Up, Up, Up, all tied together.

New Zealand’s Franz Josef Glacier

Crevasses and Ice Cave, Franz Josef Glacier Hike By Abigail Latham I awoke early on a warm January morning. The sun rose, coloring the sky with washes of pinks and oranges. The streets were deserted apart from a few intrepid travelers who were heading towards the Franz Joseph glacier store….

New Zealand Wairarapa

New Zealand: Wairarapa’s Food Scene

Wairarapa is Full of Surprises! By Kurt Jacobson If you have been waiting for a reason to visit New Zealand consider the exchange rate has dropped over 25% in the last eighteen months! Now the fun part is deciding where to go. New Zealand has fifteen wine regions and all…

new zealand gisborne

New Zealand: Finding Gisborne

Gisborne, New Zealand: the North Island’s Hidden Gem By Kurt Jacobson I stumbled upon Gisborne in a most unusual way in 2002. After my wife and I had visited New Zealand for our second time I was convinced I wanted to own real estate there. I scoured the internet for…

group actors 1

New Zealand: Working on a Movie Set

A Cool Gig working on a Movie in the Nick of Time By Mike Markoff My 36-hour ‘island-hop’ from the Caribbean to New Zealand left me unspeakably jet-lagged, culture-shocked, and intimidated. A far cry from the fantasy-land I envisioned (that’s what you get for trusting hobbits), my hostel in downtown…

Connie skydiving in New Zealand

New Zealand Highlights by Bus

All Over New Zealand on The Backpacker Bus By Connie Maria Westergaard I do not have to travel anymore. I believe I have seen the whole world in one country. Every imaginable landscape, from glaciers and snowcapped mountains to wastelands, lakes, fiords, waterfalls, sounds, rainforests, beech forests, and rolling green…

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