Gift Guide: Interesting New Yule Ideas


Ooni Fyre pizza oven

Here’s some Yule Fuel to get Your Shopping Started

This is the crazy year when we all had to stay home, all of us, around the world. So at least no one is being singled out, no, we are all in this together. To get your yule shopping started, here are some interesting and clever ideas for Yule gifts this season.

WORX Power Share Orbital Buffer/PolisherWORX Power Share Orbital Buffer/Polisher

Even though it’s powerful and you’ll get auto-shop-quality results, this battery-operated polisher is surprisingly easy to use. The orbital action runs at 3000 rpm and will leave you cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, and RVs looking like you got them professionally detailed.

The steering-wheel style handle gives you good, even control. Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power, and lifestyle products. Microfiber polishing, buffing, and application bonnets are all included in this kit, so you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Impact-resistant molded ABS plastic protects it against drops and ensures this polisher will still be around for years to come. This buffer uses a Power Share rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about tripping on a cord or the potentially dangerous combination of electricity and a water bucket

WORX WX856L 20V Power Share Orbital Buffer/Polisher $99

Rapid Rope for Yule

Rapid Rope: It’s There When You Need It, All 120 Feet!

Ready to use, easy to store. Anywhere, anytime. Rapid Rope is ready to tie it down. Rapid Rope will fit anywhere. Truck, RV, ATV, UTV, Boat, Backpack, House, Garage, Cabin. Use it for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Ranching, and gardening. This is an extremely useful item, throw this in your car trunk and you’ll soon be glad you had it.

120’ of Extreme Utility Rope 

The strength and durability of this rope will amaze you! 1100 lbs Ultimate Tensile Strength Tying knots with this rope is even better, when the job is done the knot is too. You never knew you needed this but it will come in damn handy sometime! It even includes a built-in razor to cut the rope to fit your needs.

Rapid Rope multipurpose rope in a portable canister $24.95 4145b8l JHL. SL250

 ToothShower: Flossing Powered by Your Shower!toothshower

This clever invention provides a powerful tooth cleaner using pressurized water that comes from your shower, using a customized diverter valve that doesn’t decrease your water pressure. It doesn’t have any batteries either!

Set includes water flosser tip, irrigating dual-head toothbrush, and innovative 7-stream Gum Massager. All three are designed to promote good oral health and clean around orthodontics and implants.

ToothShower Single Suite-Water Flosser, Oral Irrigator Dual-head Toothbrush,  $99

Bake a Wood-fired Pizza Yule Pie in Your Backyard in 60 seconds!

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra streamlines wood-fired cooking for a no-nonsense live-fire experience and intense flavors. You can level up your pizza game no matter where you are!

The innovative gravity-fed pellet hopper feeds through hardwood pellets for continued effortless cooking. Unboxed dimensions: 22.7″ x 15.5 x 28.6″ (57 x 39 x 72cm)

Ready to go in 15 minutes, Ooni Fyra reaches temperatures up to  932°F (500°C), cooking authentic stone-baked 12” pizza in just 60 seconds.

Hardwood pellet fueled for consistently high heat and low maintenance

Wood-fired flavored 12” pizzas

Reaches 932°F (500°C) in just 15 minutes

Ultra-portable at just 22lbs (10kg)

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven $249

Bushnell 10 x 50 Binoculars: Climb that Mountain and Gaze at that View!Bushnell Powerview 2 10x 50mm

These Bushnell Powerview 2 10x 50mm Rugged binoculars are great for wildlife, sports, and more. An all-metal chassis is the new PowerView 2’s binoculars’ foundation, and it’s never before been offered at this price.

The new metal body also eliminates uneven weight distribution often found in binoculars with a plastic chassis. Multi-coated optics paired with a massive 50mm objective lens, brings in a large amount of light, providing vibrant images for a crisp, clear viewing experience.

The PowerView 2 binoculars can also be used with other Bushnell products, including our binocular harness.

Aluminum alloy chassis provides durability without adding unnecessary weight and bulk. High quality, soft-touch rubber, and brushed metal texture finishes provide classic performance in a great looking, modern design.

Bushnell PowerView 2 Binoculars_10x50_PWV1050 $59.99

EZ Miniband bundleEZ MiniBand: For Workouts Without Your Gym

Developed by a personal trainer, these minibands provide a wide range of home exercises using resistance. Get all 3 different color-coded resistance levels in one pack – 20lbs, 35lbs, and 50lbs of resistance in one bundle making sure you are ready to take on any workout.

Made to last with durable woven polyester/latex fabric, military-grade stitching, and a heavy-duty molded plastic buckle.

EZ Miniband Bundle $47.85

Clean Access Keychain – 6 Tools In 1 × 1Clean Access Key

Clean Access was created with the purpose of solving a worldwide problem; Covid-19. When the pandemic began, the most common phrase used was “wash your hands!” & hopefully, we all were doing that before & still are washing our hands.

What if we did everything we could to prevent the spread through touch, so we did. Clean Access Keys reduce direct contact with common surfaces by up to 90%!

Their goal is to eliminate the window of spread that remains for when you do not have access to soap & water but need to interact with a potential germ haven like ATMs, checkout screens & door handles.

They even added some bonus features to the product to stand out after we leave this Covid nightmare behind, including a capacitative stylus pen, bottle opener, screwdriver, 2-inch ruler & a hook to open doors without having to make direct contact with the handle. Comes in brass, gunmetal, or rose gold.

