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Einova Dual stone phone charge plate

Einova Dual Wireless Charging Stone: Two Phones Charge at Once

Einova combines useful utility with the timelessness of stone…in a wireless charger that does two phones at the same time! Made of natural stone shaped using diamond-tipped blades. These natural stone chargers are green in addition to being durable, easy to clean, and absolutely beautiful in any room.

Charge your smartphone without cables by simply laying your phone on a solid stone surface. Fast charging up to 10W for compatible devices, works great with the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, and is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices including the Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, and S9 Plus, AirPods 2, AirPods Pro, Galaxy Buds, Pixel Buds.

Einova Dual Wireless Charging Stone $100

Promescence for Men

You Both Will Love Promescent this V-Day!

Promescent. The Home and Away collection is the perfect gift to make intimacy last longer. Whether at home or on the go, delay spray and delay wipes can ensure all partners get the most pleasure. Use delay spray for him 5-10 minutes before intimacy to control premature ejaculation. Here is a gift that both sexes will surely appreciate.

Proven: Unlike other numbing lube, delay condoms, wipes, or sex pills our spray is clinically proven, #1 Trusted: 2,000+ USA health care pros recommend Promescent numbing spray for couple sex products.  Increase endurance and time so you stay hard longer and prolong the sexual experience

Promescent Spray for Men $22.96


Zipplicity Is a Suitcase Disguised as a Neck Pillow

Invest in ADVENTURE, not baggage fees… A packable travel neck pillow saves you time, money, and peace of mind. Zipplicity is a suitcase–disguised as a neck pillow!–so you can bring more. Plane, train or automobile: You can bring more for your journey. Zipplicity allows you to keep your valuables close and carry more without a bag fee!

Phone soap cellphone sanitizer device

PhoneSoap Go: Mobile Battery-Powered UV Sanitizer | PhoneSoap Go Power Bank

PhoneSoap Go allows you to disinfect and charge your phone simultaneously, while on the go! Using UV-C light technology, 99.99% of bacteria are eliminated safely from your device. Battery-powered PhoneSoap Go is proud to be the first and only portable cell phone charger that neutralizes freeloading pathogens while it charges your phone. So travel or commute with confidence, knowing you’ve got the germiest item in your bag tamed and charged. What does PhoneSoap Go Do?

Kills 99.99% of germs 1 using UV-C light.
Disinfects and charges on the go.
Charges with a built-in rechargeable battery.
Provides 45 microbe-zapping cycles on one charge

Phone Soap Go $79

Morphee Zen
Morphée Zen Will Relax You with 72 Different Sounds

Morphée Zen is a discreet, tactile device that is perfect to keep in your pocket or bag for when you need an instant moment of calmness. Resembling a hot stone reminiscent of a therapy session, Morphée Zen is one click away from 72 expert-approved audio sessions combining the best meditation and sophrology* techniques to help people relax and re-center any time during the day, no matter if you are waiting in a long line or stuck in a traffic jam.

Morphee Zen device $79

Midland hand cranked radio

Midland’s AM-FM Radio Helps You Out with Crank Power

This radio will provide a signal even if there is no power…because you crank the side wheel to generate electricity! Very useful in case of an outage and it gets both AM and FM, radio bands. It also has NOAA’s weather alerts and a solar panel…it can also charge your phone. Very useful! Midland’s ER310 radio is a must for emergency preparedness. The ER310 keeps you informed in case of severe weather or civil emergency. Recharge your USB-compatible devices, use the Cree LED flashlight for power outages or when navigating low-light areas, and be found in any emergency with its high-frequency dog whistle.

Midland AM-FM Hand Crank Radio $49

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