Valentines Ideas for Travelers

Leather backpack from Luis Steven for Valentines
Leather backpack from Luis Steven

Valentines Day is a special day, and one that’s worth celebrating with unique gifts and fun ideas that will inspire your beloved. Below we list many different ideas to inspire you….but take a hint, don’t wait until February 13 to get them something.
Friendship Lamp

Friendship Lamps: Valentine’s Gift that will Touch Anyone’s Heart

Touch your Friendship Lamp and your loved one that has the other lamp, their lamp lights up the same color as yours. Connect as many lamps together as you wish. What a lovely way to remind your beloved that you’re thinking of them!

Each person connects their lamp to their Wi-Fi, then touches the lamp whenever they are thinking of their loved ones. Perfect for parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, or long-distance special someone.

The set of 2 Friendship Lamps come already paired together and is ready to connect to Wi-Fi. Use our Filimin Connect App for quick and easy Wi-Fi set up.

Friendship Lamps, Imperfect $69

Happy kit for weed lovers

Happy Kit Original: When You Need To Be Weed Prepared

The Original Happy Kit is perfect for everyone who smokes marijuana, making it the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a regular puff.

Now you will never leave home without all your supplies with the Happy Kit, the ultimate travel kit for smokers. Never fear losing your papers or breaking your pipe again with our smell-proof and breakproof case. The smoke stash kit is virtually odorless and odorless! Stay Happy with the Happy Kit by your side.

HAPPY KIT Original includes:
Smell proof/Shockproof carrying case
2.5″ Glass Pipe
Plastic Magnet Grinder
Doob Tube
Metal Poker
1 1/4 Rolling Paper + Filter Tips
1 Hitter Pipe

magellan super cooler

Magellan Super Duty Cooler: It’s Almost a Yeti and Just as Tough

Whether you’re partying, grilling, or enjoying the outdoors, count on the Magellan Outdoors IceBox Dual Open Hard Sided cooler to keep your food and drinks cold. This 20-quart cooler includes a dual-opening lid with a stainless-steel locking system for secure closure. It has two built-in bottle openers and a drain plug for convenience. The bucket handle with an ergonomic grip allows for comfortable transportation.

The nontoxic cooler box is tasteless, easy to clean, and approved for direct contact with food. A Dual-opening lid offers easy access to contents UV-resistant design helps prevent fading.

Magellan Outdoors $149

Luis Stevens calfskin backpack
Luis Steven Sleek and Stylish Calfskin Backpack

Vertically oriented “briefcase-style” leather Backpack. Wear it as a backpack or carry it with top handle. Backpack straps are concealable for a professional look. Unisex style, versatile and functional. Capable of carrying a laptop, an electronic tablet, and other work documents. Great for work or travel, will fit under the airline seat. It’s a very elegant upgrade for anyone who uses a backpack!

Fits Laptops up to: 14.5″ Wide. Will fit most 15″ screen laptops, even a MacBook Pro 16″ screen. Capacity: Fits up to 3″ of equipment or files. Handmade in the USA.

Medium Laptop Backpack by Luis Steven $295

Luis Stevens cross body camera bag

Luis Steven’s Small, Leather Cross Body Camera Bag

The most versatile and luxurious bag for any occasion. All crossbody camera bags are designed with a detachable, adjustable strap, front cell phone pocket, and easy access back pocket. Made with premium Italian pebble leather and natural suede lining, all hardware is pure nickel adding the perfect touch to this beautiful accessory. A small bag durable enough for nights out, traveling, and simply running errands with plenty of room for all daily essentials.

Crossbody Camera Bag by Luis Steven $345

Prana Brush Ionic Body Brush 1Prana Brush Stimulates Natural Lymph Flow…and Feels Great

Dry brushing has long been recognized as a beneficial health practice, and its benefits are enhanced through the use of an ionic body brush, which has its origin in ancient Ayurvedic practices. These unique brushes are made with extra-fine ion-charged copper bristles, which naturally create negative ions (created by the friction between the copper bristles and the skin) that help protect the body from free radicals.

Using an ionic dry brush also stimulates natural lymph flow, which helps make the lymphatic system more effective at purging toxins and pathogens from the body. For a luxurious experience, brush skin twice a week using light strokes towards the heart before bathing. $44.50


Untold chocolate bonbons

Feed Her Scotch Whiskey Bonbons this Valentine’s Day

The perfect gift for the wanderer. Gift this box of botanically inspired chocolate bonbons this Valentine’s Day. Displayed in a gorgeous gilded botanical gift box made for traveling that is as visually beautiful as it is delicious.

