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magic weighted blanket

Need some gift ideas?

Try Magnet Fishing! Catch a Bike, or a Diamond RingGift Idea: Magnet Hound kit

Interested in a new hobby that combines the outdoors, adventure and mystery?

If you haven’t heard of Magnet Fishing, it’s basically metal detecting underwater and it’s an incredible hobby for all ages who love the outdoors, are treasure seekers, and/or love to clean up the environment.

A full ten-piece kit comes with a 500 lb pull-strength neodymium magnet, grappling hook, two retrieving ropes, microfiber cloth, a dry bag with straps, magnet scraper, two locking carabiners, and pre-applied thread lock.

Everyone from a beginner to an enthusiast is guaranteed to find success with this kit. Dive into the hobby with the most inclusive kit on the market.

Magnet Hounds has an incredible 10-Piece Fishing Magnet Starter Kit that has everything needed to find those underwater treasures immediately. A Great Starter Kit for that Special Gift this Holiday Season. What will you find?!

Magnet Hound $38.50

Rare Lumiere candlesCandles that Remind You of Special Places

RareLumiere makes it even better with their newest candle offering, Aspen, arriving just in time for the holidays and winter season. Experience the beauty of Aspen in winter with the scents of quaking aspen, smoky oud wood, and clove leaf nestled together like this lovely town and the mountains that surround it.

This beautifully scented candle will remind you of a delightful holiday celebration of fragrant pine, crackling fires, and simmering spice and fruit. Luxurious yet quaint, like the city itself, Aspen will surely bring holiday warmth into the homes of your friends and family.

RareLumiere candles $39.00

Wake Up Restored with the Magic Weighted Travel BlanketMagic Weighted blanket

The Magic Weighted Blanket was created to mold to your body mimicking the perfect hugging feeling. Our original design has been scientifically proven to help ease anxiety and add a sense of calm through a process called Deep Pressure Therapy.

The Magic Weighted Blanket is special compared to other weighted blankets because they have been made in America since 1998, come with a lifetime warranty, are designed with an attached duvet cover, and are completely machine washable.

This travel-sized version comes in a nice array of colors– just be sure not to bring too much else since this adds 20 pounds to your suitcase.

Knack backpack Knack Bags: Expandable, Professional, Ready for the Road

Knack Bags are expandable, professional backpacks made for travelers, digital nomads, and people who work on the road.

Their stand-out feature is the patent-pending expandable compartment, which totally zips away when you don’t need it.

Knack backpack

The best part of Knack Packs – and what travelers love the most – is that you can keep all of your clothes and toiletries in the expandable suitcase compartment, empty it when you get to your destination, and then have a very handsome and functional daypack to carry around on your weekend adventures.

No more lugging around two bags. Separate, patent-pending, expandable 16 cubic liter packing compartment with easy-access suitcase lid opening.

Hidden trolley sleeve slips over wheeled luggage handles

Lockable zippers on travel compartment

Internal packing compression system

Large, see-through, soft monofilament mesh zip packing pocket

Rain flap covering expansion zipper

Tuck-away back storage pocket for shoulder straps

Knack Backpacks $255

Sensate: Give Yourself a Stress Escape Any Time You Need ItSensate

Meet Sensate — the first portable, palm-sized device designed to help you naturally regulate your stress responses so you can boost your stress resilience and simply be more you.

By using sonic frequencies to soothe your nervous system, it teaches your body to relax in as few as 10 minutes a day.

Calms the fight, flight or freeze response in real-time

Conditions the body to self-regulate and manage future stresses

No effort, training or experience needed

Takes as few as 10 minutes per daily session

Sensate can be used as part of a daily routine; or as your go-to life hack to manage stressful situations like work or family gatherings, fear of flying encounters with sabertooth tigers, or plain old-fashioned unwinding before bed.

Sensate device $255

JJ Suspenders: When the Belt Doesn’t Cut It AnymoreJJ Suspenders

When men get to a certain age, it becomes harder and harder to keep their pants from falling down, having to do with the geometry of our increasing guts and reducing gluteus maximus.

Here is an elegant solution that won’t make you look like a hillbilly.

JJ Suspenders

JJ Suspenders – the perfect outfit accessory for every man.

They were founded in 2014 and, today, they are popular online, as well as in hundreds of boutique stores around the world.

JJ Suspenders are created using unique fabrics, high-quality detailing, and real leather — a contrast to the mass-produced and low-quality suspenders found elsewhere.

These come with both buttons and clip-on snaps, depending on what pants you wear.

With skinny, leather, classic, and formal suspender styles to choose from, there’s a unique suspender for just about everyone.

Find them on the official JJ Suspenders website, as well as on Amazon.

Hang Up Your Clothes in Good Conscience with (re)x Recycled Plastic Hangershangers

Here is a product we all use. And one that nobody until now has figured out how to make out of recycled plastic. I present the (re)x clothes hangers. I know it’s a weird name but it’s an important issue. Besides, these are very sturdy and well-made hangers.

There are approximately two pounds of plastic pollution in each pack of ( r e ) x hangers. Raw materials for the (re)x hangers are sourced from beach clean-ups and local recycling efforts in South Africa.
The company partners with Ocean Plastic Technologies to recover plastics from the ocean and remove post-consumer and post-commercial plastics from the waste stream. To date, 3.3 tons of ocean and ocean-bound plastic waste have been removed from waterways thanks to (re)x hangers.

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