Porto Santo Island, Madeira: Endowed with Therapeutic Elements

Porto do Seixal Beach
Porto do Seixal Beach. Madeira Tourism photo.

Porto Santo Island’s Natural Healing Elements Abound

By Aysia Reed

Porto Santo Island, located in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, is a quintessential destination for a

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wellness vacation. The island has been nicknamed “The Golden Island” due to its tranquil blue and golden colors. The velvety sand beaches and still ocean are the key elements to a soothing stay- they are indisputably therapeutic.

Nature-made pools and picturesque gardens are also calming endeavors on the subtropical island.

Palm trees litter the European island, making even a simple stroll a calming experience. The small size of the island makes for an intimate and one-of-a-kind journey.

Healing Therapy

Porto Santo Beach
Porto Santo beach and town

Psamotherapy is a treatment that Porto Santo Island’s Geomedicine Centre encourages visitors to experience. This therapy comprises the magical sand on the remote European island. The components of the sand are comprised of coral debris, shellfish shells, and aquatic microorganisms.

These elements make up a carbonated and biogenic sand blend. The Geomedicine Centre has scientifically recognized that the sand has healing abilities for those with osteoporosis, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases. Even if you do not have any of these afflictions, you are still encouraged to relish in the sand.

For the beneficial effects to transpire, vacationers must submerge themselves or the affected area in the sand for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Immersing yourself in the relaxing sand causes you to heat up, and this is when the restoration begins. The nutrients in the sand are absorbed into the body and act as an anti-inflammatory. Strontium is one of the main chemical elements in the sand blend which significantly restores the body. The chemical element also alleviates collagen and cartilage formation in joints.

If Psamotherapy does not intrigue you, relaxing on the sand might instead. Laying down on the sandy beach and admiring the tropical Laurissilva Forest landscape is just as satisfactory as therapy. The forest on Porto Santo’s island has a subtropical, humid climate, similar to a sauna. Picturesque waterfalls and peaceful channels triquil ocean water to different regions.

Pampered by the Ocean

Thalassotherapy is an additional relaxing remedy that visitors can partake in. Not only does the sand have healing powers, but so does the ocean. Porto Santo’s seawater encompasses magnesium, calcium, and iodine. These components regenerate your skin and help with red blood cell growth.

This also strengthens your immune system as well. The iodine components improve respiratory issues and benefit the lungs. Toxins that sometimes invade the lungs will be cleansed of the body.

Not only does the ocean aid your physical health, but your mental health too. Taking a swim in Porto Santo’s water can help eliminate anxiety due to the high magnesium levels. The therapeutic properties of the water stimulate calm mindfulness and sanction you to indulge in the island’s peaceful properties.

Natural Pools

Doca do Cavacas
Doca do Cavacas natural pool

Porto Santo’s ocean water can be enjoyed in natural pools. The pools are comprised of volcanic rock and are filled with therapeutic healing water thanks to ocean waves replenishment.

The pools offer a more secluded and relaxing area if you do not want to be in a vastly open ocean area. The water is more still and calm due to the pool’s structure.

Doca do Cavacas is one of the tranquil pools in Porto Santo. The pool is enclosed but also has a small opening if swimmers wish to access the ocean.

After you are done unwinding in the pool, there are showers, changing rooms, and restaurants that you can go to.

Jeep Tours

porto santo
Porto Santo jeep tour

The natural pools are not the only aspect of the island that has volcanic rock. Hidden crevices of the island are made up of volcanic rock, and can only be explored by jeep. The island offers jeep tours of the geographic landscape to get a closer glimpse.

Admiring lava rock can be tranquilizing and beneficial to the mind. The rock has calming qualities and can help ease the mind.

Booking can be made at Lazermar.

Gardens and Foliage

Jardim Quinta das Cruzes
Jardim Quinta das Cruzes Garden

The subtropical island is also home to tranquil parks and gardens if you need a change of scenery from the ocean. Jardim Quinta das Cruzes garden has palm trees, tombstones, caves, an orchid house, flowers, and even a chapel and museum.

Take a peaceful stroll through the foliage or visit the museum to learn the history behind the island. The museum provides information about Joao Goncalves Zarco, the Portuguese captain who discovered Madeira.

The museum also informs visitors about the garden and wealth on the island in the 19th century.

The museum has over 10 rooms filled with artifacts of the rich European merchant class. Jewelry, oil paintings, and ornate furniture are a few of the finds in the museum.


Let’s be real—wine is a solution to putting your mind at ease and allowing you to unwind. Wine is made directly from the island’s vineyards and is naturally fermented. For over 6 centuries, the delectable wine has been exported, but travelers get to enjoy the wine on the native land it is curated on.

Selections of red, white, and rosé are all available to taste and purchase at Blandy’ wine lodge.

Blandys Wine Lodge
Blandys Wine Lodge

The lodge explores over 200 years’ worth of rich history. Tours of the winery can be scheduled from Monday to Friday. A premium tour is 45 minutes long and costs €10.50. A longer tour option is also available.

The tours begin with a history lesson of the winery and how they make their wine.

The tours also allow visitors to unravel and enjoy the lodge’s selection of aged wines. Their selection ranges from 3-year-old tasting, all the way to vintage 70’s vintage tasting. Wine samples come with chocolates, cheese, honey cake, and dried fruits.

There is an annual wine festival in the months of August and September, which are also the prime times for grape harvest.

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  1. Great article, unfortunately, it’s not accurate. Everything mentioned from “Natural Pools” onwards is in Funchal, not Porto Santo. These are two very different islands. Beware of this information.

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