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Fusion2Go 3 0 RV Kit web minSponsored

Don’t you love the smell of new electronics? Here are some battery and plug-in gadgets that we’ve recently tested that made our cut. If you have products you think should be reviewed here, please send us  email or send us a sample.

Beef Up Your Wi-Fi Signal with Fusion2Go!

The perfect solution for RVers or van lifers who want reliable and fast cellular connectivity on the road or while parked. This signal booster is compatible with all North American carriers and enables smooth text, calls, and 4G LTE data for multiple simultaneous users. It’s perfect for those who need to stay in contact with friends, family, or for potential assistance.

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV cell phone signal booster is optimized for recreational vehicles, trailers, and campers to provide reliable voice, text, and cellular data for multiple users inside the vehicle.fusion2go

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV features 2XP technology to boost the vehicle-to-cell tower range by increasing the uplink transmission power two-fold. This empowers users to remain connected throughout the weakest cell signal environments, enjoying strong and reliable connectivity for work, play, or safety.

Maximum gain and power throughout the most remote areas on and off the road

Fusion2Go 3.0 RV $399.99 

Littil lights

LITTIL Selfie One: Light Up that Pretty Face

The celebrity and influencer approved LITTIL Selfie One is the perfect accessory to ensure professional, high-quality photos right on your phone, tablet, or computer! Easily transportable, this small and lightweight ring light fits easily in any bag and clips right on you your device, no outlets necessary!

Plus, the 60 high-powered LEDs provide three different light tones and 10 different brightness settings allowing you to get perfect lighting every time. Ensure you get nothing short of flawless photos with the LITTIL Selfie One.  Selfie One $39.99

Hold that Camera Steady and Let Your Phone Follow You with the Vlogpocket 2 Gimbal

415bD6oSZVL. SL250This is a remarkable gadget–it follows the subject of your video as if you were swiveling the camera yourself. The Vlogpocket gimbal is heavy and well-built, with a full range of options using a joystick controller.

This gimbal has many modes, photo/video functions, help to you create content, including Pan / follow / all follow / Fast Follow / Lock / Inception Mode, Timer/Gesture Control, 180/360 Panorama shooting, ultra-wide-angle photo, image overlap, Light Rail photo/video, Dolly Zoom, Still / Track Time-lapse, Slow Motion, Beauty/filter setting, etc., Image enhance/Video clip with different preset special effects.

FeiyuTech Official VLOG Pocket 2 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone 11  $89

Luminaid’s Solar Lantern Really Lights Up the JointLuminaid solar lantern

We have tested this light on many camping trips and it really does light up the campsite! Useful as an area light as well as for charging devices, this light packs a punch. And it’s easily recharged using a USB.

Light up the night with this compact and portable lantern, powered by the sun. Designed to fit in your backpack or glove compartment, LuminAID Solar Lanterns are perfect for exploring the great outdoors, preparing for an emergency, or just taking the dog for a walk around the block. Forget the batteries and take the light with you.

Luminaid Solar Lantern $30

Buydeem G563 5-Quart Electric Food Steamer

This gadget doe41tV0WQFN2L. SL250s it all! This cooking machine has multiple functions, integrating steamer, stew pot, yogurt machine, sterilizer, thawing machine, and baby food supplement into one.

This digital steamer produces steam quickly within one min., without leaking air or spraying water. It can keep the nutrition and freshness of food while ensuring fast cooking. The booking starting function is very convenient, pre-programmed and you can eat at your desired time.

It has dual protection functions. When the water level is low, the cooker will automatically suspend running and prompt you to add water. When there is no water, the power shuts down automatically and the pot will not burn.

31UqNyNzgeL. SL250

The cooking machine weighs only 9.47 lbs, and its compact design does not take up much space in the kitchen. Featured with large capacity, it can steam the whole fish without cutting off the head and tail.

BUYDEEM G563 5-Quart Electric Food Steamer for Cooking, One Touch Vegetable Steamer $229

Stackable Double Tier for Buydeem 563 Electric Food Steamer

This makes the Buydeem steamer even more versatile. This five-quart steamer’s extra-wide double-tiered design allows you to separate and simultaneously cook 2 types of food. A removable stainless steel tray holds more and larger food, whether it’s a whole chicken or a steamed cake, perfectly cooks food to the desired tenderness.

Made of professional 18/8 Stainless Steel with FDA certifications, ensuring a long lifespan. Hand Wash is recommended but dishwasher safe. Designed with an extra-wide handle, no more worried about being scald by the steam while steaming.

Used with the BUYDEEM G563 one-touch food steamer, this set can be transformed into a sterilizer, dish rack, or even a storage box. It is very convenient for you to live a healthy life.