Untold’s signature bonbon varieties, flavors, and designs change constantly. This 12 piece selection includes Hazelnut Honeycomb Crunch and Scotch Whiskey Bonbons.

Untold Chocolates $21

Bracketron aluminum car phone holder

Bracketron’s Phone Mount is Solid Aluminum and Really Works

I’m still amazed that people don’t have a way to hold their phones in their cars when they are trying to look at Google maps. Even some Uber drivers are holding their handsets instead of using a good sturdy holder. This might not be a glamorous or romantic gift, but it will be used, that’s for sure!

Made for heavy-duty work, the Bracketron X HD Pro Phone Mount was designed with fleets and professional drivers in mind. Its tough and sturdy aluminum build, larger Temporbond™ suction cup, and knurled metal ball-in-socket clamp will ensure that your phone and mount will be able to stand up to the everyday demands that you and your gear go through. Great for trucking, fleet vehicles, off-road use, and more.

Sturdy aluminum phone holder allows you to securely hold most any size phone up to 3.5″ wide.

Large 3.5″ butyl rubber suction cup with an aluminum ball joint holds securely to windshields.

Aluminum pedestal has two adjustment points that allow virtually any position for viewing.

Bracketron phone holder $49


Cupping: From Olympic Athletes to Everyday People, It’s the Rage

Achedaway Cupper is a smart cupping device that allows you to enjoy self-cupping therapy at your fingertips anytime and anywhere. The device is portable enough to help travelers relieve back pain, especially for couple-backpackers. The combination of dynamic cupping tech (DCT) and red light therapy (RLT) would provide you with a super relaxing and therapeutic cupping experience.

The switchable modes, cup sizes and intensity levels tailor individuals’ own needs just like a highly experienced personal cupping expert.

Acheaway Cupper set $169

viewstar bed pillows

Viewstar Hotel Pillows…Huge and oh so Comfy!

Sometimes we visit hotels and for some reason, the beds are more comfortable…it might have to do with the pillows. This is a true hotel pillow, large and very fluffy. This pillow is available in Standard Queen or King size in colors white, golden brown, and baby blue. These queen pillows measure 20 x 30 inches, they will fit in both queen and queen-size pillowcases. I love having pillows that stretch so far to either side of the bed.

The two pack pillows come vacuum-sealed for shipping, once opened they will start to fluff up. Please leave 24 hours for the pillow to get to full-thickness before using it.

Viewstar Hotel Pillows set of 2 $38

Printique Metal Prints


Printique Ups the Framed Photo Game with Metal Prints

Skip the chocolate and the flowers… here is a more memorable gift idea: Metal Prints from Printique. Metal Prints are created by infusing images onto aluminum with glossy metallic to matte finish options. What results are professional metal photo prints that are vibrant and durable. Your custom metal print will make a statement whether you choose to hang a family picture or showcase your photography mounted as wall art.
Printique is a photography lab based out of Brooklyn known for its high-quality print products. What makes then unique? They are one of the only labs using traditional — old-school — printing techniques to make sure all the images are vibrant, sharp, and will last for generations. 
Canvasart paintings from photos.

Canvas Art Can Turn a Photo into a Work of Art

Whether it’s a picture from a vacation or a sentimental date, CanvasArt will render your favorite photo into a painting on canvas. Create a heartwarming memory in art for yourself or a unique Valentine’s Day gift. Sizes range from 8×10 all the way up to 32  x48. For details visit:
love life drink

Love in a 10 oz Can?

Life Enhanced Intimacy Beverage is a drink that works by getting the juices flowing in all the right places (wink, wink) for both men and women.

Through our patented, all-natural amino acid formula, Love Life boosts nitric oxide levels and increases stamina and performance. Nitric oxide is
known as the miracle molecule, in which our body creates it, but as we age nitric oxide levels decrease. Love Life helps replenish nitric oxide levels
and create the oh-la-la we are all craving and deserve in life. Love Life has created the science, you bring the chemistry.

Love Life Cosmo drinks 4-pack $19.69

conversation cards

Great Conversations Start with the Right Questions on these Cards

These boxed hand-designed 4 X 4 four-color cards made of heavy stock are great conversation-starter cards. They’re the perfect traveling companion, especially during these unprecedented times, The questions will spark conversations with traveling partners and new friends you meet along the way. You will feel connected in a deeper and more relevant way.

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