Gift Ideas for Active Travelers

a blue bag on a bicycle bike panniers

Sheyd Bags: Double Panniers AND a Stylish Backpack

Sheyd Bags has created a stylish and practical double bike pannier backpack that makes casual biking more enjoyable and convenient, especially for bike commuters! The new double-pannier backpack makes biking more accessible, fun, and stylish, whether cruising through the neighborhood, commuting to work, or exploring scenic trails.

With its sturdy and stylish canvas design with buckles, you won’t have to compromise between fashion and function again! Sheyd Bags is all about enhancing your casual biking experience and optimizing your bike commute, one ride at a time.

Sheyd Double Pannier Backpack $79.99

Lookout Buffalo: Free Weights that Don’t Look Like Free Weights

a couple of orange tubes which are actually weightsThese are weights that don’t look like weights. They serve as both functional decor, with a simplistic and appealing aesthetic, and as practical workout tools.

Whether you prefer the 3 lb, 5 lb or 25 lb bar, you can seamlessly transition from decor to a workout session. They are available in a variety of minimalistic colors, Copper suede, Pink Champagne, Deep Black, Glacier White, OD Green, additional colors coming soon!

Lookout Buffalo Weights

Clear terminals in airports

Give the Gift of an Easy Trip through Security with CLEAR Pass

What is CLEAR Plus: CLEAR Plus is an annual membership that gives you expedited entry at 54 (and more coming soon!) airports nationwide without waiting in line to show your I.D. at airport security. Simply step up to a CLEAR Pod at the airport, scan your boarding pass and eyes or fingerprints, and an Ambassador will escort you to the front of the security line for your screening.

Two ways to gift CLEAR Plus: Option 1: Click here to purchase a gift card for CLEAR Plus – you can purchase a: 6-month membership for one adult ($89) 12-month membership for one adult ($189)

12-month membership for 2 adults ($239 includes one parent account + one family member/friend – a $20 savings). For FAQs, click here.Option 2: If you are already a CLEAR Plus member, add up to 3 family members or friends to your account for just $70 each. The family members and friends added to your account will have full access to CLEAR’s network of expedited lanes at 54+ airports! For more information, click here.


Give the Gift of Travel with TripGift

TripGift is the world’s leading provider of global travel gift cards boasting a vast selection of over 1.5 million exclusive products available for booking on its user-friendly website. With options in 85 currencies, TripGift opens the door to a digital self-serve online travel store, connecting consumers with countless providers, including renowned names such as Delta, United, American Airlines, Emirates, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Avis, Hertz, and many more.

Book a flight, hotel, excursion, rent a car, or even learn a new language! These versatile digital gift cards are conveniently accessible through major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, making them an ideal choice for any occasion.

Whether it’s airline gift cards, an all-inclusive vacation gift card, or a weekend getaway to NY for the U.S. Open, a TripGift opens the door to endless travel possibilities. Explore the world of travel gift card ideas and surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable getaway or indulge in a well-deserved treat for yourself!

Cost: You can purchase gift cards raging in value from $50 – $10,000.

Link to website:

a person holding an umbrella on a beach Dri umbrellas

Dri Umbrella Made from Plastic Waste!

Dri umbrella canopies consist of 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic. This plastic is gathered from the beaches, coastlines, rivers, streams and other waterways in areas around the developing world (predominately in Southeast Asia) to intercept plastic pollution before it enters the deep sea where it decimates our marine ecosystems and wildlife.

The collected plastic is taken to local recycling centers in those countries where it is sorted and shaved to plastic flakes. The plastic flakes are then turned into polyester fiber, then sheets of polyester fabric. The fabric is hand cut and hand sewn on top of our sturdy umbrella frame.

Every Dri umbrella has a shaft made of durable stainless steel, and a handle made of regenerative bamboo. Due to the sustainable materials we use and our long-lasting design, we’re confident Dri offers the most eco-friendly rain umbrellas in the world.

Dri Umbrellas

Ravean cork handwarmer batter

Ravean’s Stylish Cork Handwarmer Phone Battery

This attractive handwarmer uses cork, and you can also use it to charge your phone. It’s a a modern, sleek portable electric hand warmer that doubles as a Power Bank. COOL!


