Unusual Gifts for Your Favorite Traveler

Tarp on the rock. This story features unusual gifts for the holidays.
The Tarpestry is a combo of tarp and tapestry.

Here are Some Unusual gift ideas for the Discerning Traveler on Your List

We are compiling list after list, so many ideas this year, so many interesting and creative gift ideas for just about anyone. Take a dive with these unusual and interesting products you can buy without having to leave your house.

Assuage Traveler

Assuage Makes your Seat Safer

Cover that seat, feel a little bit better. Assuage makes this Ultra Cozy Seat Protector that you can slip over your airplane, train or bus seat the next time you travel. It comes in blue, black and fuscia, (or “Sakura Blossom,”).

Imagine your coziest fleece sweater – now you can take that comfort with you everywhere! Washable and reusable with 3 colors to choose from. BONUS: it comes with a washable carrying case. These are lightweight and convenient to carry.

Versatile, so that they fit most seats. Plus, it takes mere seconds to put them on the seat. Simply stretch the elastic top over the top of the seat. Designed to provide an extra layer of protection between people and any germs and viruses that may be on the public seat.

Assuage Travel reusable Ultra Comfy Seat Cover $24.95

Tarpestry: If a Tarp and a Blanket Had a Baby

Tarpestry Tarpestry has become a go-to piece of gear for this season of COVID – some people bring it everywhere now, so they can hang out outside whenever they want, even if the conditions aren’t great!

It makes a great gift for everyone from young children and families to hardcore hikers and van-lifers.

Created by adventurers and festival-goers, Tarpestry (think tarp + tapestry) is a soft and durable weather-resistant outdoor blanket. Born in Colorado and built in the Blue Ridge, this USA-made product is an excellent outdoor surface for learning, working, or playing.

Uppers are available in a range of styles and materials, from 100% cotton to weather-resistant polyester. With four grommet rings, one on each corner, the UV-resistant Tarpestry can be hung up for shade or staked down for a water-resistant blanket and includes a corner Velcro pocket for easy storage.

The Tarpestry is 7.5’ x 4.5’ and weighs 4lbs. $149-192

The Mini is perfect for smaller outings and measures 4.5’ x 3’. $88

Wandrd Sling Strap for a DSLR.

Wandrd Keeps Your Camera Handy, No Matter What You’re DoingSling Strap Wandrd

Wandrd offers a sleek line of camera straps for those people on your Christmas list who still lug around giant DSLR cameras. This strap is made from recycled soft-touch nylon & hypalon, and has Custom metal “quick-connect” hardware and non-slip silicone print.

Wandrd Sling Strap $54


Ombraz armless sunglasses

Ombraz Sunglasses: Look Mom, No Sidearms!

By eliminating sidearms, Ombraz has created sunglasses that are virtually indestructible and eliminate any discomfort typically felt when wearing a traditional pair of sunnies all day long.

You wear these glasses on your nose and use a string to keep them on your face. They come with a guarantee and free shipping.

Additionally, through the Ombraz Shade Project and in collaboration with the Eden Reforestation Project, Ombraz plants 20 mangrove trees for every pair sold, sequestering 330x more carbon than it takes to produce and deliver a single pair of Ombraz.

Ombraz Armless Sunnies

buzzbox cocktailsThe buzzbox: Cocktails for Everyone!

Every buzzbox is made using top-shelf spirits, handcrafted ingredients, real fruit juices, and all-natural cocktails. buzzboxes are gluten-free, completely kosher, and fully vegan. buzzbox is proud to be the world’s first portable cocktail with an ultra-low environmental impact!

These packages are lightweight, easy to transport, and recyclable. This aseptic technology allows the product inside to stay fresh, without the need for any preservatives.

buzzbox Mojito

In fact, buzzbox doesn’t even need to be refrigerated until opened so you can bring it anywhere with you, which is perfect for nomads. With 9 classic flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Flavors Available

– Perfect Margarita
– Classic Greyhound
– Long Island
– Classic Cosmo
– Cuban Mojito
– Bloody Mary
– Whiskey Lemonade
– Hurricane
– Vodka Lemonade

buzzbox $94 for 24

Bite AwayBite Away Keeps the Bug Bites from Hurting

MibeTec, a company newly headquartered in Austin, has launched a new product called Bite Away to help mitigate uncomfortable and inconvenient mosquito bites.

After just 3 to 5 seconds of treatment, users can say goodbye to the itchiness, redness, and swelling symptoms of insect bites and get back to enjoying time outdoors,

Bite Away is an electronic medical device used for the external treatment of bites and stings from mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, gnats, horseflies, and other pesky insects.

How it works: The ceramic contact surface of Bite Away® is placed on the bite or sting until a temperature of around 124°F is reached and is maintained for the selected time. Your skin is soothed gently and easily without any harsh chemicals. In between 3 and 5 seconds the pain and itching will cease.

Bite Away $39.9931+e4B7O uL. SL250

Firebuggzz Fishing Pole Works Great Cooking Hotdogs or S’Mores over a Campfire

Campfire cooking just got a fun and exciting upgrade. This 34.5″ long, lightweight camping cooking utensil makes roasting marshmallows or hotdogs easy and fun. The stainless steel and roasting hooks make it very easy to clean with soap and water after use. The heat resistant wooden handle make it easy to hold and maneuver.

The roasting hooks hold up to 2 hotdogs or 4 marshmallows at a time, making it easy to keep the smores and hotdogs coming! A simple “jig” flips the roasting hooks over providing for an even cook on both sides.

Firebuggz Fishing Pole Campfire Cooking (Blue); Funny Hot Dog & Marshmallow Campfire Roasters, $21.99

How About Getting a Set of Surprise Seeds Every Month?

This monthly surprise seed kit from Window Lovely is designed for everyone’s growing space, whether you have a windowsill or an allotment. Seeds will be suitable for window boxes, pots, hanging baskets, garden beds, and allotment growing.

Each box will include a selection of flowers, easy growing vegetables,Window Lovely Seed Subscription box and herbs, suitable for the time of year. All in compostable and UK sourced packaging for £5.99/month. Much cheaper than many competitors and much more eco friendly!

What’s included:
3 different seed packets.
3 compostable bamboo plant markers.
3 compost discs (100% Peat Free).
3 ‘How to’ sowing and growing guides.

Sofi Sleeper pillow

Window Lovely Seed Subscription

A Super Comfy Down Pillow to Rest Your Head

The Sofi Sleep Deluxe Pillow was crafted and designed with sleep science in mind. The top layer is woven from ice yarn and stuffed with down feathers resulting in a luxurious feel which is cool to the touch, but never cold, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

I think too many of us sleep with super cheap, Wal-Mart pillows and never spend on something that is this good. It’s worth it to sleep on a high-quality pillow like this, just like it’s worth it to replace your mattress every ten years!

The core is filled with micro-tube gel-infused memory foam that molds to your form without losing any support aspects as Sofi suspends your head to an optimal height for constant contentment.

The middle mesh layer is woven from an ultra-breathable mesh that keeps the structure of Sofi intact while promoting breathability, meaning no need to fluff your Sofi in the middle of a night’s sleep. Finishing off the design, Sofi has a super soft sateen base, which is ideal to wrap your arms around if you’re a stomach sleeper.

Sofi Sleeper Pillow $89

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