Gear and Gadgets for Summer Enjoyment

Bedol water clock

Summer Enjoyment Begins with Clever, New Products Like These!

We scour the interwebs for cool new products to feature here, and some of the products below will certainly be of interest.

A Water Powered Clock? Yes!

The Bedol water clock is the most accurate, environmentally practical, hassle-free clock of its kind. The Water Clock works 100% on natural power. No batteries, no chemicals, no electricity – no pollution. It keeps perfect time without requiring batteries or electricity. My only beef with this gadget is that is very difficult to set the time, it uses a cheesy little switch setup that’s annoying…I never could set the time correctly.

You don’t even need to wind it up! Just fill the tank with natural tap water and you’re set. (You won’t even lose time while changing water, thanks to the built-in memory chip!) Once you figure out how to set the time!

The Bedol Water Alarm Clock is shaped like a drop of water. The Bedol Water Clock technology converts ions in the water into clean energy power. The built-in memory chip remembers time so you don’t have to reset it. Water won’t need to be replaced for 6 months or more.

Reduce your carbon footprint by keeping time with tap water. Time-powered by water, join Bedol in another leap forward towards a greener planet.

Bedol Water Clock $19.99

Pamu Slide 2 ear buds
Pamu is Back with More Ear Pleasure: Slide 2

The legend of crowdfunding is now upgraded. Two years after the launch of the legendary Pamu Slide crowdfunding campaign, which set a new Indiegogo record in the headphones category, Padmate is proud to announce the upgraded Pamu Slide 2.

Just like its predecessor, Pamu Slide 2 boasts super-comfortable, ‘Never Fall Out’ fit earbuds, and delivers powerful bass and soaring treble. And, the smart tech reduces noise up to 42dB, on a noise reduction bandwidth of 20-2000Hz.

Pamu Slide 2 $79

ilive tailgate speakerHave a Backyard Dance Party with iLive Speaker

iLive’s Bluetooth Tailgate Party Speaker is the ultimate travel speaker. It not only has a room-rocking bass, 60-foot wireless range, and microphone input but has color-changing lights and roller wheels for easy transportation. Now, you can bring the party with you wherever you go.

This large speaker doesn’t have the high-quality sound of the more expensive models we have tested, like the Soundcast VG5,  it can be a bit tinny if you turn it way up. But for most people, the price point and the sound will suffice to make your party plans go ok. The VG5 is a $500 unit, this is much less expensive.

iLive’s Bluetooth Tailgate Party Speaker $69
Bearback lotion applicator
Bearback Gets to those Hard To Reach Places

From sunscreen on a sunny day to moisturizer after a hot shower, get those hard-to-reach places with the help of Bearback and their Lotion Roller attachment! This handy accessory is just one of four attachments as it transforms into the ultimate modern-day back scratcher, massager, dry brush, and moisturizer. This is a crazy combination of all three!

Monos Packing Cubes

Monos Packing Cubes Designed to Save Space in Your Tight Suitcase

Messy, over-stuffed suitcases are a thing of the past with the Monos Compressible Packing Cubes. Keep your clothes and other items neatly organized and compressed in our well-structured packing cubes, designed to save space and fit perfectly in your Monos luggage (Set of Four fits all Carry-On sizes; Set of Six fits all Check-In sizes).

Unlike traditional packing cubes made of cheap materials that rip or break after a few trips, our compression packing cubes are made to last with all-premium materials. The exterior is constructed with tear-resistant nylon twill, while the interior features the same luxuriously soft, anti-microbial fabric found inside our travel suitcases. And a breathable, TPU-reinforced mesh top panel lets you easily see what’s inside without unpacking, while the anti-catch zippers ensure your packing is always snag-free.

Monos Packing Cubes $110

10 piece cook set

A Cookware Set with the Ten Classics

Ten of the best! Looking for two classic pots and all the quality tools you need to make all the pasta and curry you can imagine? This one’s for you. Set Includes:

  • 3 Quart Pot with Lid
  • 5 Quart Pot with Lid
  • Silicone Clip Universal Strainer
  • Spaghetti Measure Tool
  • 3 Premium Nylon Kitchen Tools
  • 4 Assorted Size Pan Protectors

Cookware Set 10 pieces $119

Tentickle phone grip

Tentikle’s Grip Won’t Drop Your Phone

Tenikle’s octopus-inspired phone mount is a travel companion and has been the go-to camera mount for digital content creators looking to capture those unique moments that no other tripod can – all thanks to its tentacle legs, it grips like an octopus.
Here is why this super mount has been the top talk with many traveling creatives:

  • The bendable octopus-style legs ensure you can prop up any device in a way that captures any angle
  • The super suction cups can grab any flat surface and hold up to 100X its weight
  • Its foldable, bendable, and lightweight body makes it a breeze to pack and bring along anywhere

Tenikle’s $35

STNKY bags

Throw the Dirty Laundry into This Bag

New and improved STNKY Bags with upgraded materials that can handle washing and drying at any temperature. Available in standard and extra-large in burgundy or black. I brought this bag with me on a Scenic Cruise through Amsterdam, since the cruise line offers one laundry service per passenger on each cruise!

