Connie Westergaard

Connie Westergaard works in PR and lives in Denmark.

The Louvre, home of the Mona Lisa and other masterpieces.

Taking Mom to Paris

Paris Without the Romance, But with All the Culture By Connie Maria Westergaard Paris hardly needs an introduction. It has always been literally the heart of Europe and a romantic getaway for millions of people every year, but stripped of romance, what does the French capital have to offer a…

Connie skydiving in New Zealand

New Zealand Highlights by Bus

All Over New Zealand on The Backpacker Bus By Connie Maria Westergaard I do not have to travel anymore. I believe I have seen the whole world in one country. Every imaginable landscape, from glaciers and snowcapped mountains to wastelands, lakes, fiords, waterfalls, sounds, rainforests, beech forests, and rolling green…

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