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Milwaukee Boot Company: Rolltop Messenger Bag new products
Milwaukee Boot Company: Rolltop Messenger Bag

Here Are Some Fun and Useful New Products

You never know what you might need! Here is our latest crop of interesting products you might want to own, or drink.

The NEFT Vodka 750 ml Barrel, in white and black.

NEFT Vodka. It Comes in a Giant Can

NEFT is distilled in Austria, then placed inside a really cool replica of an oil drum. Really. “The unique, patent-protected and easily recycled barrel is heat resistant, portable, and shatterproof, so your chilled vodka will stay cold longer outdoors in any season,” says the brochure.

It IS a cute can. The vodka is made using non-GMO grains farmed in Saxony, called Amato, Askari, Pollino, and Rasant, and is distilled three times. The tasting panels rave over this Vodka.

NEFT Vodka

Silent Pocket Keeps What’s Yours Hidden

Silent PocketSilent Pocket is the only patented Faraday Cage system on the market. Trusted by the US Government and Global Enterprise Companies. Don’t leave your safety and security in the hands of just any product.

This clever RFID sleeve will prevent car thieves from hacking your security system with a signal amplification attack or a signal relay hack. Protect your expensive car and all your valuables inside it (including your valuable information inside your car – prevent identity theft too)!

100% Signal Blocking Faraday Cage Technology. This Faraday Key Fob Holder is the perfect RFID Blocker. This technology shields against RFID, WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, Cellular, GPS, Radio – every signal type! Also provides EMF protection against the long-term effects of EMF Radiation.

These Faraday bags are made from high-quality durable canvas with a proprietary signal blocker technology layered inside it.

Silent Pocket Key FOB Guard Protector for Wireless Car Keys – $15.95

Pamu’s Redesigned Ear Buds Make Podcasts Sound Greatear buds

Pamu constantly makes new designs and tweaks its earbuds to be even better. We’ve been testing out these by listening to podcasts on daily walks while cars and trucks roar by, but the sound stays clear and easy to hear.

The PaMu Team + The Best Chip Company (Qualcomm) +The Best Noise Cancelling Tech Company (AMS) + The Best Microphone Makers (Knowles)=PaMu Quiet, the best Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) earphones you can buy. Dozens of NBA players have switched to this cheaper than Apple Alternative for their listening enjoyment!

Pamu Earbuds $129

Eschweiler Rolltop Messenger Bag
Eschweiler Rolltop Messenger Bag

Milwaukee Boot Company’s Eschweiler Rolltop Messenger Bag, $129.00

Nobody’s messing with this messenger. Named for one of Milwaukee’s most revered architects, the Eshweiler messenger features interior zip and buttoned pockets to make it easy to organize all of your precious cargo. Front and rear exterior pockets on both sides make for easy access to your snacks or cellular devices. Classy all the way!

Milwaukee Leather Messenger Bag $1293179vJ VeuL. SL250

You Never Knew You Needed This to Eat Cereal!

The Crunch Cup is for cereal lovers who want to dispense with the spoon. You can with this clever gadget that places a cereal holder inside a plastic cup with milk.

The CrunchCup️ is comprised of two cups; one for the cereal and the other for the milk. Each cup has its own hole so that the cereal and milk don’t meet until they hit your mouth.

Made of extremely durable, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic. It will not crack if you drop it. Drink your cereal with one hand on-the-go without having to use a spoon.

Control the flow of milk by putting your finger on the air hole or by partially covering the milk spout with the lower lip.

The CrunchCup – A Portable Cereal Cup $20

Rush Charge For When You Need a Charge Now

Rush Charge is a small square device that powers your iPhone, Android or your earbuds. It’s small enough to stick in a pocket and comes in a few varieties, one with a wood tone and another one painted gold for Apple’s Lightning connector.

Use this portable power bank with any device that features a USB-C port. Whether you use it with headphones, a Nintendo Switch, a wireless keyboard, or your cell phone, this charger provides the power you need.

At about the size of a business card, this portable phone charger is designed to be small but powerful. It provides a powerful charge that lasts for hours. Unlike other chargers that include a wire to a battery pack, this compact travel charger is wire-free and plugs directly into your device’s power port.

Rush Charge Max, Portable USB-C Charger for Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, Samsung Phones, and More (Gold) $30

Coalatree Slash-Proof Commuter Backpack

Coalatree Commuter backpack

Coalatree impressed me with their pullover hoodie that it turns out was actually made using recycled coffee grounds. Wow. Here is a slash-proof backpack that’s made using recycled water bottles, and it’s a classy pack too.

With an external zipper pocket on top, two hydration sleeves on the sides, and a hidden pocket for valuables that sits against your back, you’ll never spend excess time looking for the essentials you need. No one can slash their way in–it also has a TSA approved lock!

Coalatree Compass Backpack $79

Nixon’s Durable Eco Duffel

This sturdy handled duffel bag is made from recycled ocean-bound plastics.

Nixon’s Escape’s rectangular zipper and soft rectangular shape provide easy access to its interior, and a much better layout for packing cubes folded clothes or any other item that don’t conform well to the cylindrical design of a standard duffel.

NIxon Escape DuffleBuilt to adapt for both short and extended trips, the Escape features compression straps that compact the load inside when the bag isn’t filled to capacity so it fits better when stowed overhead on a plane or elsewhere. Every model in the Escape series also has quick-grab exterior haul handles, and proper backpack straps that make it more comfortable to carry than standard convertible duffels.

Nixon Escape Duffel $110

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