Clean Access Keychain $18

Simple SenceSimplesence Leak Detector: You Never Know What Can Leak

21 CcWKX+TL. SL250Protects your home with around the clock leak and freeze detection. Immediately alerts you via email, text, and 80 dB audible alarm when a leak is detected. Two-year battery life with two easily replaceable AAA batteries, plus battery and WiFi strength levels on the SimpleSENCE app.

Connects to your Home 2.4G Wi-Fi in only a few minutes and the easy to use SimpleSENCE App allows you to be up and running with no gateway needed, no additional equipment required, and no monthly subscription fees.

Install throughout your home, office, vacation home, rental property, and even aging parents’ homes. Place next to water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, behind toilets, in basements, next to sump pumps, and in attics.

No limit to the number of contacts you can add to your alert notification list to help shut off the water if you’re not home, including family, friends, neighbors, and tenants.

SimpleSENCE WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector, Smart Water and Freeze Sensor $49.99

Pureair personal purifierBreathe Easier with a Personal Air Purification Necklace

The pureAir Personal is a sleek, wearable air purifier that creates a safe personal breathing zone by repelling particles from your breathing space.

Using ion-based active air technology, pureAir PERSONAL creates a 4-foot clean-air zone, or bubble, reducing your exposure to pathogens like mold spores, bacteria, and allergens, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which include harmful chemicals.Pureair Personal air purifier being worn by a user.

Wear pureAir Personal when you are exposed to any kind of indoor or outdoor air pollution. Effectively repel allergens to enjoy the outdoors and pets.

The pureAir PERSONAL delivers all-day protection with a rechargeable battery providing over 24 hours of use per charge. It includes a charging cable, a convenient carrying case, and a leather neck cord with a jewelry clasp for comfort. The operating light can be turned on or off for personal preference. This product can not be shipped to California.

Pure Air Personal $149.00

Pakt Coffee Kit perfect Yule giftPakt’s Coffee Kit: Move to the Next Level with this Sophisticated Pour Over, to Go!

Tired of terrible coffee while on the go? Look no further. The Pakt Coffee Kit is everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one sleek, portable package. Use anywhere you have access to water and electricity.

Most other coffee kits have a high probability of breaking due to the fragility of the components. This kit nests together, each metal component fits inside the next larger one, housed within the stainless steel kettle with protective silicone sleeves, keeping every piece secure and silent. No rattling or broken parts. Perfect for any traveling coffee lover.

Use at home, desk-side, at an Airbnb, or in a hotel, it’s compact, durable, airline carry-on friendly!

High-end, safe materials, BPA free

Pakt Coffee Kit $141

41nfHLkFnGL. SL250

The Wrist Locker: A Good Place for Your Phone and Morewrist locker

Medium – for small essentials like ID, cash, keys, feminine products, pepper spray & lip balm. Large – fit phones (iPhone 6,7, 8, XR, XS, Plus, Galaxy, & Samsung) plus small essentials!

Highly regarded by today’s most active runners. Voted the top product for runners by Women’s Running Magazine. Run light and protect yourself. Keep your valuables safe and always close in the wrist wallet. The wrist wallet can hold cash, keys, ID, phone, lip balm, and more!

These wrist wallets are made of machine-washable and dry-wicking athletic fabric. The Wrist Locker – Wrist Wallet is the best substitute for those who need a lightweight option and are tired of the fanny packs. Stash the essentials and never lose track of your valuables. Wrist Wallet for Women – Wrist Locker –$19.9941wNljRngwL. SL250

Third Eye Headlamp with Funky Thunderbird Headband Design

Now is the time when many of us have discovered how convenient having a headlamp is for our late night walks or searching a dark closet. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to take along so you have a bright light in any situation.

Six light settings, a non-slip adjustable strap, and a locking angle tilt give you precisely the light you want, when and where you want it. These ultra-efficient Cree LED lights mean extended battery life so you can focus on your activity, not your gear.

Misen skillet

Third Eye Headlamps – Powerful LED Headlamp Flashlight $49.99

Misen is the Non-stick Skillet Everyone Wants This Yule Season

Misen is a legendary name in cookware, again and again, the top chefs throw out that name in their Tik-Tok videos and TV cooking shows. The essential pan for every home, featuring a long-lasting nonstick surface and spacious cooking area. Perfect for delicate foods that easily stick.

Misen 10″ nonstick skillet $55

Neighbor Outdoor furniture.Neighbor Outdoor Modern Furniture

Neighbor crafts outdoor modern furniture and goods meant to live a long life outside. They use durable and weather-resistant materials, many of which are sustainably-sourced or recyclable, including FSC-certified teak and recyclable Sunbrella fabric.

The product is modular, designed to be configured to any layout desired. Neighbor’s mission is to create space for connecting with family, friends, and neighbors.

This Pedco Tripod Will Help You Take Better PhotosPedco Tripod

The Pedco UltraPod 3 is an excellent platform for cell phones, POV sports cameras, camcorders, medium-format cameras, compact DSLR cameras with shorter lenses, and other devices with a 1/4 inch-20 female thread.

The tripod can stand on its fold-out, no-slip feet or reliably attach to solid objects such as posts, tree limbs, railings, etc. with the removable hook and loop cinch strap. The unique ball and socket camera mount assembly adjusts to multiple positions quickly and easily without having to remove the device.


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