Swiss Travel System Seamlessly Covers Switzerland

Explore beautiful Swiss lakes. Photo from Swiss Travel System.
Explore beautiful Swiss lakes. Swiss Travel System photos.

All-In-One Transportation, Stunning Mountain Excursions, and Effortless Luggage Transfer with the Swiss Travel System

By Jill Webb

Making travel plans can be a real headache when a vacation is supposed to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment. With the advantages of the Swiss Travel System, you can make your journey around Switzerland seamless.

Roll through the mountains by train. Photo from the Swiss Travel System.
Roll through the mountains by train.

The newly designed network has many benefits for those looking to explore Switzerland. With short distances, direct connections to airports, and city center trains at 30-minute intervals, the Swiss Travel System team is working to make transportation effortless and serene.

Swiss Travel Pass

Martin Oester, the North American sales, and marketing manager for Switzerland Tourism’s Swiss Travel System spoke about all the advantages of the Swiss Travel Pass in a recent webinar.

“With the Swiss travel system, you can get everywhere you like and it’s very reliable to make the connections. It’s one of the world’s finest public transportation networks,” Oester said.

The pass has a ton of benefits. Its ease of use is very beneficial for people who hate carrying around lots of documents– there is a single ticket for the train, bus, boat, and transportation to and from airports.

More Bang for the Buck

The Glacier Express near Hospental in the Urseren Valley. Photo from Swiss Travel System.
The Glacier Express near Hospental in the Urseren Valley.

You get more bang for your buck when you keep in mind the premium panoramic trains and the select mountain destinations. It’s a great option for family travel, as children ride free of charge till their sixteenth birthday.

“With the Swiss travel pass you get full access to over 500 museums within Switzerland,” Oester said.

This includes the Matterhorn Museum in Zermatt, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the Ballenberg Open Air Museum in Brienz, and the History Museum in Berne.

With the Swiss Travel Pass, sometimes the journey is great then the destination. The trains go up and down throughout Switzerland, giving you some breathtaking sights right outside your window.

“Keep in mind the topography of Switzerland,” Oester said. “They give you a lot of beautiful views and also the time to enjoy the views and take great pictures.”

Breathtaking mountain excursions

Mountaineers don’t fret, because three stunning mountain excursions have been added to the Swiss Travel: the Rigi,  and Stanserhorn.

Travel up the mountainside atop a cable car. Photo from Swiss Travel System.
Travel up the mountainside atop a cable car.

If you’re old school, the Stanserhorn nineteenth-century open wooden coaches that carry guests from the mountain to the mid-station may be of your interest. There is also a modern spin on the mountain; an open-deck cable car ascends you up to the summit.

Oester describes it as a “beautiful elevator gliding up the mountainside to the top of an open deck that’s very iconic and unique.”

In the Bernese Alps, make time for an excursion at the Schilthorn. At 10,000 feet above sea level get your adrenaline going on the panoramic platform skyline walk that looks out at Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

Oester illustrates Schilthorn as a “very spectacular mountain excursion” with “passing beautiful waterfalls.”

Schilthorn is not fully included. But 50% off with your Swiss Travel Pass!

Bond World

Take a ride in the aerial cableway that has been in operation since 1967. Enjoy a bite to eat in the revolving restaurant Piz Gloria after you check out the view.

The snowy peaks of Mount Schilthorn. Photo from Swiss Travel System.
The snowy peaks of Mount Schilthorn.

“You get up to the peak of Schilthorn where you get the skyline walk, for example, to keep you thrilled, overlooking a vertical cliff,” Oester said.

The skyline walk is not for the faint of heart, the platform has a view cascading down the seemingly bottomless depths of the mountain.

The thrilling walk takes you along an exhilarating promenade along Schilthorn’s 200-meter-long steel and glass bridge. Along the cliffside, you have to climb and crawl through certain parts.

Become a secret agent at the interactive Bond World 007 exhibition in the summit building, which is perfect for cinephiles and adventure lovers alike.

The 1969 Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” shot scenes on top of Schilthorn Mountain. Bond’s enemy Blofeld’s secret lair had a 360-degree view of the mountains, much like you can experience atop the Schilthorn.

Rigi is known as the “queen of the mountains,” Oester said.

Located in Central Switzerland, the mountain massif is almost completely surrounded by lakes, including Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauer.

You can take a boat over Lake Lucerne and take Europe’s first mountain railway up to Rigi Kulm, where you can enjoy a specular view of 13 lakes.

Hassle-free luggage

Mountain biking by the Rhaetian Railway. Photo from Swiss Travel System.
Mountain biking by the Rhaetian Railway.

The Swiss Travel System’s express luggage system makes for smooth transitions from your flight to the hotel.

“We would like to make your trip as hassle-free as possible,” Oester said.

When traveling to Switzerland in groups between 10 and 50, you can check your luggage in at the airline and have your luggage be transported to resort for your arrival.

It works with 400 different service points in Switzerland, including the Zurich Airport and Geneva Airport.

Another great feature of the Swiss Travel Pass is having accessibility to bikes. When you’re traversing through scenic Switzerland, you will definitely be inclined to hop off and enjoy the outdoors on your bike.

With all the winding roads and mountains, you want to hop off a train and bike down for a fun ride.
“There’s always a way to skip the uphill section and make just the downhill section with your bicycle,” Oester said.

You can even bring your bike with you. If you don’t feel like bringing along your own bike, many railway stations offer bicycle, e-bike, and mountain bike rentals.

Ski off the train

Enjoy panoramic views when traveling by train. Photo from Swiss Travel System.
Enjoy panoramic views when traveling by train.

Winter sports are big in Switzerland, especially with the Swiss Alps, so the Swiss Travel System makes sure to make skiing effortless for travelers.

Last year, Oester and his friends had it as easy as just walking off the train and stepping into their skis right in front of the train’s platform.

“Actually, next time I would step into my skis right within train it’s so well interconnected with nature,” Oester said.

The Swiss Travel System is making huge strides to provide in pass holders accessibility to everything they need, from mountain bike voyages to boat rides across Lake Lucerne to feeling nostalgic at Bond World.

Pairing comfort with adventure is very valuable for travelers, so take advantage of the travel options during your next trip to Switzerland.

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