberty and tourist ship ferry in new york city
Statue of Liberty and tourist ship ferry in New York City

The New York Waterway is privately owned and operates 25 ferries. The ferry routes connect Manhattan with Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken Edgewater, and Status Island.

NY waterway fares range from $2.75 to $10.50 onboard the NY waterways passengers are treated like family with personal attention to service rendered and amenities provided. There is no concession on the NY waterways so be sure to bring your own food and beverages.

The ferry has carried more than 200 million passengers since its inception in 1986. Most routes on NY Waterway run weekends Monday to Friday between 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. Multi-trip fares cost $103.25 monthly and $274.00 for a student’s monthly package. You can also book the NY waterway at an affordable price for seven or thirty consecutive days.

Stanley’s thought after taking the midtown terminal will help you make up your mind “It is great for the occasional commute, the service is quiet and convenient.”

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