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Starkness of Lanai. Last Minute Gift Guide
Drive to Keahiakawelo-Garden of the Gods. The Starkness of Lanai, Hawa’ii. Noreen Kompanik photo.

Here’s a Last-Minute Guide: It’s Not Too Late to Get the Right Gifts!

Here are some of the last-minute gift ideas that came across our transom. Take a look, see what you think will delight someone you love.

Ridge Merino women's hoodieRidge Merino hoodies for Men and women

These Ridge Merino products are some of our favorites! So warm and soft and for the weight, incredibly warm.

Introducing the Heist Full-zip Hoodie featuring a full zip front, and two-zippered hand pockets making it as useful in town as it is on the mountain. The tried and true 100% Merino Wool fabric offers natural breathability, insulation, stretch and odor control. Put this mid-layer on under a shell or wear it on its own. In black and navy.Ridge Merino

Ridge Merino hoodie $124.

Men’s Inversion Wool Base Layer Bottoms

This is the original Inversion Bottom,  100% Merino wool long johns intended for layering in cold conditions. Great-fitting, sweat-wicking, breathable, and odor-resistant, these feel great next-to-skin and will keep you comfortable all day long.

Again the brilliance is in the wool, fine Merino that brings so many benefits. They include very soft, no itch, premium ultra-fine 18.5-micron fibers that feel great against your skin. Climate control, the wool provides natural temperature regulation means Ridge insulates when it’s…

Ridge Merino Men’s Base Layer Bottoms $79

Alpaca Beanie
Appalachian Gear Company’s All Paca Fleece Beanie

Give the gift of eco-friendly, high-performance All-Paca! A gift from Appalachian Gear Company shows you care about the planet and high quality, made in the USA-gear.

The All-Paca Fleece Beanie is crafted in the U.S. from 100% Alpaca fibers, creating the first new sustainable performance fabric to be introduced to the outdoor industry in decades.

This patent-pending fabric is environmentally friendly and offers unmatched breathability, moisture management, and odor control. The Beanie features a double-sided fleece that is durable and highly insulating while remaining lightweight (approx. 3oz.). The Beanies come in a variety of colors and are machine washable.

All-Paca Fleece Beanie $32

 All-Paca Fleece Gaiter: when It’s Really Cold, These Come In Handy

Gaiters made of wool

All-Paca Fleece neck Gaiter is lightweight, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and offer unmatched breathability, moisture management, and odor control. The Gaiter features two layers of All-Paca Fleece for extra warmth, with a longer front so it can be tucked into a jacket or worn untucked to help shed snow and rain.

The Gaiter is lightweight and highly packable at just 3oz. and offers incredible comfort and softness.

All-Paca Fleece Gaiters $35

The village of Positano, perched on a steep cliff in the Amalfi region of southern Italy.
The village of Positano, perched on a steep cliff in the Amalfi region of southern Italy.

Eauditalie perfume

Eau D’Italie Le Sirenuse Positano: The Essence of Italy in a Perfume

This lovely perfume is inspired by a hotel in a famous town that hangs on the side of a cliff…Positano, Italy. The maker’s grandparents own the Hotel Le Sirenuse in Amalfi.

A gentle breeze over the shoulders of a woman you love… and this fragrance wafts over…you will be there again someday. Until you’re back there, savor this fragrance.

A hint of musk, a touch of incense. A sparkling and seamlessly blended Eau de Parfum, Eau d’Italie is the award-winning signature fragrance of Positano’s Hotel Le Sirenuse.
Eau D’Italie 

Le Sirenuse Positano

Keep it all Clear with this Water Filter, Just Pour and DrinkClear Water Filter System

The CLEAR2O Personal Water Filter reduces 99.9% of biological contaminants from water, allowing users to safely drink water directly from streams, lakes, or any freshwater source – or fill up a container and have clean water on the go.

It’s perfect for people engaged in any outdoor activity – hiking, camping, scouting, biking, and more.

Users can also prepare for most natural disasters by ensuring they have access to clean, safe drinking water. A significant feature of the Personal Water Filter is its dual-stage filtration process, which effectively sanitizes open water sources by removing parasites, preventing waterborne disease.

CLEAR2O Personal Water Filter – PWF850 $36.99.

Ignik Gas Growler

Ignik Gas Growler: Use This Instead of Six Green Gas Bottles

The Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe is a reusable propane tank designed to replace the single-use green propane bottles. Each time you refill the Gas Growler you are saving money and keeping five single-use propane bottles out of the landfill. It is packaged in a kraft box with a paper label, padded with repurposed shipping boxes and paper.

All packaging can be recycled with cardboard and mixed paper. It can be used for 12 years and then needs to be re-certified, but if cared for properly, can be used for years after that. It represents a huge improvement over the tens of millions of single-use propane bottles that must be disposed of every year.

Ignik Gas Growler with deluxe leather seat cover $149

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