  • HOW TO USE: Toss your dirty gear into a STNKY Bag to keep odors and germs sealed, unzip for easy, no-touch washing, and toss it in the washer and dryer.
  • Standard (14 x 18 in 13 L) – Fits dirty shoes, shorts, shirt, two pairs of scrubs, gym gear, and a towel.
  • XL (18 x 25 in  26 L) – Great for a long weekend trip’s worth of clothes, up to five pairs of scrubs, and gear for team sports.

STNKY Bags are an eco-friendly solution that avoids using plastic bags that damage the environment and don’t seal in odors and moisture.

STNKY Bag Pro $30

Compression socks for summer enjoyment

Dr. Motion Outdoor Compression Socks

Don’t sacrifice comfort for style this outdoor season. With Dr. Motion’s stylish outdoor compression socks, you can confidently trek up a mountain or through the forest, knowing your feet will get you wherever you need to go. Featuring comfortable all-day compression, arch support, flat toe seams, and non-binding cuffs for better circulation and comfort. Crafted from ultra-functional cotton/TruDry polyester blend. Warm, moisture-wicking, and breathable

  • A smooth toe reduces friction that can lead to blisters

  • Graduated compression (8-20mmHg) for extra support

  • Imbued with anti-odor and antimicrobial properties

  • Durable and holds shape in the wash

  • Available in crew and knee-high to pair with any height boot for men and women

Dr Motion Socks $10

Rayee Wifi 6 router

Reyee Router Brings You The Fastest Wi-Fi 6

Reyee RG-E5 is a Wi-Fi 6 Gigabit dual-band mesh router designed for large flat spaces, villas, small shops, SOHO, and similar scenarios. It is designed to provide next-generation high-quality Wi-Fi services. Additionally, this router is equipped with eight independent power amplifiers for enhanced signal strength.

Wi-Fi 6 aims to relieve network congestion, provide greater client capacity, and reduce client power consumption. Compared with regular Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6 has a higher transmission speed and wider coverage. Its maximum transfer rate can reach 9.6Gbps. It supports the router to communicate with up to 8 devices at the same time, instead of communicating in turn. There is no need for queues and congestion, which improves efficiency and reduces delay, thus improving the performance and capacity of the entire wireless system. Wi-Fi 6 will automatically assign the most suitable transmission path for all your devices, both in time and at speed.

Wi-Fi 6 also uses Target Wake Time (TWT), which allows devices to determine when they will normally wake up to begin sending and receiving data. It extends the battery life of the device and saves more power consumption. When wi-fi6 sleeps, other connected devices also sleep, which is also conducive to extending the battery life of smart home devices.
Wi-Fi 6 is more secure. The device must adopt the new generation encryption security protocol WPA3 to pass the WiFi alliance certification. It can prevent powerful attacks, violent cracking, etc.

The Reyee RG-E5 provides one 10/100/1000Mbps WAN ports and four 10/100/1000Mbps LAN ports, with a maximum access bandwidth of 1000Mbps. The router supports the new-generation Wi-Fi 6 standard, which offers the maximum wireless rate 800Mbps at 2.4GHz and 2400Mbps at 5 GHz, and reaches 3200Mbps concurrently. The recommended access number of wireless terminals is up to 78, which is 75% more than the number supported by Wi-Fi 5.

Reyee RG-E5 Wi-fi 6 Router $149


The MoonWall: Perfect Accompaniment to Moon’s RV Shade

The MoonWall Long attaches to the 9ft side of MoonShade to increase shade and privacy in your outdoor space. MoonWall Long is best used with vans, trucks with full-length racks, full-size SUVs, and mid-size and large travel trailers or RVs. MoonWall Long can also be rotated 90-degrees for setup on MoonShade’s 7ft side.

The MoonWall folds up to fit easily inside the MoonShade, so you can keep your full MoonShade kit in one place.

MoonWall provides privacy when cooking, napping, and changing, and increases protection from side sun creating a cooler place to hang. The MoonWall also acts as a windbreak in light winds, making outdoor space more comfortable and relaxing. It provides protection from light precipitation and deflects wind-driven drizzle to keep your space dry.

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