The V-Cableway Project: Stunning Swiss Scenery

Eiger Express Grindelwald © Jungfraubahnen 2019. V-Cableway Project.
Eiger Express Grindelwald. © Jungfraubahnen Photos.

By Megan Mentuck

In the Jungfrau region of Switzerland, the Bernese Alps make up a stunning landscape perfect for seeing beautiful scenery and engaging in adventures.

The V-Cableway Project, introduced by Jungfrau Railways, provided the area with innovative new transportation modes that capitalize on the region’s most unique aspects.

The project introduced two new cableways: the Eiger Express and Männlichen Gondola and a new station, the Grindelwald Station.

The new cableways offer visitors a faster and more comfortable way to navigate the mountains and enjoy the activities that it offers.

The new station is more than just a stop between two destinations. It offers visitors a place to shop, rent sports equipment, and even more.

What is there to do?

If you’re someone interested in adventure, the region’s mountain range offers visitors access to a plethora of alpine activities.

These include winter sports like skiing and snowboarding as well as year-round activities like hiking. The Jungfrau region is a popular destination for visitors looking to entertain themselves with these activities.

Beyond offering opportunities for winter sports and hiking, the area is known for its gorgeous scenery and views of mountainscapes.

There’s no other better way to see this beautiful scenery than from one of the area’s most famous destinations—the Top of Europe.

grindelwald first snowboard sonne winter snowfun. V-Cableway Project.
Grindelwald first snowboard.© Jungfraubahnen Photos.

Jungfraujoch in Switzerland: The Top of Europe

The Jungfraujoch is a summit nestled into the Bernese Alps in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland. The spot, sitting 13,642 feet in the air, is famously known as “The Top of Europe.”

This beautiful summit is a popular destination for many tourists visiting the country.

Unlike other summits where one may have to make the arduous journey by hiking to the top—visitors can see the gorgeous views from the top of the mountain via gondola, or as the Swiss call it: cableway.

The Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in Europe which has drawn in a variety of tourists and visitors to the area.

The Jungfrau region of Switzerland is also a popular area to visit for lovers of winter sports including skiing and snowboarding.

Jungfrau Railways embarked on the V-Cableway Project to capitalize on this region’s alpine and winter sport tourism.

The V-Cableway Project: The Eiger Express and Männlichen Gondola

The 908 days of construction and the 470-million-franc project included the construction of two new cableways, the Eiger Express and Männlichen Gondola.

The two new gondolas are good news for guests interested in the area’s opportunities to engage in winter sports.

The Eiger Express brings guests from the Grindelwald station to the Eigergletscher railway station in just fifteen minutes.

This is even more impressive knowing that the Eigergletscher railway station is located at an altitude of 7610 feet.

The Kleine Scheidegg railway station located at an altitude of 6762 feet, is also connected to the cableway paths introduced in the V-Cableway Project.

Both the Kleine Scheidegg and Eigergletscher railway stations are popular destinations for visitors interested in winter activities.

The Eiger Express

The Eiger Express comprises 44 state-of-the-art cabins with 26 seats. The cableway travels through the stunning environment of the Jungfrau region 1800 meters or 5905 feet in the air!

Cableway to The Top of Europe

Grindelwald Terminal Visual © Jungfraubahnen 2019
Grindelwald Terminal Visual. © Jungfraubahnen Photos.

For those interested in checking The Top of Europe off of their places to visit, the Eiger Express will save guests forty-seven minutes on a ride to the Jungfraujoch summit directly from the Grindelwald terminal.

It also shouldn’t be too hard to catch a ride on one of these gondolas, seeing as they are able to transport 4000 guests per hour in comfortable spacious carts.

Berner Oberland-Bahn Stop at Grindelwald Grund

Grindelwald Grund is a railway station in the region. The Berner Oberland-Bahn Stop is a modern terminal in the station with plenty of shops, food options, and even sports rental stores available for visitors to explore.

The V-Cableway Project: Investment in a Sustainable Future

The creation of the Eiger Express was especially concerned with sustainability. Developing a way to travel from Grindelwald to the Eigergletscher station in 15 minutes may sound like it would take some environmental impact.

However, Jungfrau Railways, the largest mountain railway company in Switzerland, was able to create the Eiger Express with limited environmental impact.

Eiger Express Grindelwald © Jungfraubahnen 2019
Eiger Express Grindelwald. © Jungfraubahnen Photos.

The system uses tri-cable technology which lets the cableway move through the region with only a few supports. This mode of transportation also allows for wind stability.

In the spirit of being environmentally conscious, no paths needed to be cut through the woods.

The construction of the V-Cableway was monitored by an agronomist which is an expert in the science of soil and crop management. The agronomist made several suggestions to the team as construction was going on.

According to the official website of Jungfrau Railways, some of these environmental measures included the replanting of certain plant species, creating breeding ponds for the midwife toad, and taking into account the breeding habits of ptarmigans.

Hiking in the Jungfrau Region

V-Cableway Project. v bahn baustelle eiger express gondel © Jungfraubahnen 2019
Eiger Express cart. © Jungfraubahnen Photos.

Besides winter sports, hiking in the Jungfrau region is also popular among tourists.

Some of the most popular hiking routes are between Männlichen and Kleine Scheidegg. There are also some popular hiking destinations below the Eiger North Wall.

The V-Cableway Project will make getting to these hiking destinations even easier! The Eiger Express cableway can take visitors to the start of some of these hikes in only fifteen minutes.

Plan Your Trip

The V-Cableway Project was unveiled Saturday, December 5th in 2020. Jungfrau Railways hopes that the introduction of two gondolas and the new station will increase Swiss tourism.

They hope that the possibility for easy transportation will help to make the Jungfrau region of Switzerland a popular destination for winter and summer travel.

The Jungfrau region of Switzerland is a great place to travel whether you’re interested in winter sports, hiking, or even just enjoying the beautiful scenery.

With the two new cableways and Grindelwald station introduced by Jungfrau Railways, visiting the Jungfrau region in Switzerland now offers even more opportunities for adventure!

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