Gear You May Need for Fall Travel

AceVolt Power Station

Acevolt Campower Portable Power Station Handles Whatever You Need

This Acevolt Campower portable power station packs quite the punch…in fact this would be a very useful tool in the case of a power outage at home because it offers much the same functionality as a small gas generator, without the fumes. The AceVolt Campower solar-powered generator adopts the safest LiFePO4 battery; customers can use the battery over 2,500-time charge cycles instead of the 500-time charge cycles seen throughout the industry.

Using the LiFePO4 battery cells supports a longer battery life and a safer camping experience offered by AceVolt. RVers love this heavy battery, the only drawback I see is its weight, which is similar in heft to a car battery.

Geeky Gadgets raved about the device in their review, saying, “Like Tesla, AceVolt is one of the few visionary companies that have proactively embraced using LiFePO4 for their portable power solutions.

Benefits of using gear like the LiFePO4 include a lifespan of over ten years, no active maintenance, no memory effects, high speed charging capabilities, high-temperature resistance and safer and more secure operations. Thanks to the power station’s 4000W surge output, the AceVolt Campower 2000 can power anything requiring under 4,000 Watts of power including electric grills, microwaves, hairdryers, coffee machines and more. Although AceVolt does recommend using devices under 2,100 Watts to help preserve the longevity of your power station.

Acevolt Campower Portable Power station $1800

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Pale Blue: Not Your Typical Rechargeable Batteries

With advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Pale Blue batteries charge 5x faster than conventional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Pale Blue batteries provide higher power and more consistent output through their use cycle. Pale Blue offers AA Batteries, AAA Batteries, C Batteries, D Batteries, and 9 Volt Batteries that you can recharge.

These batteries feature a USB charging port directly in the battery so you can charge up using any USB cable or our included 4-to-1 cable.

Pale Blue Earth batteries

salamander kayak cart

Make Your Next Kayak Portage Easy with Salamander Kayak Cart

The Bruneau Kayak Cart boasts a 150 lb load capacity and with 10” durable ‘no flat’ tires makes overland transport on the toughest terrain a pleasure. The little plastic wheels are not as nice as on the more expensive carts but these will do the trick.

  • Heavy duty aluminum tubing with stainless steel fasteners
  • 1” nylon webbing support
  • 10” all terrain tires – No Flats!
  • Wheels detach & cart folds for compact storage
  • 4 Piece foam pads for protection
  • 1 – 10’ cam strap
  • Powder coated finish

Salamander Bruneau Kayak Cart $86

monosMonos Carryon Plus: Solidly Made and the Ease of Four Wheels

Those who want some extra room will appreciate the Monos Carry-On Plus, the bigger sibling of our award-winning Carry-On. The Carry-On Plus is designed with luggage dimensions that fit in the luggage sizers and overhead bins of major US airlines (but may need to be checked on smaller planes). We really love the larger Monos case, it fits so much and is really sturdy.

Outfitted with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, ultra-sturdy telescopic handle, TSA-approved lock, whisper-quiet wheels, vegan leather details, and all-premium materials. When you’re not traveling, the Carry-On Plus suitcase nests inside any of our Check-In sizes for easy storage.

Monos Carryon Plus $255

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