  • 3 heat settings and up to 8+ hrs of heat
  • Heats up to 140 degrees F
  • Charges small mobile devices up to 1.5+ times
  • Cork-wrapped aluminum shell to help retain heat
  • Weather resistant

Ravean battery $39

Sitka Beanie

Sitka Cuffed Knit Wool Beanie in Red Sumac

You can’t go wrong with this Sitka Gear Cuffed Knit beanie! It’s stylish, warm, and fitting for most clothing styles; Keep your head cozy and comfortable. Give it as a gift or wear it yourself

Cuffed Knit beanie features a classic ribbed cuff design and holds its shape perfectly; The natural stretch ensures comfort and flexibility for various head shapes and sizes; Clamp label won’t irritate the skin. Keeping things simple, this beanie is made from 80% wool and 20% ultra-soft nylon. This fabric composition ensures all-day comfort and warmth during chilly days

Sitka’s Beanie $40

Wood and Stoane cutting Board

Zebrawood and Wenge Cutting Board from Wood and Stoane

Description: Crafted from Zebrawood and Wenge, this cutting board is functional, elegant art. Happy hour, charcuterie plate, and holiday spread ready, this 11″x15″ and handcrafted in the USA cutting board is a wow moment you haven’t seen before. Wood and Stoane is a Seattle-based boutique brand known for our premium quality products. Be ready for all the compliments and gratitude coming your way from friends and family!

Wood and Stoane Cutting Board: $180

The Elchemist firestartersThe Elchemist Offers Handmade Firestarters for the Backyard Firepit or the Fireplace

These handcrafted firestarters fron The Elchemist are a camper’s dream. Made with sustainable materials like soy & coconut wax, pine cones and egg cartons, they are perfect for lighting campfires or outdoor fire pits. Each pack contains 12 firestarters, ensuring many cozy nights by the fire. They’re a great eco-friendly gift choice for anyone who enjoys camping or has a fire pit. These handmade products are made in Needham, Massachusetts in small batches, ensuring attention to detail and quality.

Coconut Firestarters $16 for 12/pack


StimuNail Promotes Nail Growth, Increases Blood Flow

Grow strong nails with StimuNail. Stacey, a Cosmetic Biochemist and New Product Development expert, struggled with her own nail issues and set out to discover just what makes nails healthy and grow. The StimuNail device was developed with all women in mind – women who want solution-based beauty products.
StimuNail gently warms the nail area to boost blood flow, supplying nutrients to growing cells. Red light is directed to the cuticle area where new nail cells develop. Lastly, the vibrating massage invigorates the entire hand.

GuruNanda flosser

Portable Flossers Are the New Thing: GuruNanda

GuruNanda’s Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser is an advanced water stream flossing system that helps healthier gums and a brighter smile in just 2 minutes a day. It’s a complete oral-care solution. With 1400-1800 times/minute of high pressure water pulse, it is efficient in promoting healthy teeth and gums by helping remove plaque and food particles in between the teeth. It not only effectively massages your gums but also aids in bad breath while helping reduce gingivitis, and is perfect for use on braces.

It comes with a detachable water tank, that allows you to thoroughly clean the limescale and plaque deposits and prevent foul smell from the tank. Its compact design makes it easy to be used both at home and during travel. The 2000 mAh battery gets fully charged in just 4 hours and can last up to 21 days after continuous use, and is easily rechargeable with the USB cable that comes with the pack.


Cord Brick

Cord Brick Helps Organize all of those Cords in your Life

CordBrick a patented device and cord solution created by Naples based serial entrepreneur Nick Barrett, AKA “CordBrick Nick.” Made of silicone and weighted with steel, its unique design allows it to adapt to any charging situation and since there’s no adhesive, it can be used multiple times. It comes in several colors, including glow-in-the-dark (limited availability), making it the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a phone.

How does it work? It weighs down and gathers cord ends with a weighted, specially designed BRICK of silicone and can wrap cords for travel, with easy unwrapping too. Its 6 special channels are designed for holding: 4 cords and wrapping/grabbing 2 cords and phones. All 6 channels can fit Apple AirPods, and things like pens, too.

Cordbrick $11.99

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