Doctor2Me Offers Travelers Professional Treatment on the Road

Doctor2Me is here to provide personalized treatment the best way they can! photo from
Doctor2Me is here to provide personalized treatment the best way it can! doctor2me photos

Doctor2Me, the New Way to Get Urgent Care Treatment When Traveling

By Christy Bogan

If you go on vacation to Florida or California, or even if you live there, and need a doctor, consider Doctor2Me.

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Available 24/7 Doctor2Me will answer your calls.

This company is ready to give you treatment from the house or hotel where you’re staying. If you get a cold, have an allergic reaction, covid, or anything of the such, Doctor2Me can provide you with a doctor and prescribe medication as well.

A Graduate Project

Where did an idea like this begin? Jeannie Cull and Inga Zhibkova came together at the University of Southern California. Co-founder Jeannie said, “This actually started in grad school for me…[Inga] and I used this concept as our graduate project. We’re both in the healthcare space, on the clinical side.”

Jeannie also told us, “Inga and her husband Dimitri run a home health company. And for 22 years they’ve been sending in nurses, cleaning wounds, and all the good stuff. So they knew there was a need for enabling a doctor to come into the home.”

Both knew something had to give, so rather than waiting for it, these two women created it. They first started out in California.

After gaining traction and growing in popularity, they moved to Florida as their second location, since that is where Jeannie is located. Each has proven to be incredibly helpful and convenient for travelers and residents of the states.

Jeannie told us, “Our goal and our focus is really home visits. But we actually get a lot of tele-visits as well.” Since many people don’t want someone to come directly to their homes, the ease of telehealth calls is perfect for them.

Treatment for All Travelers & Residents

Doctor2Me prides itself on being a personalized company. They want to make you comfortable during your treatment. Even if your first language isn’t English, they have doctors who speak Spanish or Russian.

When you make an appointment online or call in, they will work to find the best doctor for you that fits your needs exactly. They also try to locate pediatricians versus other doctors for children to ensure proper care. It’s another way they can ensure that what they do is personalized and unique for your needs.

One of the company’s mottos is “personalized care” and they make sure to emphasize each word, because sometimes in a hospital, we don’t always feel the care aspect. When you’re in your own bed surrounded by family, it’s easier to see the care and comfort around you. This form of treatment can go a long way.

Cities in CALIFORNIA where Doctor2Me can offer treatment. photo from
Cities in CALIFORNIA where Doctor2Me can offer treatment.

There is also an app available to download on your phone. Everything you need for personalized care is all in an app on your phone.

Disney Travelers

If you’re an avid Disney fan, then make sure to keep this company in mind.

Jeannie says, “One of the biggest call-in spots is Disney World.” Which is not very shocking. Plenty of children get sick while on vacation and need a doctor. It’s not always convenient for the parents to take the kids to an urgent care or emergency room.

Another cost is calling an Uber, Lyft, or getting the hotel to call a taxi. The child might not be comfortable either; so it would be better to avoid that. Stay in the hotel room and make an appointment with Doctor2Me to get a doctor there to make sure your kids get the proper care they need.

This all goes for adults as well. Doctor2Me will personalize your visits with them, even if it’s just telehealth, they prioritize your health.

Reviews of Doctor2Me

With five stars on Google Reviews and the AppStore Doctor2Me is highly rated and recommended by their patients.

Cities in FLORIDA where Doctor2Me can offer treatment. photo from
Cities in FLORIDA where Doctor2Me can offer treatment. photo from

Inna A from Google reviews says: “The doctor and the RN were absolutely amazing…They treated each of my family members separately, taking great care which each individual’s needs. I cannot recommend this team enough…Doctor2Me you are the best. Keep up the amazing work.”

Shoval from Doctor2Me’s review site says: “Highly recommend!!! I called on Saturday at 11 pm and explained that my daughter had a fever & cough. A doctor arrived within 40 minutes. The price was affordable and the doctor was very nice and professional.”

Everyone is satisfied with the work that Doctor2Me does. Since they specifically target their doctors to be in a variety of locations, cities, and areas where they can predetermine where there will be a heavy concentration of patient requests.
It’s the little things that the company does that personalize the appointments and leave everyone feeling satisfied with their appointment.

Payment & Post-Appointment

When you visit their website, it shows the cost of each appointment. They can range from $150-$195 depending if you want a house call or an over-the-phone appointment.

It is a self-pay deposit, through a credit or debit card; insurance is not available for that initial payment.

Jeannie tells us, “It’s self-pay to start out with. Then we give you all of the paperwork to submit to your insurance company to get reimbursed” This is done to ensure that the payment is made so you can get help.

If insurance is trying to be processed before treatment, it can take longer and sometimes cause issues. By doing self-pay first, it speeds up your healthcare process.

Doctor2Me also provides the paperwork that you fill out and send to your insurance company. You will be reimbursed for the cost of your appointment.

Prescriptions Too

After the doctor shows up and gives the necessary diagnoses and treatment, the appointment is done. If you or your family need a prescription, then Doctor2Me goes a step further.

Jeannie informs us, “We don’t stop at just the doctor visits. We work with a lot of the pharmacies that will deliver the prescription drugs.”

Not only do you get a doctor to come to your home, but you can also get the medication needed delivered right to your location.

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Jeannie explains how sometimes it’s difficult to leave the house and pick up needed medications. Doctor2Me takes into account that not everyone can afford to do that; so they send it directly to the home.

This is incredibly useful for people who might be on vacation and don’t have access to a car or time to go to the pharmacy. Even with people who are unable to drive, this removes the difficult process of finding a way to the pharmacy.

With direct delivery to your location, Doctor2Me wants to make everything easy and personalized just for you.

Now that this company is well known in the California and Florida areas, the rest of the company will expand. Jeannie says, “Our goal was to prove it in California, and we did. Our goal is to expand it across the United States.”

So be on the lookout and be sure to remember Doctor2Me next time you vacation in Florida or California.

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