Survival If You Get Caught in the Wilderness

If a storm is brewing near you, these tips will keep you safe.
If a storm is brewing near you, these tips will keep you safe.

Best Survival Gear for Camping: Tips on What to Bring in Case of Problems

By Oscar Davis

There’s so much to love when camping in the great outdoors: the escape from digital devices, the sounds of nature, the fresh air, and the beautiful scenery. Amid the excitement of camping, don’t forget to pack the essential gadgets necessary for your and your family’s safety. Below we’ve compiled a list of the most important survival gear for camping. 

  Portable Power Station

A power station for camping is necessary for any camper or outdoor enthusiast since it helps power all kinds of gear, from CPAP andAnkker power station small appliances to smartphones and laptops.

This Anker 457 system packs a whooping 1500 watts and can power y our whole house in the event of a power outage. 

These devices are fully rechargeable, so you can recharge them in various ways, such as through an electrical outlet, car charger, or solar panels. They’re also quiet, unlike generators, so they won’t disturb your peace and quiet in nature. 

Mini Water Filtration System 

Camping can come with many dangers, so it’s best to pack a mini water filter to avoid digestive issues from your drinking water. Water filters remove bacteria and other hazardous organisms from your drinking water. It also helps to reduce odor and remove traces of metals and other chemicals from the water.

Pull Start Fire deviceFire Starter 

Starting a fire can be the difference between life and death in some scenarios. Fire keeps you warm and provides heat for boiling water and cooking food. 

Matches can easily get wet, ruining their effectiveness. Trusty fire starters can light even under wet conditions, ensuring you can fight off nearby predators at nightfall or survive in the freezing cold. Look for windproof, waterproof, and lightweight firestarters that you can pack for camping trips. 

The Pull Start Fire kit makes it easy to get a fire going even in wet weather.

First Aid Kit 

Accidents can happen, especially when spending time in the great outdoors. There are dozens of ways that you could potentially get hurt. Common small injuries include skinned knees, bug bites, sunburns, splitters, or burned fingers. In these cases, first aid is extremely convenient.first aid kit

First aid kits are best for treating small injuries and preventing them from becoming larger problems. It’s a great way to prevent infection and stave off blood loss until emergency responders can reach you. 

My Medic offers a complete kit with hundreds of useful different bandages, creams and tape to help you fix people up in case of an accident.

You can include many items in your first aid kits, such as antibiotic ointment, CPR face shield, adhesive tape, sterile bandages, pain-relieving medication, gauze, instant cold pack, and antihistamine.

Tactical Pen 

Tactical pens are like real pens, except they come with handy tools such as glass beakers and LED flashlights. You can use them in self-defense situations to protect yourself from any attackers that may be lurking. 

These special pens are especially useful since they are inconspicuous, meaning they’re more likely to fly under an attacker’s radar.

Emergency Blanket 

Emergency blankets are a staple in camping gear. They maintain 90% of body heat by trapping it inside the blanket and keeping you warm, especially in extremely cold temperatures. 

An emergency blanket is great when camping in areas with cold climates, such as high up in the mountains, or when unexpected bad weather occurs. It’s also useful as first-aid equipment when someone is going into shock. 

Furthermore, since the surface of the emergency blanket is so shiny, it’s great to use as a distress signal. It has a reflective surface, making it visible from the sky. 

Midland hand cranked radioHand Crank Emergency Radio

This radio requires no power, you can hand crank it to get a signal, and you can get weather forecasts and find out how far away the Zombies are during the apocalypse.

How to Survive: Wrapping It Up 

While you probably already have a long packing list, don’t forget these essentials. It’s vital to stay prepared and safe by having the right survival tools to avoid disaster.

These types of camping gear give you the peace of mind of knowing you can weather any emergency that comes your way. 

These things might add a little bit of weight to your pack, but in an emergency building a fire, staying warm, being able to see things in the dark, and how to contact the outside world are all valuable and key to survival.

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Oscar Davis is a freelance writer living in Leeds UK and a frequent camper too.

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