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Cornet barcelona glassware 1180x 2x min 1180x gifts
Cornet Barcelona glassware, with a window at the Sagrada Familia.

Spring 2021 Is a Time for Celebration and Giving Gifts!


It’s Spring! It’s time for Gifts, and time especially, to get back to our lives and be social again. We can do it and we WILL do it. Enjoy these interesting and useful items at home or on your next trip.

Orca Walker Tote Cooler: Take the Fun Outside

The ORCA Walker Tote Softside cooler is here. It’s made for day hikes, short trips, and everywhere in between.Orca Walker Tote cooler

Length 15”, Width 9.5”, Height 15.25”
Dry weight: 3.6 lbs
Max load: 50 lbs
Easy-open Magnetic split handle.
Perfect Wine bottle height.

Comfort padded shoulder strap
Convenience: Water-Resistant dry bag front pocket.
Tough skin bottom pad for added durability.
Walker Tote $179

SideTrak: When Your Screen Needs a Bit More RoomSide Trak

Instantly double your laptop screen workspace with this game-changing new attachable portable monitor technology! SideTrak Slide is a 12.5” Full HD portable monitor that securely attaches to the back of your laptop to combine the productivity of working on two screens with the portability of a laptop!

Extend or mirror your laptop display
Requires a free driver download
SideTrak Dual Monitor for Laptops $299

The Best Dishcloths You Ever Used

dishclothThese dishtowels from Sweden come flat as a piece of paper then expand. A Swedish dishcloth is essentially an eco-friendly sponge/towel.

It is extremely lightweight and made up of 30% cotton 70% wood pulp cellulose. Because of these ingredients, the cloth is biodegradable after its 9-12 month lifespan.

These cloths can also absorb up to 20x their weight in liquid and are quick dry which leads to a smell-free sponge.

While you wait for them to get to you, feel free to check our Swedish Wholesale listing and website!

Swedish Dishcloths
Table Topics

These Cards Can Start Interesting Conversations

The Couples edition is a fun way for couples to create meaningful conversations about the things that make them unique as individuals and the things that bond them as a pair.

You pick a card and ask the very open-ended questions and you end up getting into some interesting discussions.

Perfect for couples that have been married for years or those newly dating, these refreshing questions will challenge and inspire both to learn something new about their partner and even themselves.

Table Topics $25.00

Iron in a Bottle? Yep, It Works41jUA0ZFEzL. SL250

Iron in a Bottle’s an all-natural wrinkle releaser spray for clothing and home, with an eco-friendly, BPA-free, cruelty-free, Made in America breakthrough formula.

Ironing is the worst. Introducing a plant-based natural wrinkle release spray for clothing. This cold iron spray is perfect for travel, gifting to college students, on tough-to-iron fabrics like tablecloths and curtains, or simply for anyone who hates to iron anything.

Look and feel your best without sacrificing precious time. No more irons, no more hassle, and best of all…no more wrinkles.

It’s been featured as one of *Oprah’s Favorite Things* and on *Good Morning America*, and will help your community look and feel their best this Spring for Zoom meetings, travel, and beyond.

Tom and Sheri’s Plant-Based Wrinkle Release Spray $34

womanizer libertyThe Womanizer Liberty…Using Air to Create Intense Pleasure

Enjoy an intense clitoral massage on the road with the travel-friendly Liberty. This device uses air and never touches your skin!

Womanizer’s Liberty takes intense orgasms beyond the bedroom with Pleasure Air Technology’s pulsating waves of contactless suction. With a sleek protective case, Liberty is ready to hit the road by your side.

Now you’re free to enjoy incredible orgasms anywhere you want. In pink, blue or wine.

Womanizer Liberty $99

Traveler’s Playbook Helps You Fill Out Your Travel NotebookTraveler's Playbook

Traveler’s Playbook is a travel journal with a dedicated space for every country in the world. We help travelers explore the world and create the ultimate souvenir to show for it.

For anyone easily intimidated by a blank page, The Traveler’s Playbook is fully illustrated with prompts, to help recall important details from your adventure (food, friends, cities, sites, etc.) Travelers playbook $29.99

Hook Your Floats Together for Summer Water Fun with Fluzzle


Fluzzle Tube is revolutionizing the way we connect and float on the water. Now more than ever, people want to reconnect and have some fun outdoors- Fluzzle Tube is the solution!

Patented Interlocking Inner Tube Floatie brings you the most fun you will ever have connecting with your friends and family on the water!

Mesh Bottom and Backrests, 3 Point Clips (12 total) ensure a safe and stable experience.

A convenient quick-release air valve means you won’t be spending a lot of time packing up when it’s time to hit the road! What’s in your floaties? Well, ours is made from 6P-free Environmentally Safe Vinyl (16 Guage)

Fluzzle Tube 3.0 w/Mesh Bottom and Inflatable Backrest | Interlocking Puzzle Shaped Inner Tubes for Floating Rivers, Lakes or Pools (Orange) $67

Baby Fire Pit: Beautiful and Fun for the Deck

Baby Fire Pit from H&K DesignsI am a big firepit guy, having enjoyed my own backyard flames for many years. This new product is a miniature firepit, a metal ten-inch high cylinder that provides a festive backyard or deck fire in a contained small area.

Kyle Gowen and his wife Hayley have been making these by hand in their Colorado HQ. They also have a neat line of metal Christmas ornaments in designs similar to what they put on the baby fire pits.

The original 10-inch mini fire pit, perfect for tabletops, patios, and campsites. Fueled by a smokeless, odorless, and fume-free gel fuel for a hassle-free relaxing fire. These come in 17 different designs, using copper and steel to create a unique piece of art.
Baby Fire Pit 31k4aUjlLaL. SL250$94.99

Cork Pops: The Original Air Corkscrew

This is the opener that started it all; The original Cork Pop opener putting a pop of fun in all your special occasions; Still a Bestseller after over 30 years! Made in the USA

Original Cork Pops wine opener with one refills cartridge; Each cartridge opens approximately 60 bottles of wine.
This is the fastest and easiest way to open a bottle of wine; No pulling – no twisting – no more broken corks. The only quibble we had when we tested it is that we needed to use a butter knife to remove the cork from the needle.

Cork Pops Black 6.5 Inch Original Wine Bottle Opener$17.95

Cornet Barcelona glassware Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Inspired These Beautiful Wine Glasses

Take a look at the stained glass windows of Barcelona’s most famous site, and then look at these wine glasses.

Cornet Barcelona luxury stemware was inspired by Antoni Gaudí, and you’ll love it, even if you’ve never seen the magnificent unfinished church for yourself.

Each Cornet Barcelona piece is masterfully shaped and mouth-blown by seasoned artists of the craft using traditional methods.

After being crafted to the ideal shape, our luxury wine glasses are painstakingly hand-painted by artists with more than 60 years of combined experience and unparalleled attention to detail.

We love their hand-painted stemless glasses that add so much class to any occasion!

Cornet Barcelona Stemless Wine Glasses 4 for $104

Joel Nolan candleJoel Nolan’s Top Quality Candles Set the Mood

Light up your space with a great smelling candle to set the mood for a productive day! Joel Nolan crafts luxury candles in three different scent profiles: Maverick (lime, lychee, rose, and lilac), Chatsworth (bergamot & sandalwood), and 191 Sutter (orange, petitgrain, neroli).

Whether you’re looking for something warm and cozy or clean and fresh, Joel Nolan delivers in quality!

Joel Nolan Scented Candles $59


Price: $59.00

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