BUYDEEM Stackable Double Tier for Electric Food Steamer, $49

FIX Duvet cover overheadFIX is Your Bedroom Oasis for Sheet Sets

Create a bedroom oasis that makes you feel like you’re staying at a five-star hotel, without breaking the bank!

Introducing, the best white sheets for under $100 and effortlessly designed duvet covers. The Simple Sort sheet sets with color-coded tags and embroidery lines will save you time and frustration whether you’re running a vacation rental or a busy household.

Combine that with the triple-zip system on their efficient duvet covers and you won’t dread laundry day again! They are high-quality, made to last, featuring 100% long-staple cotton. These must-have pieces look beautiful wash after wash with a smooth, sateen weave that is OEKO-TEX certified to be chemical-free. Ideal for clean living and for those with allergies.
Simple Sort Sheet Sets starting at $68; duvet covers starting at $65

Fix Linens

Funky Strokes RV Rug

Funky Strokes RV Rug Brightens up our Deck

Funky Strokes’ outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic, so they are eco-friendly and sustainable. The rugs are UV stabilized to make sure that the colors are long-lasting and will not fade from exposure to sun and rain.
And they’re thicker as compared to most other rugs, so they’re quite soft to relax or walk on. It’s a great way to add glamor and a bit of style to outdoor areas: including the patio, garden, or for camping and outside your RV.

Funky Strokes also make many more designs and sizes for RV/Camping/Patio, which are available on their Amazon store at:

Hydros water filter pitcherHydros Water Filter Pitcher is a Step Up from a Brita, It Fits Better in the Fridge

The Hydros Water Filter Pitcher has an intentional, sleek design that allows for easy storage in the fridge and looks great on your kitchen table. This pitcher is the ultimate space saver as it gets rid of the need for single-use plastic water bottles and can fit in the door of your fridge.

Filtering 5x faster than other leading brands, Hydros’ FAST FLOTECH filter provides delicious, fresh water in just 1 minute. The same filter can be conveniently used in the Hydros Carafe and Bottle (unlike other water filter vessels on the market that require purchasing a different filter for each product).

Plus, 1% of every sale is donated to ocean conservation groups, and their filters are made from 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-free casing – safe for you and the environment!
Hydros Water Filter Pitcher

Spirithood Fake Fur Throw is as Cozy As Can Be!spirithoods

The red wolf is a very social creature that takes great pride in its communication. They are natural teachers who are often found sharing valuable lessons with those around them. Red wolves are fiercely loyal and always ready to go exploring. I love the way this fur feels and my cat loves it too! It makes any bed feel like a cozy den.

SpiritHoods® as seen on the Shark Tank TV show.

10% of net profits donated to help endangered animals 100% Polyester Luxe Cuddle Faux (Fake) Fur — Get the look without the cruelty! Dimensions: 72×60

Spirithoods $99

Kamui Waterproof Fleece Blanket

Kamui Blanket Comes in Really Handy on the Beach

We love this blanket, and just returned from our family vacation in Maine, and we use the Kamui every evening as we picnicked on the beach. It is a marvelous blanket, very useful. Waterproof on one side, and flannel on the other.

The Kamui outdoor blanket can be great for carrying to any of your family picnics and outdoor adventures. Our waterproof fleece blanket will provide comfort while you are enjoying the outdoors with your loved ones.

Designed to provide comfort for your family picnic with a waterproof backing. Grab our blanket and plan your next picnic and outdoor adventure.

Waterproof Picnic Outdoor Blanket | KAMUI $28

Versillo, the Versatile PillowVersillo Versillo phone holder pillow

This plush pillow does it all! And best of all, you can slip it on top of your roller bag and it won’t get in the way of boarding. You can bend and twist it to suit your comfort.

I recently used this pillow on a long trip through Portugal and it was great for the plane and the bus trips!

The Versillo is a pillow with a little more. For some ultimate side sleeping comfort in an airplane or automobile, twist it to the side. Sleeping on a window or in the middle seat has never felt better.

Versillo Pillow, in blue. $19.99

truMedictruMedic’s Impact Therapy Microdevice Soothes Your Muscle Aches

truMedic’s truRelief™ Impact Therapy™ Device Micro is truMedic’s most portable device for on-the-go relief. This device is small, mighty, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The powerful microdevice will alleviate muscle soreness and maximize performance.

It features four user-selectable speed settings and 4 interchangeable heads to relieve a variety of aches and pains. The ultra-quiet, brushless motor is powerful and won’t be disruptive to others around you.

This device offers the perfect combination of power, sleek aluminum construction, compact design, and convenience with its rechargeable battery and wireless functionality. Perfect to use at home, in the gym, or on the go.

TruMedic impact therapy device $149 

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