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The Comfy.31DidvVW51L. SL250/> Ridiculously Huge Sweatshirt/blanket.

When I showed this new product to my nine-year-old granddaughter, Sofie, she was pretty darned pleased. She put on this gigantic oversized sweatshirt/blanket and didn’t want to take it off. I can see the appeal…it’s so soft and so comfy and so darn warm!

This could be a nice addition to a chilly plane ride! The Comfy The Blanket… $44.95

Eagle 3 Pro Sky Rider Drone

A drone that costs about $30 is worth about …. well, that’s what I was afraid of when I took this lightweight plastic drone out for some maneuvers. I was sad to see that yes, it’s darn hard to keep this thing in the air because, well, it’s a thirty-dollar Chinese drone.                                                                              

Ready-Made Travel Kits

Ben Lido Travel Bag
Ben Lido Travel Bag

Oftentimes, travelers find themselves scrambling to find last-minute supplies before taking off on a trip. All your favorite brands, in the sizes you need, delivered straight to your door or wherever your next adventure may take you. Create a customizable, TSA-approved travel bag for your next great adventure!

The new and improved easy way to travel! Buy your ready-made kits.

Comic-Inspired Sock


Instead of just reading a comic on your trip, wear it on your feet too! MrMiSocki is a story of a solo sock, embarking on an incredible adventure in pursuit of becoming a pair once more.

Together, they are MrMiSocki. Create a story while you travel and embark on a journey with MrMi and Socki, or bribe your children to join you with this fun travel accessory.

Bring your creative and quirky side with you wherever you travel! Every pair comes with 2 solo mismatch socks (1 pair) and the comic book from the MrMiSocki featured volume.

Lock It Up at the Beach

The Loctote industrial bags are the perfect solution for visiting a sketchy beach where your stuff just might be stolen. The solution is this locking bag that’s about as tough as you can find.

Not only do they come with a padlock to affix the bag to something permanent, but they are also made of a material that you can’t cut open. This would be great for anyone who needs to feel safe leaving things at their beach site while taking a swim in the ocean.
51RTL3Qb96L. SL250LOCTOTE AntiTheft Sack 3L – The Packable Portable Safe$59

Lightweight Boots for Winter

Lem's Shoes Boulder Boot

Lems is a small shoemaker from Boulder, Colorado. Their lightweight Boulder Boots are a nice combination of a sturdy boot but without the bulky weight. Comprised of 1200-denier nylon and nubuck leather and our IBR outsole, this boot grants flexibility so they can pack down to the size of your favorite puff jacket. Lem’s Boulder Boot $124

Weighted Sleep Mask

The Nod Pod is a weighted sleep mask that stays on your face using gravity. Not sure what you do if you’re a side sleeper, but this use of weights has been used for many purposes.31U7VKjwcgL. SL250  The weights make this stay on, according to the makers, and it’s soft and comfy. nodpod, Microbead Weighted Sleep Mask:  $24.95

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